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Great Dane Fun
Title: Dear Lord... keep me warm!!! NDR
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(Date Posted:01/12/2018 8:08 PM)
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I cannot believe my hubby somehow talked me into going to Chicago next week.  We are headed to Chi-town to see Blues legend, Buddy Guy in his club called Legends.  My hubster informed me that it will be 9 when we land.  9?!?!?!?!?  Are you kidding?  I'm cold when it dips into the  50's!  I'm looking forward to the trip and then we are home for a few days and then off to Arizona (Tucson) for a week.  At least there it may be warm during the day but those desert nights can be Brrrrrrrr too.  

If you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dog.

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From: USA

RE:Dear Lord... keep me warm!!! NDR
(Date Posted:01/13/2018 7:51 AM)

I feel your pain Roz.
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RE:Dear Lord... keep me warm!!! NDR
(Date Posted:01/13/2018 1:41 PM)

YIKES!  Take your long johns with you.  We're headed to AZ in feb. to Sedona and last time we were there in Feb. it snowed 2 days.
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My Funny Girl

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From: Canada

Re:Dear Lord... keep me warm!!! NDR
(Date Posted:01/13/2018 4:08 PM)

 Bundle up Roz!!! LoL.
If it's any consolation, we saw Buddy guy at Legends in the summer and it was fantastic.  So good, I actually teared up a couple of times.
At least you will be close to the Mag Mile :)  Lots of great shops there- there is also a mall close by called the Water Tower- it's also pretty good. 
If you are looking for a great restaurant, try The Girl and The Goat or the Purple Pig.  The food was outstanding at both places and the wine lists were equally as good!
Just trying to make your stay a little more comfortable  :)  
We had a flash thaw on Thursday and it got up to 12C  it felt down right balmy!  It's back to 20 below now so it's business as usual-lol!  
Enjoy Chitown.........and don't forget Garretts............Eating Chicago style popcorn while in Chicago was exciting for me-lol.  It's the little things!
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Forever loving my angel Loki

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From: USA

Re:Dear Lord... keep me warm!!! NDR
(Date Posted:01/22/2018 10:04 PM)

 It was freezing but I want to go back after it warms up a bit.  There was so much to do and we only got a taste but with those temps, it was plenty long enough.  We are headed out to Tucson on Thursday where we will be joined by all my in-laws and should be great fun.  Buddy Guy was awesome, as usual.  We even got to a Blues Museum called 2120  Michigan Avenue, established by Willie Dixon and was the original Chess Record Label.  I stood where Etta James stood when she recorded "At Last".  The hairs on my arms stood many times.  
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If you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dog.

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