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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: Anonymous Schnynmous - COWARDS
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Posts: 1
From: USA
Registered: 26/02/2012

(Date Posted:26/02/2012 2:19 AM)
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The only thing that annoys about this website more than the mad rantings and nonsense, is the anonymity of most members!
Are you ashamed of your past, or how you now feel? Most of you seem to think that any one cares about your opinion (Probably why you you were successful members of CAI), but not honest enough to name yourself??? (another reason why you succeeded in CAI?)

Time to move on guys, get a new life and put this stuff behind you! 

Patrick Quinn (One of only 3 guys that I know who never made it onto the Officers list!! (I'm proud of that)
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RE:Anonymous Schnynmous - COWARDS
(Date Posted:26/02/2012 6:55 AM)

Hi Patrick,

I think if you spent some time in CAI you might learn that you can't trust anyone. This might be the reason for some to 'hide' behind a synonym.

If you survived your time in CAI healthy in mind and body you are one of the lucky few - others might need some time to recover. If it helps in the healing process to vent the anger and let off some steam, why not? This is the advantage of this forum: everyone can post whatever he or she wants.

Honestly? Many posts are getting on my nerves too and I too would wish for more information and less ranting. But I guess during my time in CAI I was stupid/crazy enough and got on other people nerves too, so if it helps someone, it's only fair that I read through posts I disapprove.

I hope everything is well with you and your family.

Greetings from Vienna,

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From: Australia

RE:Anonymous Schnynmous - COWARDS
(Date Posted:28/02/2012 12:45 AM)

He did spend some time in CAI Angelika- I guess like pieces of a puzzle we all had different experiences.

When many of the people left CAI some posted on this forum under their own name. I am ceratinly guilty of some anonymous posting Patrick- over time for a variety of reasons:D Mainly because I was a woman and dealing with a whole heap of shame attached with my exit from CAI. For years I felt uncomfortable and scared to post with my own name- but posting here for some is an important part of recovery for those who genuinely want to recover. Others left and remained with the same judgemental attititude and to those I say- happy to post with my own name now, I have nothing to hide and truly care not what you think of me anymore. Should you wish to discuss this I am easy to contact, although you know I might not say what you want to hear:S

Personally I also held on to the hope that some way my shattered family would be healed. This was never a realistic goal but you can't blame me for wanting to protect that option but still vent my frustration and rage. Rightly so.

To all of you waiting for the outcome of the court case- I am sorry, it is bad news. The Australian courts have deemed ASW too ill to stand trial and as such, he walks away. On top of the insult to the victims we all face the tragedy that those in Christian Assemblies will now be celebrating this victory- however it was gotten- and will ignore the fact that for the public record there was more than enough evidence to take the matter to trial.

My heartfelt tears go to all those who share the pain of this with me.

Jo-Anne Burton.


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Rank:Forum Oracle

From: Australia

RE:Anonymous Schnynmous - COWARDS
(Date Posted:28/02/2012 3:10 AM)

Hi, Jo.

The news that you shared about ASW is sad, but I suppose not altogether unexpected. Recent history demonstrates that he's rather adept at manipulating circumstances to his best advantage :( Positively, the CAI is a spent and impotent sect, and will probably cease to exist not too many years into the future :)


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Rank:Regular Member


Re:Anonymous Schnynmous - COWARDS
(Date Posted:03/03/2012 1:33 PM)

Hello Patrick

great to see you on the site.

anonimity I think is one of the strengths of this site. 
 - but of course open to abuse.

I certainly have little desire of broadcasting my 'real' identity.
I certainly at time of leaving was extremely keen to not be tracked by the cult.
I also did not want to  reveal or speak to a number of ex-members (for a variety of reasons).
I needed a safe environment to get some help, and guidence - this was one of them.

Anyone who has left the CAI  should not be labelled a coward or criticised - it takes great scarifice and courage, sometimes there's severe fallout with the CAI in the process.  Sometimes some come away very hurt,or  mixed up.

It is your perrogative to reveal your own name, you may be more courageous than others then.
I will continue with my pseudonymn.

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It"s never too late to leave. Even if yon"ve been in the Assembly a long time.

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Re:Anonymous Schnynmous - COWARDS
(Date Posted:03/03/2012 1:40 PM)


thank you for the news.
A sad day for victims and justice,  that he wasn't brought to trial.

I can't help thinking of South American Footballers and sore legs, and miraclous recovery after a 'tackle' 
I guess no more flying / travelling for Scott then ?! 
  -  hopefully God will miracleously heal him, and then justice will be served.


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It"s never too late to leave. Even if yon"ve been in the Assembly a long time.

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