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Title: Can sinus/stuffy nose make you dizzy?
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Registered: 12/12/2004
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(Date Posted:07/26/2006 5:29 PM)
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I still have this left clogged nostral and post-nasal drip (sexy!). It's the kind of stuffed up nose where you can't even get anything out when you blow. It's like concrete. Today I feel very off kilter, kind of dizzy.  I don't have much experiance with sinus stuff. Does anybody else get this?
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(Date Posted:07/26/2006 7:11 PM)

cb-'ll make you feel REAL dizzy or off balance. When everything is not draining properly, your sinuses can clog and throw of your inner ear balance. rest assure it is nothing else. yet thinking (or shall i say obsessing) about it will make it far worst.

I have bad allergies and my sinuses, headaches and balance are always something that has given me the most health anxiety. Yet when my HA was at it's worse three years ago i went on zoloft for 12 months and it was amazing how my allergy symptoms felt the best in YEARS. That year I was amazed that I felt my allergies just drifted away. Nope, now I know it was how i continued to obsess on the symptoms. This year (off meds for 2 years) I would express that my allergies are REALLY bad, yet I need to ask myself, are they or is it how I am coping with the symptoms? It is the chicken/egg deal (ha ha chicken butt). Is it my allergies/sinus making me feel this way or is it my obsession of the minor symptoms that makes them 10X worse?

Be reassured blocked sinuses can throw off your balance, as well as other things, headaches, feeling off with body temp., etc. The pressure can cause some significant pain, but the more you focus on these symptoms the worse they will get. try and relax, take a warm shower or bath, that'll help them drain and help you to relax.

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(Date Posted:07/27/2006 8:19 AM)

Cleaning out your sinuses with warm salt water really helps too.  An ENT told me to do that and I said - 'hey, that's like Neti' (Indian practise of inhaling salt water through the nose and spitting it out for cleansing)

Yes, he said, except I'm going to give you a syringe so it's easier - but same principle.l

Ocean salt water (and nothing else) nasal spray is great for at work or on the go and it wont hurt you.

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Kiwi fruit
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(Date Posted:07/27/2006 8:47 AM)

I've never gotten dizzy like that before. It sounds like maybe you have an inner ear problem.

I hate a stuffy nose. I hope you feel better soon.


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