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Title: Silvetta Accordions
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(Date Posted:20/02/2006 11:58)
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There has been a recent discussion on the newsgroup "" about Silvetta accordions from Klingental, Germany, who include traditional wooden button accordions in their product range.This might be of interest to those bemoaning outsourcing of accordion making to China - perhaps this make could replace the traditional Hohners?. One of the newsgroup contributors got the following information from the company:"We are located in Klingenthal, in the South West corner of Germany. Klingenthal is an old and traditional center of accordion making. The first Klingenthal's accordions were built in 1852 and we are continuing this tradition in our company. We call ourselves "Schaumanufaktur" - which can be freely translated as "a workshop where the visitor can look directly in on the manufacturing of accordions and harmonicas." We manufacture our instruments by hand, using traditional methods. Our staff are highly skilled and have a lot of experience making musical instruments. We keep the introduction of modern technology to a minimum and because we handcraft all the parts and components in house, we are able to make a wide range of instruments - accordions, harmonicas, concertinas, Steirish harmonicas, Swiss mini oergelis... Our staff consist of ten employees and each one of them is an expert in the different steps of accordion making. We are the only German producer of reeds, and of course we make our own cases and bellows. Whereas other famous German instrument makers have most of their components and even their complete instruments made in Eastern Europe, or in China, each one of our instruments is individually made in Germany by skilled craftsmen. Best regards from Germany (that is covered with snow) Ralf Sch?er in charge of accordion making"Their website is at: brand has been mentioned previously in these pages by Stephen Chambers (a much-missed contributor to these forums), and I think he imports them.I hope this is of interest.Bill Y
C age ing
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(Date Posted:20/02/2006 13:08)

Young Bill
A member of Melnet brings them into Ireland.
Step forward Stephen Chambers alias Triskel. Nice guy and very informative.
Old Bill.
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(Date Posted:20/02/2006 21:30)

Bill Y,

After WW2 and the imposition of a communist state the Klingenthal factories were merged together into one group, Harmona, Seydal, Weltmeister, Galotta etc etc, since the unification of Germany they have regained their independance and are refurbishing their factories and upgrading their products.  The improvements in quality over the last five or so years has been marked. Dave from the Jollybox has visited the new factories and was surprised at the present day quality of their products.


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(Date Posted:13/05/2006 08:42)

Reply to : wgwy

This brand has been mentioned previously in these pages by Stephen Chambers (a much-missed contributor to these forums), and I think he imports them.

He does indeed Bill, and thanks for the kind words (and "old Bill" too). I'm afraid I've only recently got a new computer, after the demise of my old one last year, and only tonight found the right password to access the forum!

Silvetta accordions are made in the old Royal Standard factory, a brand once favoured by the Wyper Brothers and other melodeon greats. I've visited the factory a couple of times and been working with them for quite a few years now, and got them to develop a smaller version of their 2-row celluloid-covered box specially for me, as a substitute for the Hohner Erica and Black-Dot models. In fact it has a better keyboard (with a "stop" behind the keys) and a sweeter sound than the Hohners, and I sell them for around the price of a Chinese-made Hohner.

And they make traditional-style 10-key 4-stop melodeons, that sound a lot like the ones you hear on those old recordings.

They showed a new, more Italian-style, wooden 2-row box at the trade show in Frankfurt this year too, and I'm waiting for my first shipment of those, as well as one of their tiny 9-key Swiss-model boxes for myself, to see what it's like in D.

By the way, they also make continental chromatics, and even (dare I say it?) piano accordions, but perhaps we'd better not mention that around here?

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(Date Posted:13/05/2006 16:05)

Before this topic came up on this forum, I'd found the Silvetta through googling. I emailed the  Klingenthal factory for prices and availability. They gave me neither but had a kind of wholesale broker in Florida of all things German phone me asking detals of my store (!). When I said I wanted prices etc of (a) button accordian, the woman didn't know what I was talking about but eventually managed to snail mail be a brochure sans prices. Not wanting to buy a melodeon from such a source I dropped the matter.

Obviously the good folks in Klingenthal don't consider Canada a serious place for button accordions. Maybe their right.


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