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 revving1234's Recent Posts
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Posted on 12/23/2015 09:52

 Whats the name of the movie?

Posted on 12/23/2015 09:37

 the name of the movie? "take from 2007"? or "2007"

Posted on 12/23/2015 09:31

 LOL that was great man :D

Posted on 10/08/2015 12:29

 WOW she really knows how to rev!!!!! If she somehow got in a cranky situation with an old car, she'd rev the crap out of it!

Here is her FB profile: Kristina Denise

Posted on 09/28/2015 11:39

Reply to bucfan1997 (09/26/2015 09:19)

 I forgot about this forum and didn't think it was around anymore. I love watching women rev!

Its here but the revving section is almost dead

Share your stories man, would love to hear them!

Posted on 09/28/2015 11:35

I joined the group but there are tons of videos of mustangs!

You can easily get the link,
1. Click on the video
2. After the video start playing click on the time it was posted
3. Then just copy the link from your browser.

Posted on 09/27/2015 12:47


This topic may not be related in this section I'm not sure actually, so I'm posting it here.

Who made that video and who is the model? Does anyone know? I saw two of her videos and became a fan of her revving

Posted on 09/27/2015 12:44

 Link please!!

Posted on 09/11/2015 11:23

 anyone have real revving videos?

Posted on 09/11/2015 11:10

 lucky people :(

Posted on 03/27/2015 00:02

Reply to revvvvv (09/21/2013 16:03)

Awesome!  When I was in school the buses were gasoline powered, mostly International Harvester brand carbureted engines.  Some of the bus drivers had pedal pumping and revving habits.  One woman used to pump the accelerator while cranking.  The bus always fired right up and she would rev the engine immediately after it started by continuing to pump 2-3 times in quick succession.  Another lady had the habit of revving to clear out the carbon.  After her bus was idling for over 5 minutes or so in queue waiting for all the students to board, she would floor the accelerator typically 2-3 times, getting the rpms up high with each pump.  This lady was a hard driver as well, holding the gears longer before shifting, etc.  There obviously was no carbon built up in her engine but she revved it hard anyways. Another "substitute" bus driver once had parked her bus but upon arrival the fast idle mechanism was stuck.  She revved it once, but it didn't kick down.  A few seconds later she pumped it twice in rapid succession, but still no luck disengaging it.  Finally she floored it two times hard, paused a split second, then floored it again and held it down for a moment.  This did the trick and it was idling down nicely.  Our school district later switched to diesel powered buses, made by Navistar  International.  These were much more reliable and did not require pumping but many drivers were still in the habit of doing so and I recall a couple ladies who drove them always started them with the pedal to the floor, so they would roar upon startup but never any additional revving.  I miss the sights and sounds of the '80s.  Around here I virtually never see any action like this anymore.  Everyone has fuel injected engines.

Fuel injections ruined everything!

Posted on 03/26/2015 23:57

Reply to vw driver (03/19/2015 10:49)

No doubt this was acquired by watching women struggle or drive old Volkswagen cars--ones with aircooled engines that you could tell apart from other vehicles miles away due to the unique noise made.  Busses, bugs, Karmann Ghia's, even a "thing 181" or two.  The VW aircooled engine was essentially a WWII designed engine that Mr. Porsche built and VW somehow managed to stretch its use till 1979 in Germany and until last year(?) in Brazil.  Crazy when you think about it.   Although maybe OK for the 40s and 50s, this engine was low on HP and reliability.  Watching females struggling to start their VW on a cold or wet day was good, but the hard revving that almost inevitably followed was priceless.  Also riding shotgun with females in an old VW van or beetle and then watching them flooring the gas and making the engine roar was particularly gratifying.  Especially busses and bugs were seen as cheap workhorse vehicles mostly and were treated accordingly (usually not very good).  Somehow these experiences were quite frequent from when I was 10-25 years old.  Hence my obsession with old VWs--although I sometimes like to see an old Porsche or even Citroen (like the 2CV) being given hell too.   I love dominant female drivers way more than the helpless damsel in distress.

yes I love dominant females hard revving too

Posted on 03/01/2015 10:07

 Hahahahahaha I don't know why but I can't stop laughing :D

Posted on 03/01/2015 03:39

 Yeah lets hear that one too!

Posted on 03/01/2015 03:31

 Great show!!

Posted on 03/01/2015 03:18

Check your inbox!

Posted on 02/28/2015 07:17

Reply to stxangler (02/27/2015 14:23)

This happened approx 8 years ago I was driving threw a neighbor hood not to far from my house when I saw a 4 sale sign on the back window of a dodge pickup setting out on the side of the street . I had driven this road several , several times but there never was a sign on the truck till now . I was watching this truck and noticed it never moved the tires were getting low on air and it had a pretty good oil spot under it . I had also watched to see who lived there and on occasions I would see a lady I would say in her mid 40's setting out on the front porch smoking . I got a better look at her one day when passing by and she was out at the mail box at the street  she looked up and she was a very attractive lady dirty long blond hair and was wearing a tee shirt , shorts and flip flops . The next day after seeing the 4 sale sign I stopped by went to the door range the bell and she came to the door . It was a hot summer day so she was wearing pretty much the same type of clothes as when I saw her before checking the mail , shorts ,tee shirt , and tin soled well worn flip flops . when she answered the door I said hello I am interested in the truck 4 sale She said sure its her sons truck and he had gotten a new car because he was away at his first year in collage . I asked if I could look at it and she said sure i'll get the keys and meet you out there. So I am standing in front of the truck and she comes out . She says I do not really know anything about it  I only drove it once to pick up a bed from a friends .I ask her if she minds me taking a few pictures of the truck for a friend to see I said my friend is going to fix it up for me and the pictures will be good so he can give me a estament  on repairs but what she did not know is that the camera was a small video camera and I was going to video all of this . She then fumbles with the keys trying to find the correct one to unlock the door . She gets it unlocked and opens it and says boy its dirty in here my son is not known for keeping things clean . I asked her to pull the hood latch I wanted to look under the hood at the engine so she finds the hood release inside and pulls it . I opened the hood and looked at the engine I could tell it had not been started in a long while . So I asked her how long has it been sitting she said approx 6 months . So I then asked her if she would start it she said yes she got in and put the key in and cranked it approx 20 seconds I was standing at the driver side front fender and was staring at the pedal linkage and all it did was barley move . So she was giving it gas just not pumping it and she was not giving it much just a light push . At this point I was thinking this lady is not a pumper and this will be a lame one . So at this point I am getting discouraged and all of a sudden slap , slap , slap , slap . goes the pedal wow my heart just got a jump start . She cranks it again still no start and when cranking she is doing that lightly push on the gas thing and no aggression . So I walk over to the passenger door and she unlocks it I get in and she is setting there with her door wide open her hole foot resting on the gas pedal all I could see was just the tip top of the long pedal . She then says I am sorry I do not no more about this truck and she says there is probably a proper way to start it and she just does not no it . I then reply its probably just been sitting so long . She says yes and asks if she should give it another try I replied yes as I watched her she gave the about 5 good slaps on the pedal then turns the key and cranks it for another 15 or so seconds with no sign of starting  . There is a couple of thing that really turn me on and she had both going for her one is that she had pretty big feet I would say a size 10 or 11 I guess because she was pretty tall and she was a full footer as I call them this to me is a lady that puts her hole foot on the gas pedal a lot of times covering the hole pedal with her foot this is a great turn on for me as well . Another thing about her is that she left the door on her side wide open and cars that were passing could get a great few of her foot pumping and even the placement of her foot on the pedal and she did not care who saw . After trying the last time she asked if there was anything she was doing wrong or needed to do to get the truck started I then told her that the truck setting there that long without being started the gas had probably evaporated out of the lines and carb and she may need to pump it more . Then I explained that her foot pumping is the only way to get gas to the carb . Then to my surprise she said so by me pumping the gas pedal that is what brings the gas up to the engine and that is the only thing that  does it I responded yes . I did not no I just unleashed a beast . She then reaches up and grabs the wheel with her left and puts her right hand on the key and just starts slapping the hell out of the pedal then after probably 15 -20 fast floor slapping pumps she turns the key and her foot goes to the floor and stays for a few seconds then comes up and starts slapping  it to the floor while cranking she cranks 30 or so seconds lets off the key sets back In the seat and we start just BS ing and the hole time we are talking she is slapping the pedal to the floor then she leans up grabs the wheel and does the same thing pins it to the floor cranks lets up and starts slapping it again WoW I was impressed . this went on for awhile then I had to hook up my truck with jumper cables she was wearing it down . Then I started asking her as we were letting the battery charge for a bit if the radio or A/C worked and during this wait time she would just have these spurts of pumping she would be talking to me and just start pumping . She did not no about the A/C but she tried the radio it worked . Then I asked her does the cig lighter work she opened the ash tray and pushed it in and she said ill be back in a minute she gets out goes inside and comes out with a cigarette . then she start fiddling with the lighter and while she is doing the she starts those pumping spurts again were she would slap the pedal 20 or 30 times then stop a min and do it again . Then she finally gets the lighter to light her cig but the lighter was just barely hot enough when she finally got it to light and she was drawing hard on her cig to get it lit . At this point I am hard as a rock . She them slaps the pedal 10 - 15 times and  starts cranking it talking draws on her cig bouncing and cranking . Then a school bus pulls up beside the truck and stops a cute dirty blond high school girl gets off the bus and walks toward the drivers door she looks at the girl and says hi sweaty how was your day and at the same time she says that her leg starts slapping the pedal left arm hanging down her left side with her left thumb flicking ashes from her cig and right hand on key her daughter looks at mom and says it was ok then she turns the key again pumping and bouncing taking drags on her cig . after about 30 minutes the truck finally starts to show signs its going to start. She never gives up she keeps slapping it then it coughs and chugs and pins it to the floor and black smoke billows out the exhaust then she lets up just slightly revving it and says there we go . We let it  run a few minutes then she shuts it off and says lets see if it will start back up she asks should I pump it I said yes so she gives it some quick slaps cranks it and it starts .I have moved that video from my camera to a DVD as I have many , many other real life cranking videos I have taken and still enjoy watching them till this day .             

 Do you have any revving videos on your cam?

Posted on 02/28/2015 07:13

 What was the jeep model your mom had?

Posted on 02/28/2015 07:11

 The second nurse is more aggressive I guess.

Posted on 02/28/2015 07:07

 Thats an awesome technique she got there ;)

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