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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: Hello and thanks - 10 years ago or more
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Registered: 20/09/2006

(Date Posted:14/11/2011 10:03 PM)
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Hi all

things are a little silent here at the moment,  Scott's  case is rolling (slowly) through the legal system.
Otherwise little news from the other side.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say hello to all, and a big thank you for the moderators/admin for running and maintaining this site.   I can imagine it's a thankless task, but it is appreciated. 

....We occasionally are prone to rants, or theological  discussions (sounding of cymbols comes to mind) and  we are definitely flawed creatures.  Nevertheless help is available.

so,  THANKS  for putting up with us.

I left the cult over 10 years ago... incrediable how life zooms by. 

Leaving CAI was terrifying,  I really feared for my soul and the scare stories of hellfire and eternal damnation scared the total SH&T out of me.  I wasn't a strong person and terrified I'd be another mental case and go completely rogue on departure. The cult really do have complete contempt for their own. 

I think access to a forum like this would`ve have made my departure alot swifter and easier, but alas ,  none existed at the time.   :-(

Scary stuff leaving the cult,  but it wasn't long that I realised that it the correct decision.
It did though take a long time to re-adjust and connect to the world at large, but still an exciting time. Everything is new again,....   I fondly remember my first few summers free of CAI and exploring life again and feeling free, feeling the guilt and pressure and conditioning receeding... and realising how extreme some of my views and perceptions had been --- but thankfully the warmth of the sun, the joy and assurance of life helped neutralise this.. GOOD MOMENTS !!  Life is good.   Life is great. 

Nice to check in every so often. hopefully CAI will be historical fact, like the NAZI...  

Take care all,  


It"s never too late to leave. Even if yon"ve been in the Assembly a long time.

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RE:Hello and thanks - 10 years ago or more
(Date Posted:05/05/2012 1:29 PM)

Dear anon1.

Reading through your lines above braught up all the thaughts I went through as I left CAI. It seems that we - who went through all these evil experiences - got an "antenna" for realizing negative tendencies, very much before other's take heed of them...

By the way...  Do anyone know if the CAI assemblies still getting "new once" in the age as we where that time? Or is CAI going geriatric - becoming an ageing population?


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