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Title: school bus stories
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(Date Posted:11/09/2006 15:53)
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I just read one about a school van and that reminded me of  a couple of stories from when I was in school first was a woman named was 1980 she was a tall brunnette with long curly hair, smokin hot and a great dresser often wearing denim mini skirts or tight jeans tucked in boots. she was maybe 30 at most. she was extremely sweet and because of it the kidss never gave her much trouble.she was a terrible bus driver and made her rounds through the three companies that serviced the rural town I grew up in. I landed her on my bus my freshmen year of high school the perfect age to appreciate her and not so old I got a ride in a car with a freind. Kitty was a total airhead who would flood the bus when trying to leave the school for home at least once a week.  the busses were all gas powered  with manual chokes and somehow she would always be the one flooding the bus holding up the line sometimes until she killed the battery and a replacment bus would have to come get us.  I remember I would sit right behind her (she had the most incredible perfume), I had the excuse of being the first stop only a mile away from school (straight up a mountain) so I could sit up front without taking abuse from other kids. when it was time to leave and she would start to crank the engine she would always pull out the choke and floor the bus. when it failed to start she would begin to pump the gas pedal. as it took longer and longer the natives (kids) would become restless heckling her sensing they would be late getting home. This would start to get to her causing her to make more mistakes and flood the engine even more. one time she was wearing a minisirt and clogs, she flooded the engine so bad an annoyed gym teacher got on the bus told her to move over got in the driver seat and started the engine for her. The kids all cheered and laughed at her and even though she was wearing those big 70s style sunglasses i could see a tear coming down her face. that same day at my stop which was litterally on the side of a mountain on an incredible incline only about 5 minutes after the teacher humiliated her. she stopped to let us out and I heard the bus idling very roughly she had one foot on the clutch one on the brake . she was totally helpless as the bus sputtered and stalled as we crossed the street in front of it. I purposely stood around for a few minutes watching her. I could see her pumping the gas her head moving all the time looking down at the dash. she tried for five minutes before I walked away. kids yelling and heckling her. I walked to my house put down my books and grabbed a fishing rod I walked back to the bus stop pretending I was on my way to go fishing. I got there just as I heard the slow dying sound of a battery that had given its all. kitty yelled out and asked me to call for help. she knew my family and I would call. I did and eventually another bus and driver came and took the kids. They punished her by making her wait with her dead bus until a service truck came and got her going. the next day she said the carb. was bad and they had to rebuild it for her. she still managed to occaionally flood the bus from time to time but never for as bad or long after that until one rainy sleety crappy winter morning.....................
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