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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: If....
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(Date Posted:07/02/2008 9:50 PM)
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If I would have been in the CAI for longer than a year I would:

- check if I have a brain
- face the fact that my digestion system has 2 ends and shit comes out of both of them
- have hoped my relatives give me the deserved bullet
- come to this site and feel sooo sorry for myself
- maybe look for a job as a toilett cleaner - useless otherwise to society
- face the fact that I never worked in my entire life
- hand over all my money to my husband/wife
- shoot myself to do the world out there a favior
- have to live with the fact that I'm an arsehole
- wonder if there is a God
- realise that you have to pay a price for stupitity.....
- call myself a victim for the rest of my days - may it be few....

the english bumm
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(Date Posted:08/02/2008 5:20 AM)

jock, chek your spelling here:

toilett cleaner



I thought you said you were leaving?!
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(Date Posted:08/02/2008 7:19 AM)

- do you have a brain?
- did you face the fact that your digestion system has 2 ends and shit comes out of both of them (as you just proved here)
- why have your relatives not given you the deserved bullet yet?
- come to this site and feel sooo sorry for myself - yeah, I'd like to know, too...
- did you get the deserved job as a toilett cleaner - as you seem to be useless otherwise to society?
- why didn't you work in your entire life?
- did you hand over all your money to your husband/wife -  what's her/his number, btw?
- why did you still not shoot yourself to do the world out there a favior?
- how do you actually live with the fact that you're an arsehole?
- if you still wonder if there is a God - the answer is yes. but do you know him?
- do you realise that you have to pay a price for stupitity.....?
- you can call yourself a victim for the rest of your days - it's a free world.

one thing's for shure: you are an arrogant idiot.

eat my shorts.
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(Date Posted:08/02/2008 7:30 AM)

Hi english bumm, try to remember there are people reading this forum who are hurt.
If you need to insult someone, go ahead fire at me. Maybe it helps you to sort out your feelings.
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(Date Posted:08/02/2008 8:49 AM)

jock, can you correct your English?

What is "toilett", "favior" and "stupitity" and why does you "bum" have two "m"? It is hard to understand. A bit like "barking at the pank".
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(Date Posted:28/04/2011 5:16 AM)

 and why does you "bum" have two "m"?

And why do you write "your" without an "r"...
There is no need of giving an answer the same way as answering your questions about mistakes in spelling respectively typing.

Here are more interesting things to discuss about.

And the writer of this article is right in general.
I still can not imagine how one could join this cult. I for myself did have too many questions and impressions about CAI before being asked to join them.
And I do feel really sorry for all those who remained a larger period of time in that cult, being betrayed, lied, robbed, ..., and so on.
It would be great that also the last victims could find the way out, reobtaining their liberty in life and faith that God had wanted for them.
Keep in prayer your former brethren instead of showing some wrong spelling of someone here.
Be blessed!

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(Date Posted:30/04/2011 8:36 AM)

 Dear Guest (the person who started this post),

Arsehole? Look in the mirror, pal! I was in CAI for more than a year and whereas, yes, I am very angry at myself for having been taken in by it and personally feel very stupid about it, it is just something that was just a stupid part of my life. CAI membership is not what defines me and my whole life. I am not a worthless person who needs to shoot myself! Furthermore, neither is anybody else who has been come out of the CAI system.

Actually, I think that your own remarks are so moronic that they shouldn't even be dignified with a response but you happen to have particularly annoyed me.  

I'm not going to go into the hurt that members endured in the system and I'm not going to go into the healing process either, which requires some people to vent their anger and hurt on sites like this. I suspect that you will trivialise and belittle this. What I will say is that this does not make us lesser people, worthless people, useless people. We are human beings. I have gotten on with my life since leaving CAI and although I'm not yet rich and famous, I'm not doing too badly. Many others are the same.

Guest, you can go and _____ yourself! If I actually type the word in there I think this post might be deleted by the administrator.

Love and hugs,

Steve x 
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(Date Posted:01/05/2011 7:55 PM)

 Dear OP.

Yes, I've asked myself why I spent a near 20 years as a brain owner but not user but for the rest, I'm with Steve here.

You get sucked into the cult when you're young and vulnerable and by the time you finally notice something is wrong, leaving is hard. I went from a very outgoing young woman to a withdrawn and shy hermit who has trouble facing crowds of people larger than 5. But things are improving. There have been/are people in the CAI that are going through worse than I did and I really hope they will wake up one day, leave and be able to heal.

We've all made stupid decisions in the past (some of us that included to join the cult, believe the leadership and remain in it) and we cannot make them undone. What's important is what we do with what we have learned and how we move on. We've all been lied to at one or another stage in our lives and we've all believed the one or the other lie. I admit, I seem to have been very gullible in the past because for a long time I believed them.

Vent your anger if you must, but don't insult people on this forum who hurt. You know nothing about their past, presence or future and you don't know why and how they got sucked into the cult which we're discussing in countless threads on this forum.

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(Date Posted:04/05/2011 7:46 PM)

The disturbed leaders in CAI are out of their minds. Only bullying all the time, idiots!

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