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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: communication technology and control in CAI
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(Date Posted:03/04/2012 8:39 PM)
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The last few years, there's been a huge explosion of communication devices and technology.For instance, mobile phones and the Internet are ubiquitous.  How does 'control of members' and their communications now work in the CAI ?   .... now, that I guess almost all the members must have broadband at the house, and at least one mobilephone.- Do the CAI install clients on members' computers to control their internet access.- Do they monitor a member's browsing etc?- Do they still install encryption technology to secure everyone's computer. - How do they regulate peoples  webaccess and downloading.Also as the CAI has been identified as one of the first 'Internet Cults'  (one that embraced Internet/comms technology)  how has their technology changed.... ... do they still use that totally SH*T  German word-processor ! ? ... I guess they've moved on from a dial up mailbox also.    I guess there's an  'approved'  Wiki-website list (along with Music/teaching/book lists) that members are to access and a similar list of banned websites etc. ?.. have they written  a CAI app. for their smart phones ? Curious  /a.
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RE:communication technology and control in CAI
(Date Posted:08/04/2012 7:03 PM)

  When we left a few years ago they were fairly up to date with the then latest version of Windows and were using Outlook rather than Contexte. Encryption was still used and I'm sure they still do that now. Paranoia much, you see?

If you had a mobile phone you were expected to have it on you at all times and answer it within three rings. If you were a mum at home (at least in Coffs) you had to almost carry your cordless phone on you around the home, too because you were expected to answer swiftly. Same when you were home and working on your own property on a 'free' weekend. You were expected to be reachable at all times (even at 3am and trust me, we GOT phone calls at that time of night on occasion).

As for web browsing ... I can't imagine them monitoring it because I for one (and I'm no tech-expert) found out very swiftly whilst still in there that you can erase your browsing history with the right browser settings but it wasn't until the last two years in there that I had 'anything' to hide. I stayed away from un-approved stuff because I was told to. But that was maybe just me. But then, others might be just as brain washed as I have been back then. Some might also have browser filters installed.

Generally, men used to have more and better access to modern media than the women. I doubt it has changed much. One lady in Coffs used Amazon for the first time only a couple of years ago and was all excited about her leap forward in the use of technology.

I know from (then) friends of mine that their husbands strictly regulated their internet access (if they got any at all) and what they looked at and what not. Some even went as far as to read their wives' personal emails.  Mine didn't and the internet and the friends I made there in the end preserved what little was left of my sanity when I was getting more and more depressed towards the end of my time in there. I'm still good friends with a number of those people now and some I have even met up with in the meantime.

All in all, I would say they have continued to make the most of modern technology within the strict parametres given by the cult. They'd be stupid not to. Even back then (4/5 years ago) they used the internet regularly to download sermons from people such as David Wilkerson through his website and burn those on CDs so they could be listened to during the meetings, search for new materials from people such as the Pearls and for stuff for Sunday School etc.

As said, that info is between 2 and 5 years old but I doubt they have changed that approach in the meantime. Maybe somebody who left more recently than me cares to shed some light.


(P.S: Sorry, Patrick, I prefer to preserve my anonymity in the signature because I got burned badly in the past and I prefer not to repeat that same mistake ever again.)
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RE:communication technology and control in CAI
(Date Posted:09/04/2012 3:05 AM)

As far as being able to use the internet or not here in Canada I know of several of the local grc branch members who not only use the internet but work on making web sites and apps. this includes kids wives and husbands. Also as from what I have read about being able to marry some one of a different race this is allowed here  in the Canadian  cult.
This is another reason that I left. There are rules and there are different rules for each country-assembly and person in each  place. Where you were and who you were allowed you to have more or less freedom.
I travelled and moved to a number of different cults with different pastors giving differrnt orders and demands and requirements that made it hard for a young guy to know where he stands. So I got my self  stood out and now I know the rules and who rules me. 

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Re:communication technology and control in CAI
(Date Posted:27/04/2012 10:17 PM)

thanks  N7

i guess it still a total mare being in the cult....  it was hellish years ago ... can't feeling there's a parallel between cult members and the population of North Korea !
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Re:communication technology and control in CAI
(Date Posted:03/05/2012 11:18 AM)

Dear N7.

Thank you as well from my side.

There I would ask you some questions. But not openly at the forum here.Perhaps you can login and send me a PM so that we can come in contact.

Thank you and God bless.


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Re:communication technology and control in CAI
(Date Posted:06/05/2012 4:12 AM)

 Hi Little.

I just saw that post above. Sorry, I don't come here that often.

Now, I'm afraid, I hit a little problem. I already have two or three logins on this forum because I keep forgetting user names and passwords - yes, that's how rarely I log in.  I've tried to set up a new account but I'm not getting past the 'processing' message, no matter how often I re-enter my information.

I've set up an email address which I will use for this communication only, so, spammers, don't bother, I'll be deleting it afterwards.

You can reach me on Send me an email on that one and we can take it from there.

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