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 revving1234's Recent Posts
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From: Bangladesh
Joined: 04/09/2012

Posted on 06/16/2014 08:31

Did she do any revving in your car?

Posted on 02/01/2014 09:23

 WOW..............great. What car was that? Did she rev like that regular? Please post a picture of her and the car.

Posted on 08/10/2013 12:06

I found this at


The people that owned the drug store had a Chrysler. Either a '61 or '62. It looked pretty close to the '61 Chrysler that we had after the Dodge station wagon until we got the Mercury. Automatic chokes hadn't been around all that long yet. Furthermore, the Chrysler Corporation's design wasn't too great. If they were adjusted to where they choked enough to start it in mild weather, when it got cold, they over choked. People had a narrow window of opportunity to get the thing fired up and keep it running before it would flood.

The Chrysler that we had would flood too, the same as the Dodge wagon did. If mom started it to warm up and went back in the house, in a few minutes the thing was chugging and blowing black smoke. Sometimes it would have died and she'd have to restart it. Ours started without too much trouble and she'd rev it up a ways and blow it out. If she got in, started it and took off then after about a minute and for the next few minutes it loped and blew black smoke as we went down the road and out to the highway. As a little kid you're curious about such stuff, and the revving up is interesting.

The Chrysler that Mrs. Jackson, the druggists' wife, drove was worse. I remember coming out of the grocery store with mom one night, and it was across the highway in a parking spot sputtering and blowing black smoke out of the tailpipes. It sputtered and chugged for quite a while and then started to rev up. It revved up with a loud roar and big cloud of smoke. It revved up several more times and roared some more before she backed out and drove away. The car flooded on her quite a bit, because I remember her revving it up in one parking spot or another with it roaring and blowing smoke quite a bit.

The best one was a while later.

It happened in the parking spaces along the railroad tracks across from the stores. Mom needed something from one of the stores so we stopped. She said it would be quick, so I needed to stay in the car. We parked in a space next to what turned out to be the Mrs. Jackson's car to my side. I remember looking over and the red lights on the dash were on. She had apparently left it running, but it had died. In a little bit, she came across the street in her white drugstore coat and some red high heels. She opened the door, got in, closed the door, and hit the key. The starter started its whine. The thing cranked and would hit now and then, making the starter almost whistle. She stopped, said "shit" and then, judging from body language, slammed the pedal down and started cranking again. Same results. Fire a bit and buck but not run as she cranks for a good 30 seconds. Her mouth was moving as she gave up. As soon as the starter noise was gone I heard a perfectly clear "Son of a Bitch" at the top of her voice.

She was some kind of pissed off.

She throws the door open, & it was a damn good thing our car was far enough away, or she'd have caved in our door a mile. She stomped around front with her high heels making that type of clomp clomp noise that they do. She fiddled with the hood and it didn't come open right away. I don't remember hearing what she was saying clearly, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. She threw the hood open and looked in. Then she took the top of the air cleaner off and set it partway on the fender and something under the hood. She took a pen or something from her coat and poked at the choke plate, I guess. She stomped back around and got back in and left the door open with her left leg out of the car.

I could watch as he stomped down on the gas pedal like she was trying to shove it through the floor and hit the key. She kept her foot down hard with her heel off the floor and it began to crank. It cranked and cranked without much happening for quite a while. She let up on the key for a bit and then tried again. It cranked and then hit and bucked for few seconds and started. It didn't really run it just shook and sputtered for about 10 seconds and died. She hit the key again and it did the whine and buck routine for about 10 seconds & then it started. It sputtered, shook and smoked for about another 5 seconds. She was so pissed off by now and pushing so hard on the gas pedal that her arms were straight and her back was arched. But it was running and it began to rev up.

It revved up alright.

She kept her foot down and her back arched. It revved up and screamed. She kept it floored and a jet of black smoke blew out of the tailpipe all the way across the highway. The open carburetor was howling & the air cleaner lid fell off the fender & rolled across the ground. She just kept her back arched and held it floored for probably 10 seconds. Count off 10 seconds. It's a long time to hold it floored and let it rev to the max. She just kept her foot on the pedal and kept it planted in the carpet. All I could do was watch the smoke billow out of the back, listen to it scream, and look at her foot holding the pedal floored.

I was nine or ten years old, but knew that you didn't just hold the gas pedal to floor for a long time. Mom floored the car now and then and Pam floored the '58 Chev and made its pipes roar, but never like this. Although I was thinking it was pretty neat as she did it. I'd never heard or seen such a thing before. I loved to see a flooded car that got loud and made some smoke after it started, but this was something. There was a tremendous high pitched roar and a big cloud of smoke started to cover the whole highway. She finally let up and it idled down. She got out, stomped around front, picked up the air cleaner lid and had to look for the wing nut. She fumed around looking for the nut and finally found it, put the air cleaner lid on and slammed the hood.

She got back in the car with one leg in and one leg out again, put her foot on the gas and floored it again. I could see her stomp down really hard on the pedal, lifting up her heel. She held it floored for another few seconds, let up for a split second and then floored it hard again for a few seconds and made it scream. Then she pounded her foot on the pedal about 5 times as hard and fast as she could. The car revved and screamed while blowing another big plume of gray and brown smoke across the highway. She let up, put her leg in, and slammed the door. Then she put it in reverse, backed out real fast, and screeched the tires taking off up the highway.

Mom came back and we headed for home. On the way home, I was curious. I understood that if the car flooded that you floored it and it revved up. But I wondered why she revved it up for so long and then did it again and pounded her foot on the gas pedal. I asked mom and she said that the car had probably been being bad like that lately and that she got mad at it. Yeah...well it sure was noisy and made a lot of smoke. Kind of neat though, I'm thinking.

So, I had learned something, more or less. If you're a car, don't piss off a woman and think you'll get by with it.


Posted on 08/10/2013 12:03

 Hey, coach02740

At least you guys should be around here for us. We are new. We missed the (g)old days. Come in facebook. We can build our community better there.

Posted on 07/30/2013 11:12

But none of you are hanging here now 

Posted on 07/27/2013 11:39

Sorry for late. Here is my another revving story of that school bus driver and the last revving situation of mine. :(

One day in a summer was very rainy and the temp is around 24C. That morning the bus need a little more crankng for start but it started. As she rev it typically I wrote before. We went to the scholl without any problem. Butjust some minutes before the end of our school I heard hard revving of a diesel engine. First I didn't mind it because there was a lot of school buses their and any of them can be revved and all the other drivers were male. So I was a in the 5th grade that time and was the most junior in our bus. Our class ended one period earlier than others so everyday I had to wait one period for them in the bus. In that day I went out chatting with friends and again heard hard revving from the bus lot and saw smoke flying. After saying goodbye to friends I start walking to my bus wondering who is revving like that. Shomi(Our bus driver) never rev like this before. When I reached their the bus was idling and there was a huge black spot in the lot. I was very suprised that it was Shomi. She is looking very pissed of. After watching she told me to get in and don't worry the engine is giving trouble she need to fix it. I got in the bus and sat in a good position. The bus's hood was open and she went out for checking something. After a minute bus started stalling and died. She then came back in the seat start pumping madly and cranking. The bus started with huge vrooooooooommmm and she kept pumping. vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrroooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuomm she floored it for some seconds. The right side of the window is covered by black smoke. She then went out and close the hood and came back. Again soo much vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm then idling and the bus died. She started it right after it and again vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm for so many time I can't count. The bus was rocking! Her right leg is just up and down up and down and left one is just relaxing and both hands are in the legs. After some minutes of revving she let it idle. Now it running right. I thought she would turn off because there was still about 20 min left. But aftrer few minutes of idling she start revving again. Just like my favorite show. A woman is punishing her car for giving troubles. Now she is looking at the side mirror to the exhaust. After few revving again idling. This method went for few times. Then finally she tunred off. And said sorry to me "Sorry honey, this beast is just giving me a shitload of pain today". The other drivers just started coming and she went out for chatting to them. I heard her yelling that how the bus pissed of her. Just a few minute before the school end she start the bus and this time a few vrrooooooooomm vrrooooooooomm. But all of them were hit on the floor. Nothing more then. As I am the last student for home she always pulled up the bus in a nearby lot and take me home by walk. That day she drove me to home I asked her why? She said she need to working on the engine MORE! I never know what happened after that. And after a week or two we shifted again. And That is the end of her story. I never go back to that town, never met her again. But I hope she is living a good life and giving some hell to her car or the bus(if she still driving it).

Posted on 04/20/2013 05:50

How to make a car cranking or very smoky? I need to prank one lady's car. Anyone can help me?

Posted on 03/21/2013 12:09

Well it's almost like this.

I don't know the actual model but it's from early 90s or late 80s maybe. And there was some cranking but none of them were long. Mostly the car started on 2 or 3 cranks.

Posted on 02/18/2013 11:57

I forgot to post this.

that was a holiday, i don't remember the year. but we were heading for
market that day. dad was working in the farm and no one in the house as
always. so we get ready, goto the garage, i got in the backseat and she
start and rev it good. but only a few rev and we go the market. after
marketing i was ask her to get in the front seat with her. she agreed
and put the goods onthe back for me. she then pull up her trouser and
get in the car. i noticed first time that she got a thin hairy legs.
anyway she start the car with a few rev again. when we heading home, we
have to pull over from highway to a miniway which connect our farm. the
road is almost always lonely. she got a phonecall then. she park the car
a side, turn off the engine and talking someone on the phone. after that. she crank the car but it won't start, she crank again but no start. then
she told me to hold on honey don't be scared. she cranks it a few more
time holding the clutch on the floor and the gas pedal on the half way
to the floor. the car start with a huge roar and smoke. then she took
off the clutch and pull up trouser more making it a three quarter. then
gave the car a hell of punishment. you can't imagine that one. she floor
it and release it a thousand time i guess. after almost 10min of this
she drove and parked the car on a field nearby. no one was there that
time. she opened her door and just pumping the gas like mad. there was
black smoke all over the place. i don't know how much time she spent
that time, i was very scared then. even when we get home, she parked the car in the driveway and send me in the home and kept the goods in the kicthen. then i heard it revving again! after few rev she park it in the garage
and suddenly that poor car stalled. she immidietly restart it and floor
it like a monster. the car screamed as loud as it can, but no mercy. she
gave another 10min punishment and came out from garage.

Posted on 12/03/2012 08:24

Reply to Jackson61 (12/02/2012 06:57)

Several years ago there was talk about this very subject in a site owner's forum.  Judging from some cranking/female pedal pumping vids alredady posted on YT there is the technology already in place as some individuals who have expertise in computer programming and graphics have devised vids using animated women in cars struggling to start them up.  A few of them are quite good.

What was specifically stated back then in the website forum concerned the fact of people purchasing them in a physical store that specializes in selling video games, (such as a "Game Stop").  Some guy wrote in a thread that it could be embarrassing to the purchaser if he is standing in line to buy such a game and others in line notice the specific product in his hand.

Several years later however with the advent and growth in popularity related to online shopping, an individual interested in purchasing such a product could do so with complete anonymity.

Are there any veteran computer programming and graphic design artists out there?

I am a student of software engineering. I know Java, C, C++ and python language. But the problem is I have no experience and never tried such a thing like game. And I need a graphics designer also. My designing are sucks. I can only give some idea about designing.

Posted on 12/02/2012 01:06

Hey guys,

What about making a game about cranking, pp, revving and stuck?

Posted on 11/26/2012 04:55

I put my story in the revving section. Check it out and comment please..........

Posted on 11/26/2012 04:53

Hi guys, here is one of my best revving memory.

When I was 11 years old we shift our house for my new school. So first few months I had to go with a schoolbus. Because my dad is too busy and we have no relation with our neighbour then. Oh my mom is also busy with her hospital job (As always she is).

The school bus not like yours. I can't remember the model but it's from ISUZU company(japanese). Well I was a bit aware then I like to see women revving their car but I don't know why. Sorry to mention that my grandmom didn't live with us there, because she like that farm so much. So when the first day the bus came I saw a early 30's woman drove it. She is about 5'6" and not white but almost like the Arabians. Her name is Shomi. She told me that her bus garage is bit far from her house and she lived near from our house. So she will peak me up and take a rickshaw(google it) to her bus. The bus not old but not in good condition. First day gone nothing happened.

Second day she took me with her. She wear her uniform. A navy blue slacks and white shirt with black flipfop type sandals.That was in november. Not so cold (20C about). She opened the door told me to seat then took the driving seat. Put the key press the clutch with left leg and right leg on the gas but didn't press it. I was right behind her looking at her like a robot. She turn the key and cranks very short bus started. She started to press the gas now and rev the engine very mildly for warm up. Then got out and clean the windshield. Then get back and rev it again. A bit harder now. Then we took off.

This was her morning rev. When we get back from the school I'm the last kid on the bus. She parked the bus and made that bus screaming like hell. Just once. She almost floor the gaspedal then release and turn off the key. This was a routine of almost 5 months for me. Just one day is execption. And that day is.................TO BE CONTINUED

Posted on 11/26/2012 04:08

Reply to pumpfan (11/23/2012 06:30)

Reply to revving1234 (11/19/2012 05:55)

Reply to pumpfan (11/25/2009 01:38)

LOL Been there done that. The AI just get out of the car when it is disabled. I have it on the PC and there was a Mod program that let you change the character I tired it once worked fine then a patch came out and it was useless.  Have fun playing the game. I just brought I out of mothballs a few weeks ago and doing the story all over again. 

how do you did that? I tried a lot. But the mod doesn't work on my PC. I got the unpatched version. But nothing happened. :(

WOW now that is a thread revival. I am sorry I can't remember anymore it has been a few years. I remember that the mod just let you change the skin of your character by entering in a 0-255 string. I just kept picking a number till I got a female skin. Sorry I can't help you just been way too long.

Don't worry GTA 5 is coming. Maybe we can do something in that :)

Posted on 11/21/2012 12:12

Reply to fsvalep4 (11/19/2012 16:19)

 Hello revving1234
, you have great stories in the revving section.

What I can wrote about myself. Maybe short characteristick I wrote for
another forum. I am from the Czech Republic and I am huge fan of
cranking and
revving of old carburated cars. Most I like an old Czech car Skoda 120,
but I assume that you know nothing about this type of vehicle. :D
I am into cranking and revving since the very early age. In 80's and 90's it was
very easy to see some beautiful girls hard starting their old cars and
bouncing heavily - mainly in the winter time. In 1999 I found the first
pedal pumping site on the Internet and it was something ubelievable for
me. Since this year I was facing many PP sites - for example legendary
Lilytiger, Chloecreations, Feet Dreams, Neils Gaspedal, Crissy Cranks
Cars, Pedal Extreme, Cranking Fetish, Crank and Pump, Pedaltube, ... and
of course Pedal Supreme and Pump That Pedal. PTP with beautiful and
experienced Scarlet is the best cranking and revving site from my point of view. But
I love Pedaltube too because this is the only site supplying the czech
cars. :love:

My best cranking moment I have experienced with my former girl fiend. We
knew each other very briefly when she offered me a ride. I was very
surprised when I found out that her car is old Škoda 120. Car was
outside, the temperature around zero and she began her cranking
procedure. She pumped the gas pedal many times with very nice bouncing
and tried to start the engine. It took her about a full minute before
she managed it to start. It was absolutely wonderful.

I have some other memories with old Skoda car also. I remember especialy
one that happened in January 2000. I was convalesced in hospital after
surgery and my room was close to parking lot. One day on a freezing
morning I noticed typical cranking sound so I checked what is
happening and saw one of the beautiful young nurses trying to start her
Skoda Rapid. After few unsuccessfull attempts she opened the hood and
pumped the fuel with hand pump (these cars have this for better starts). Within moments
she got the engine running, revved it hard for a little while and drowe away. I spent
two more weeks in the hospital and during this time I was witness to
several other cranking attempts. Each time it was the same story line.
The car cranked for her without any problems only once.

My next experience is related to one female shop assistant in local Lidl
market. Although she was experienced mature woman (maybe 40-45 years
old) she was still pretty beautiful. I discovered her accidentally one
day at the parking lot in front of the shop. She owned old Skoda car
also and I have to say her car was in poor condition. I waited until
winter and then I went to see her cranking after closing time of the
shop. It was -15°C, so quite cold weather. I stood behind the corner
only few meters from her car which was the only car in the parking lot.
Finally she and her other female co-worked locked the shop and headed
off for her car. I prayed that the car will not start easily for her.
The car started for her at the first time, but stalled after one or two
seconds. And then the real cranking torture began. I counted 25 attempts
when I stopped the counting. It looked like she was not able to get her
car going anyway. I was really wondering the battery will be dead at
any moment. But suprisingly she finally got the cold engine going after
almost 20 minutes of cranking. Her co-worker screamed loudly
"Wonderfull, good job!" as she victory hard revs the engine for a minute or so. And for me it was wonderfull job too. :love: I saw her few more times, but never had such a luck again.

And I can write another experience with girl and old Skoda car. Few years
ago very interesting woman work in our company. She was quite dominant,
not much popular within co-workers but in the first place she owned old
Skoda car and therefore she was my favourite. During the summer, autumn
and springs the car works fine for her. But the fun always begun during
the winter time. I exactly know when her job will be over and she try to
crank up her car. So I wait sometimes in the parking lot to see the
show. I have to say she was REALLY heavy pumper! She pumped the gas
pedal fast twenty or more times before the first cranking attempt. If
the first attempt was not successfull she dry pumping it again and
again. Many times I saw her crank the car for 5-10 attempts to get it
going. But when we talked in job she tell me that she has to crank 30
minutes one day and another day she was not able to get it going anyway.
One day I recored her cranking to my mobile phone. It was dark night so
it is only sound - but really good memory for me.

I hope you didn't read my memories before and you like it a little. :-)

If you have some revving stories, please post them! I would like to read them.

BTW: Sorry for my english, it is not my native language ;-)

English is not my first language too. And mine is worse than you. I'll post something soon. Check the revving section for those.

Posted on 11/19/2012 01:55

Reply to pumpfan (11/25/2009 01:38)

LOL Been there done that. The AI just get out of the car when it is disabled. I have it on the PC and there was a Mod program that let you change the character I tired it once worked fine then a patch came out and it was useless.  Have fun playing the game. I just brought I out of mothballs a few weeks ago and doing the story all over again. 

how do you did that? I tried a lot. But the mod doesn't work on my PC. I got the unpatched version. But nothing happened. :(

Posted on 11/18/2012 01:50

Is there any revving fan? That revving section is totally empty. :(

Posted on 11/18/2012 01:45

Nice one. Do you have any revving story with her? Or any other girl?

Posted on 10/07/2012 09:07

Part 2 goes here..

Well my memory is not so good. But once I was sick at the school so granny came to take me. I'm waiting and she came almost 15 or 30 min late. I asked why she replied the car gave her problem but she fixed it. I never saw her open the hood. So, I don't know how she fixed but I hope.......... you know what we all hope. I have not much time now I will write something more if I remember and of course if there are some replies.

Posted on 10/02/2012 01:33

 I thought there would be some replys.

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