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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: PHQ - what a shame!
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(Date Posted:28/03/2011 4:05 PM)
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Do they have walls, razors and cameras at PHQ, in Coffs Harbour too? Scott Williams seems to be like a totally selfish person, who only collect money, people and power as he likes. He destroys other people´s lives, as another person just picks a flower. What is the exactly address to PHQ, in Coffs Harbour?
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Re:PHQ - what a shame!
(Date Posted:28/03/2011 5:04 PM)

Unfortunately, I think the present CAI people in PHQ in Coffs Harbour, soon will take mass-suicide.

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Re:PHQ - what a shame!
(Date Posted:30/03/2011 9:39 PM)

 Yep, they've got razor-wire, cameras and the whole kaboodle.

Now, I would be careful about making statements like that they will soon commit mass-suicide unless you have a very plausible reason to do so. And if you DO, you should report that to the authorities so steps can be taken, after all, there are children involved.

That said, I can't imagine their lives being much fun. The people living on the property are homeschooling their kids now as a friend living in the area has told me. So, basically, that means they don't get out at all anymore, cause they also can't go and join the local homeschooling group because that's where Hawk's & John E's families are going. Makes it a sad, sad life for those kids. Only get off the property when mum has to drive Ree shopping or do the groceries run herself. When they were still going to school they at least saw some normal people during the day.

Having seen one or two of the women the other day when I happened to be in CH, I have to say though, they look worn and aged a lot since I've seen them last. But they won't look at you or talk to you. Very, very sad. I really wish they would find the strength to leave the place that strangles every tiny ounce of joy out of your life.

I've seen the positive change in my family over the years and there's no way in this whole wide world that I'd EVER be tempted to even consider going back. Not EVER.

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Re:PHQ - what a shame!
(Date Posted:31/03/2011 7:26 AM)

 Having met some of the members of CAI also there are still some thoughts and questions I would like to answer for myself.
Should there be some German speaking persons reading this who are already out of this sect so would you please get in contact with me?
I do not know how this forum works and how I can obtain private messages here.
So I state my E-Mailaddress:
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