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Title: Ford,Footlet,Flood!!!
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(Date Posted:08/08/2007 21:40)
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The year,1972 Ford...driver, slacks and 3 1/2" high heel pumps.We get into her car and my eyes naturally drop to her sexy right foot holding the gas pedal about half way to the floor.She turns the key...errrrr,errrrr,errrr,errrrr..she lightly pumps the gas pedal.I'm getting so excited looking at her low cut high heel,showing sexy bare toe cleavage,pumping the pedal.Her car just keeps cranking.She tries again,pumping the pedal a little faster,now beginning to bounce on the seat.The engine sputters and tries to catch as she keeps pumping the pedal.I notice her toes trying to spread whenever the pedal goes to the floor!After the 6 or 7th try,the car starts and she gives it a few good revs,before putting it into gear. I was disappointed that the cranking didn't last longer.(but not for long).She took a short cut through an industrial area.She had to stop at a stop sign and as she goes through the intersection,the carburator pops and her car stalls.She coasts to the side of the road,puts it into park,and turns the key.Her high heeled foot is lightly feathering the gas pedal as the engine sputters,trying to start....errrr,sputt,sputt,errrr,errrr.The engine keeps teasing her with it's sputtering and coughing.She pumps the pedal faster and really gets bouncing on the seat...but her car refuses to start!!!After about 10 tries,she turns off the key and slumps back in the seat.."I'm probably flooding it "she said...(I'll say! I was totally turned on).From past experiences with her,I knew what was coming next...she reaches down and removes her right high heel.OMG...she wasn't totally barefoot,she was wearing sheer nylon footlets...the heel of which almost pulled off her foot as she removed her shoe.Now I'm staring at her red painted toes partially covered in nylon.She goes back to trying to start the car.She keeps pumping and bouncing.Her toes are spreading out across the pedal.I loved how her little toe extended off the side of the gas pedal as she pumped it.Whe the pedal went all the way to the floor,that toe extended extremely wide..the car was cranking and teasing she pumped the pedal like crazy...errrr,errrr,sputt,sputt,errrr.I was ready to explode...the car was totally flooded.After about 15 min.of her cranking,flooding and pleading with her car,I took a look under the hood(the choke was partially closed).I fixed it and told her to try it.It was still flooded and she kept pumping the pedal but it came closer to starting.She was pumping and bouncing,and her foot was moving around on the gas pedal.I noticed her footlet starting to slip off her heel.I told her to hold the pedal to the floor as the engine cranked.Her red toes were spread wide within her nylon footlet.As her flooded engine tried to clear,she gave it a few good pumps.Her footlet slid from her heel,her little toe wiggled up and down off the side of the pedal and the car finally fired up....and so did I!!!!Next time ....ex mother-in-law floods the school bus
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(Date Posted:08/12/2007 05:22)

Hey Crank, I just wanted to tell you, that's another great story from you.  I was wondering if your ex M-I-L was attractive.  Sounds like she was young herself.  Thanks again for writing your fond remembrances. 
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esse quam videre

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(Date Posted:09/15/2007 15:31)

A great story that deals with my all-time favorite PP scenario.  Back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s it was not uncommon to see a woman pump and flood helplessly in high heels, slip off her right shoe with a sigh of resignation, and finally get her car started by working the accelerator with her bare or nylon clad foot.  I've seen women remove everything from sensible flats to skyscraper spikes, but in general I observed that the higher the heel, the more likely the shoe would come off in the event of car trouble.  Some women seemed embarassed and did it so inconspicuously some of their passengers failed to notice.  Others enjoyed calling attention to the problems of driving in "impossible" heels and platforms.

Women still remove or change both shoes to drive for various reasons of comfort, convenience, safety, or to avoid scuffing the heels of their designer pumps.  Sadly, since fuel injection has eliminated the need for careful footwork during hot or cold starts, those wonderful "one-shoe removers" have become a vanishing breed.  Thanks for the memories!!

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