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Title: New Smyrna Speedway
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From: USA
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(Date Posted:07/19/2008 9:18 AM)

3939 State Road 44 West
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
Phone Number: 386-427-4129
Fax Number: 386-426-1611

Mailing Address:

New Smyrna Speedway
138 S. State Road 415
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

CLICK HERE for Website


Robert Hart / Andrew JC Hart

Operations Manager:

Kim Brown
cell: 386-547-2879
phone: 386-427-4129 ext. 303

Marketing Director:

Scott Cornman
cell number is (352) 460-7689
office (386) 427-4129 x306.

Competition Director:

Ricky Brooks
Cell: 850-324-6821
: rickybrooks5@aol.com

Tech Inspector:

Jeff Sutcliffe
Cell: 386-478-8055


Donny Nerone 386-663-5113

Speedway Chaplain:

Danny Shearer
ph: 321-544-0857

Concession Manager:

Holli Schwegler
386-427-4129 ext. 308
Cell: 386-314-8006

New Smyrna Speedway is a high-banked, half-mile paved oval track located just 5 miles West of New Smyrna Beach, Florida and just 10 miles South of Daytona Beach, Florida. Known by many as the “World Center of Racing”, New Smyrna Speedway has been home to some of the finest stock car racing in the entire Country now for more than 45 years.

Along with providing the best weekly racing and special events in the area, the Speedway has been highly utilized in recent years as a prime testing facility for some of the teams from the NASCAR Nationwide, Camping World Truck and Sprint Cup Series.

“If you can win at New Smyrna Speedway, you can win anywhere in the United States.” -Richie Evans

Originally operated as a dirt track when it opened in …., the Speedway was paved just six months later and has remained one of the premier pavement tracks in the Country. Over the years, some of the biggest names in racing have tried their hand at the high-banked half-mile. They include Donnie, Bobby and Davey Allison, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Dick Trickle, Neil Bonnett, Harry Gant, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman and perhaps one of the best short-track racers that ever lived, Richie Evans. This nine-time NASCAR National Champion coined the phrase, “If you can win at New Smyrna Speedway, you can win anywhere in the United States.”

As a small-town local venue, New Smyrna Speedway has been very involved in the community by holding fundraisers throughout the years. Local High School sports teams, boosters, and other charitable organizations have all benefited from these generous endeavors . In 2011, New Smyrna Speedway is taking yet another step forward in their fundraising efforts, becoming the first race track in the Country to dedicate an entire year to Breast Cancer Awareness. The campaign started by decorating the Start/Finish Line and Victory Circle with a bright pink and black checkered flag pattern instead of its traditional white and black checkered flag pattern. It has grown substantially to now include nightly collections throughout the grandstands and pit area, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Breast Cancer Awareness.

New Smyrna Speedway is the ideal setting for any family or group of friends to enjoy an exciting, comfortable and affordable night of entertainment. Our full concession area, featuring the Checkered Flag Cafe and the Last Lap Saloon, can fulfill all your food and beverage needs. You can delight in anything from a nice hot burger and fries to an ice cold adult beverage.

Racing at New Smyrna Speedway runs weekly from mid-March through November with Special Events throughout the off-season.

CLICK HERE for the Schedule

CLICK HERE for the Current Points Standings

Current Radar in FL - Saint Petersburg region 


From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:01/25/2016 2:23 PM)

Cover Photo


Thursday February 11, 2016

Parking and Practice

Pit Passes: $40

Friday February 12, 2016

Super Late Models
Pro Late Models
IMCA Modifieds

Grandstands: $30, Pits: $40

Saturday February 13, 2016

Super Late Models
Pro Late Models
IMCA Modifieds

Grandstands: $30, Pits: $40

Sunday February 14, 2016

K&N Pro Series East
Sportsman 50
Tour-Type Modifieds Will Be Able to Park and Go Through Tech... No Practice

Grandstands: $35, Pits: $40 (Members), $50 (Non-Members)

Monday February 15, 2016

Tour-type Modified 50
IMCA Modifieds
Super Late Models
Pro Late Models

Grandstands: $30, Pits: $40

Tuesday February 16, 2016

Super Late Model 50
IMCA Modified 75
Tour-type Modifieds

Grandstands: $30, Pits: $40

Wednesday February 17, 2016

John Blewett III Memorial Tour Type Modified 76

IMCA Modified
Super Late Models
Pro Late Models

Grandstands: $40, Pits: $40

Thursday February 18, 2016

PPG/Tower Sealants Pro Late Model 100
Tour Type Modifieds
Super Late Models

Grandstands: $30, Pits: $40

Friday February 19, 2016

Richie Evans Memorial Tour Type Modified  100 (Rain Date 2/20)
Pro Late Models
IMCA Modifieds

Grandstands: $35, Pits: $40

Saturday February 20, 2016

Super Late Model 100
Pro Late Models
IMCA Modifieds

Grandstands: $35, Pits: $40

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RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:01/23/2016 6:57 PM)


Orange Blossom Super Late Model 100

1. #97 Cole Anderson
2. #51N Stephen Nasse
3. #17 Quinn Houff
4. #5a Dalton Armstrong
5. #21 Matt Tifft
6. #9M Brad May
7. #15 Christian Eckes
8. #5K Daniel Keene Jr
9. #9R Brandon Booth
10. #11 David Rogers
11. #51 Michael Atwell
12. #36T Tim Russell
13. #14 Chris Davidson
14. #5P Brennan Poole
15. #19 Riley Herps
16. #20 Anthony Sergi
17. #10 Matt Montineri
18. #40 Tanner Gray
19. #24 Shane Nichols

Orange Blossom Super Late Model 100 Qualifying

1. #51N Stev\phen Nasse 17.550
2. #15 Christian Eckes 17.552
3. #9M Brad May 17.578
4. #97 Cole Anderson 17.596
5. #51 Michael Atwell 17.639
6. #17 Quinn Houff 17.689
7. #5P Brennan Poole 17.706
8. #5K Daniel Keene Jr. 17.717
9. #36T Tim Russell 17.729
10. #21 Matt Tift 17.741
11. #11 David Rogers 17.773
12. #19 Riley Herbst 17.787
13. #20 Anthony Sergi 17.874
14. #14 Chris Davidson 17.888
15. #9R Brandon Booth 17.934
16. #40 Tanner Gray 18.156
17. #10 Matt Montineri 18.387

Open Wheel Modifieds

1. #66 Jerry Symons
2. #1 Wayne Parker
3. #44B Matthew Green
4. #96 Matthew Wheeler
5. #4B Alan Bruns
6. #3 Gregory Bruce Jr
7. #111 Earl Beckner

Super Stocks

1. #XL Jeff Cuddy
2. #6 Preston Hunt
3. #63 Dale Howard
4. #23 Charles King
5. #99 Paul Koci
6. #56 Bobby Holley
7. #3 Jeff Colburn


1. #3x Shane Sutorus
2. #63 Zack Curtis
3. #03 Aaron Overman

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:01/02/2016 8:41 PM)


Red Eye Super Late Models 100

1 97 Cole Anderson
2 26 Bubba Pollard
3 3 Kaz Grala
4 20 Anthony Sergi
5 9 Brad May
6 30 Jesse Dutilly
7 26c Travis Cope
8 51 Michael Atwell
9 56 Josh Collins
10 8 David Garbo Jr
11 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching
12 11 David Rogers
13 1 Mason Massey
14 07 Jeff Scofield
15 5 Jerry Artuso
16 54 Matt Craig
17 00 CJ Castetter
18 67 Colin Allman
DNS 5k Daniel Keene Jr

Zack Donatti Memorial Pro Late Models 100

1 5 Mike Skinner
2 97 Cole Anderson
3 21 Brandon Johnson
4 00 Anthony Cataldi
5 18 Zack Jarrell
6 57 Heather Lynn
7 00c Clayton Castetter
8 14 Michael Burns
9 54 Zachary Harris
10 41 Jeff White
11 5p Brennan Poole
12 11 Bubba Pollard
13 22 Brandon Herbert
14 1 Jonathan Brown
15 36 Kevin Thomas Jr
16 01 Charles Kopach
17 15 Cody Blair
18 25 Paul White
19 24 Donnie Burkhalter
20 5k Daniel Keene Jr
21 0 John Kennedy


1 71 Earl Beckner
2 09E John Emerson
3 4 Daniel Webster
4 13 Aaron Williamson
5 8 Austin Carr
6 07 Ron Lufcy
7 17 Phillip Bessette
8 16 Patrick Mennenga
9 00 Cody Carr
10 55 Shain Held
11 88 DJ Farr
12 60 Richard Fiore Jr
13 21 Mike Dahm
14 111 Patrick Thomas
15 25 Timmy Todd Jr
16 12 David Williamson
17 21X George Dahm


1 54 Billy Barrington
2 37 Charlie King
3 89 William Hindman
4 03 Aaron Overman
5 33 Danny Brown
6 60 Matt Boner
7 30 Reid Christensen
8 55 Richard Roarke DNS

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:05/18/2015 6:09 PM)

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:05/05/2015 7:31 PM)

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:04/28/2015 1:43 PM)

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:04/06/2015 12:36 PM)

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:11/25/2014 2:17 PM)

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:11/23/2014 5:05 PM)


Travis Cope plants a kiss on the famed Governor's Cup Trophy

Travis Cope with the Governor's Cup trophy and his race winner's trophy in victory lane

by Dave Westerman

New Smyrna Speedway had to battle Mother Nature nearly all weekend, but the
skies cleared just long enough to get in the Florida Governor's Cup 200, a
race that had more twists and turns than a good pretzel with young Travis Cope
leading just the final two laps to score what amounted to an improbable
victory as it seemed he had everything going against him at various points.
The pit area was full even on Friday night as 38 Super Late Models signed in
just to practice along with a number of support division cars.  Jeff Choquette
of West Palm Beach, driving the Adrian Carriers car out of Milan, IL, was
fastest in two of the three sessions held for the Super Lates.

Saturday dawned overcast and a bit on the drizzly side but the wet stuff held
off long enough to get several practice sessions in the books.  However, just
after 3 pm the rain became a bit harder.  From time to time it would subside
only to return as drizzle and mist.  With a rather large time-consuming show
yet to run and the forecast for more drizzle, mist and even fog, track
officials decided to cancel the Saturday race program that was to have
included a 100-lap contest for the Modifieds, 75 laps for the Mini Stocks, and
races for the Super Stocks and Strictly Stocks.  Governor's Cup qualifying was
also postponed and rescheduled for Sunday.  The Modified and Mini Stock races
will be made up in January.

Overnight rain and thundershowers led to warm and breezy conditions Sunday
morning and the sun began to pop through the clouds as race teams enjoyed a
free breakfast on the grandstand side of the track sponsored by Eagle Jet

By the time the cars hit the track for practice around 11 am, temperatures
were already around 80 degrees.  During the Super Late Model hot lap session,
2009 Governor's Cup winner Tim Russell had something break on his car and he
slid hard backwards into the turn one wall.  The damage was extensive and
Russell was forced to withdraw from competition.

In qualifying for the Governor's Cup race, Stephen Nasse was the 32nd car on
the track but going late in the session on a very warm track did not bother
the young shoe from Pinellas Park as he set quick time with a lap of 17.721
seconds, just a tick of the watch faster than 14-year-old Harrison Burton of
Hendersonville, NC who tripped the clocks at 17.795.  Choquette was third
quick at 17.816 followed closely by the 17.817 lap of Bobby Good and Brad
May's 17.818.  Defending Governor's Cup champion Augie Grill of Hayden, AL was
sixth quick at 17.885 seconds.

This was an impound race and the cars were not to be touched after time
trials.  Crew members went to seven cars as they sat on pit road thus negating
their time trial efforts.  These included fast qualifier Nasse, ninth fast
qualifier Cope, Jordan Ives, Brian Campbell, George Gorham, Jr., Michael Self
and Dustin Dunn.  All were relegated to the back of the grid for the start of
the big race.  The shake-up then placed Burton on the pole position flanked by
Choquette with Good and May starting from row two.

Pre-race ceremonies featured a quintet of drivers who won the race in previous
years who were not in this year's field.  Joining the festivities were 1966
Governor's Cup winner Bobby Brack, 1970 winner Don Gregory, 1979 victor Jim
"Freight Train" Fenton, 1983 winner LeRoy Porter and Jimmy Cope, the only
driver to win a Governor's Cup event at it's original track, Golden Gate
Speedway in Tampa (1982) and at New Smyrna (2000).
Florida U. S. Congressman Bill Posey read a message from Governor Rick Scott
then proceeded to recognize all veterans sitting in the stands from two WWII
vets to those currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.  All were
designated as Grand Marshals for the event and together gave the command for
the drivers to start their engines.

Thirty-seven cars took the green flag but the first start of the race was
aborted quickly when 24th starting Dusty Cornelius pounded the turn two wall
ending his day before it began.  Rick "Fireball" Maguire also began having
trouble under caution and eventually pulled out with a faulty clutch.

The second attempt at a start went more according to plan as Choquette roared
out to an early advantage over pole-sitter Burton.  Choquette had things
pretty well in hand when the caution flew on lap eight.  The large field of
cars was creating so much turbulence that part of a billboard blew off and
landed on the back stretch approaching turn three.

On the restart, Brandon Johnson had something let go on his car and he popped
the turn one wall.  Nasse had also come in contact with another car during the
restart and pitted with significant damage to the front of his machine.  He
would not return to competition.  Daniel Keene, Jr. also pitted under the
yellow flag with what looked to be a transmission issue but his crew got him
back on track for the next restart.

As the green flew Choquette again began to put some distance on the field
while Grill was on the move taking fourth on lap 30.  Brian Finney spun off
turn two to bring out the caution on lap 34 and then immediately retired from
the event.  Grill got a great jump on the restart and zipped into second spot
a few car lengths behind Choquette.  Lap 54 saw Dustin Dunn loop his car in
turn two with Cope also getting spun onto pit road just as the yellow flag
flew.  Several cars, including Cope, pitted under this caution period to make

Choquette continued to hold off Grill as the next yellow flew on lap 60 for a
turn two tangle involving Anthony Cataldi, Dakotah Stephens and Derek
Griffith.  All three pitted for repairs and continued.  Shortly after taking
the green, the caution was back out again on lap 69 for a spin by David Green
who got the car pointed in the right direction and continued.

On the restart things started getting racy for the top spot as Grill really
began to pressure Choquette.  Grill made a bold move going into turn three on
lap 75 bumping Choquette and forcing him up the track as Grill took a lead
that would last only until turn two when Choquette slammed his car into
Grill's putting Grill into the wall.  Grill was done for the day while
Choquette's car had just minor damage from both altercations.  Track officials
put their foot down though and parked Choquette for unsportsmanlike conduct.
That ended the efforts of both drivers in their quest for a third Governor's
Cup win.

While all this was going on nobody was really noticing the great effort being
put in by T. J. Duke.  The young driver from Southwest Ranches had put his car
in third place before the Choquette/Grill incident and now found himself in
the lead.  Duke made the most of it as he sped out to a big advantage on the
restart.  Lap 82 saw Keene back hard into the turn one wall ending his
afternoon.  Duke continued to have a solid run and had built up another comfy
advantage before David Rogers, with something amiss with his car, spun in turn
two on lap 99.

The field took the half-way signal under caution with Duke leading Wayne
Anderson, Burton, Good, Steven Wallace, Joe Boyd, Cody Coughlin, Brad May,
Anthony Sergi and Rich Clouser.  Cope had now worked his way up to 11th spot.
Duke continued to lead only to see Green spin a second time on lap 105.  After
this spin Green retired from competition.  With still 20 laps remaining until
the "competition caution" for refueling and tire changes, Joe Boyd had his car
stall in turn two, out of fuel.  Boyd's car was pushed to pit road where his
crew dumped in a can of gas and sent him back out.

On the restart Wayne Anderson forged his way to the point bringing Steven
Wallace with him as Duke slipped back to third.  As the field to the yellow
for the break at lap 125 it was Anderson out front trailed by Wallace, Duke,
Good, Coughlin, Burton, Cope, Chris Davidson, Ray Black, Jr. and Brian
Campbell.  Rogers' car slowed as the yellow came out with he too being out of

Anderson now began to check out on the restart as Bobby Good was now charging
hard, moving up to second spot on lap 128.  Lap 131 saw Jordan Ives into the
turn one wall after tangling with Campbell.  During the caution there were
reports that Anderson's car was leaking oil.  Anderson pulled his car on pit
road where chief tech inspector Rocky Brooks determined there was indeed oil
leaking from the machine.  Anderson's crew jacked up the car but, after a few
moments, determined the problem could not be fixed quickly and a dejected
Anderson drove his car into the pit area.  During a pre-race interview,
Anderson said matter-of-factly that if he won the Governor's Cup for a fourth
time that he would retire on the spot.  That will still be left for

On the restart all heck broke loose off turn two.  Duke got into the back of
Rich Clouser sending Clouser into a spin.  Cope spun to miss everything and
stayed out of trouble but Ray Black, Jr. nailed Clouser's car with Joe Boyd
also slamming into the fray.  Cody Coughlin tried to slip by up high but
grazed the wall.  Clouser pitted and continued after repairs were made.  Boyd
also pitted but was not so lucky as his machine was to badly hurt to continue.

Black's car need a tow from the track ending what had been a very good run.
Coughlin pitted and his crew mad some minor repairs but his car refused to
re-fire and he too was out of the running.  Duke continued but was sent to the
back of the restart line-up for turning Clouser.  Just 16 of the 37 original
starters were still running with just over 60 laps to go as Good rocketed to a
huge lead on the restart while a resurgent Cope moved up to second place on
lap 155 but was nearly a full straight behind Good. 

The race stayed green and would run that way to the checker.  As the laps wore
down, Cope began to inch his way closer to Good.  With ten laps remaining,
Cope had closed the gap to just a few car lengths not knowing that Good's
brakes were fading.  Going into turn three on the next-to-last lap, Good drove
in a bit too hard and, with no brakes, slid high allowing Cope to assume the
point and take the white flag as the leader.  At that point, Good could only
watch as Cope drove off to the checker to get his name placed on the
Governor's Cup trophy alongside his uncle Jimmy Cope and so many other great
names in short track Late Model racing.

Cope was quick to praise his crew in victory lane for "not giving up" and
giving him a car capable of pulling off the victory late in the event.  Cope's
dad Mike is a former NASCAR Winston Racing All-Pro champion who never had much
luck in the Governor's Cup races he ran over his career and he was incredibly
impressed with his son's run to the victory.  Travis also became the first
recipient of the Governor's Cup winner's ring presented in victory lane by
Andrew Hart.  Cope's win was worth $15,000.

A dejected Bobby Good took his runner-up finish with a grain of salt saying it
was just a combination of "bad brakes and brain fade" that kept his name off
the Governor's Cup.  Harrison Burton came out on top of a crowd-pleasing
side-by-side battle with Steven Wallace to finish on the podium in third
place.  "We bumped and rubbed a little bit but Steve ran me clean and that's
all you can ask for in that kind of situation," said Burton.  "I'm really
thrilled to finish this high in a race with so many great drivers and we'll be
back for the World Series in February," he said.

Wallace was fourth while Texan Chris Davidson ran a steady, heady race to
claim fifth.  Rounding out the top ten were Canada's Alex Labbe, David Rogers,
Brian Campbell, T. J. Duke and Brad May.  Utah driver Michael Self found
himself three laps down at one point after an early green flag pit stop but
used the "lucky dog" during several cautions to get back on the lead lap and
wound up 11th ahead of Clouser, George Gorham, Jr. and Anthony Cataldi as just
14 cars were running at the finish.  Anthony Sergi had a top-ten effort going
but his engine went sour with just a few laps remaining and he was the last
car to fall by the wayside taking 15th spot.

Roger Blevins took the initial lead in the 50-lap Sportsman feature from his
outside pole starting spot only to see caution fly on lap four as Timmy Todd,
Jr. spun in turn four.  Todd Allen zoomed by Blevins for the lead on lap 11
just as another yellow flag flew when Jamie Kennedy hit the turn one wall.
With Allen out front a huge crash took place on the back stretch on lap 13.
When the dust cleared, the cars of Scott Bramlett, Michael Williams, Jr.,
Colin Allman, David Williamson, Phil Luizzo and Todd were all out of the race
with damage.  On the restart, Daniel Conlin, Jr. moved to the high side to
battle Allen for the lead and the pair tangled coming off turn two sending
Allen's car head-on into the wall.

As Allens's car was towed to the pits, a light rain began to fall.  The rain
began to get heavier and at that point it was decided to call the race
complete with the finish reverting back to the way the cars crossed the
start-finish line on the last green flag lap.  That gave Allen the victory
despite having a badly wrecked race car.

Conlin would be credited with second trailed by George Gorham, Jr., Ron
Gustafson and Blevins.  Rounding out the top ten were Aaron Williamson, Junior
Beckner, Allman, Donny Williams and Bobby Mobley.  Completing the finishing
field of 25 were Austin Howell, Patrick Thomas, David Williamson, Michael
Williams, Jr., Bramlett, Wesley Keller, Todd, Luizzo, Jason Foster, George
Alexander, Mike Dahm, Adam Soukup, Scott Garrity, Kennedy and Derrick Wood.

The field of 37 drivers poses for a pre-race group shot

49th Governor's Cup Super Late Models 200

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 - 26C  Travis Cope    Weeki Wachee, Fl 0.00 
2 - 27    Bobby Good     Lake Mary, Fl 0.00 
3 - 12    Harrison Burton     Huntersville , Nc 0.00 
4 - 66    Stephen Wallace     Mooresville , Nc 0.00 
5 - 14    Chris Davidson      - 0.00 
6 - 36L   Alex Labbe      - 0.00 
7 - 11    David Rogers     Orlando , Fl 0.00 
8 - 81    Brian Campbell      - 0.00 
9 - 28    TJ Duke     Sw Ranches, Fl 0.00 
10 - 10M    Brad May     Oviedo , Fl 0.00 
11 - 99    Michael Self      - 0.00 
12 - 9C    Rich Clouser      - 0.00 
13 - 10    George Gorham Jr    Lakeland , Fl 0.00 
14 - 00C   Anthony Cataldi     Umatilla , Fl 0.00 
15 - 20    Anthony Sergi    Oviedo , Fl 0.00 
16 - 79    Dakotah Stephens     Brandon , Fl 0.00 
17 - 84    Wayne Anderson     Wildwood , Fl 0.00 
18 - 19    Ray Black, Jr    Jacksonville , Fl 0.00 
19 - 5     Joe Boyd      - 0.00 
20 - 1X    Cody Coughlin     Delaware , Oh 0.00 
21 - 18    Jordan Ives      - 0.00 
22 - 12G    David Green     Ft Pierce, Fl 0.00 
23 - 12D    Derek Griffith     Hudson , Nh 0.00 
24 - 5K    Daniel Keene Jr     - 0.00 
25 - 29    Jeff Choquette     Loxahatchee , Fl 0.00 
26 - 112    Augie Grill      - 0.00 
27 - 7    Johanna Long      - 0.00 
28 - 59    Dustin Dunn     Jupiter , Fl 0.00 
29 - 26P    Bubba Pollard     Senoia , Ga 0.00 
30 - 12F    Brian Finney     Merritt Island, Fl 0.00 
31 - 57    Michael Lira     Port Orange, Fl 0.00 
32 - 40E    Danny Esposito Jr    Loxahatchee , Fl 0.00 
33 - 51    Stephen Nasse     Pinellas Park, Fl 0.00 
34 - 41    Brandon Johnson      - 0.00 
35 - 18J    Zachary Jarrell     New Smyrna, Fl 0.00 
36 - 119    Richard Maguire     Williston , Fl 0.00 
37 - 22    Dusty Cornelius     Cocoa , Fl 0.00 
38 - 36    Tim Russell     Apopka , Fl 0.00 DNS
39 - 77    Jeff Scofield     Plant City, Fl 0.00 DNS
40 - 87    Daniel Foster     Sarasota , Fl 0.00 DNS

Governor's Cup Qualifying Results

1 51 Stephen Nasse   17.721
2 12 Harrison Burton 17.795
3 29 Jeff Choquette 17.816
4 27 Bobby Good 17.817
5 10M Brad May 17.818
6 112 Augie Grill 17.885
7 28 TJ Duke 17.891
8 84 Wayne Anderson 17.915
9 36L Alex Labbe 17.938
10 26 Travis Cope 17.948
11 81 Brian Campbell 17.963
12 11 David Rogers 17.973
13 66 Steven Wallace 17.979
14 20 Anthony Sergi 17.980
15 9 Rich Clouser 17.985
16 5K Daniel Keene, Jr.   18.012
17 5 Joe Boyd 18.028
18 1 Cody Coughlin   18.050
19 12G David Green   18.060
20 10 George Gorham 18.074
21 12D Derek Griffith   18.081
22 7 Johanna Long 18.094
23 41 Brandon Johnson 18.101
24 19 Ray Black, Jr.   18.107
25 14 Chris Davidson 18.122
26 26P Bubba Pollard 18.166
27 00 Anthony Cataldi 18.184
28 99 Michael Self 18.212
29 22 Dusty Cornelius 18.217
30 59 Dustin Dunn 18.232
31 12F Brian Finney 18.264
32 79 Dakotah Stephens 18.378
33 18 Zach Jarrell 18.505
34 57 Michael Lira 18.604
35 119 Rich Maguire 19.631
Sportsmans  50(called after 13 laps for rain)
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 - 211  Todd Allen     Debary , Fl 50.00 
2 - 11    Daniel Conlin      - 48.00 
3 - 03    George Gorham Jr    Lakeland , Fl 47.00 
4 - 10    Ron Gustafson     Winter Garden, Fl 46.00 
5 - 51    Roger Blevins     Bartow , Fl 45.00 
6 - 13    Aaron Williamson     Palm Harbor, Fl 44.00 
7 - 71    Earl Beckner     Apopka , Fl 43.00 
8 - 67    Collin Allman      - 42.00 
9 - 111    Donald Williams     Tangerine , Fl 41.00 
10 - 29    Bobby Mobley     Eagle Lake, Fl 40.00 
11 - 17    Austin Howell     Ormond Beach, Fl 39.00 
12 - 25T    Patrick Thomas     Orlando , Fl 38.00 
13 - 12    David Williamson     Mulberry , Fl 37.00 
14 - 9R    Michael Williams     Mims , Fl 36.00 
15 - 22    Scott Bramlet     St Cloud, Fl 35.00 
16 - 06    Wesley Keller     Lake City, Fl 34.00 
17 - 25    Timothy Todd Jr.    Kissimmee , Fl 33.00 
18 - 27    Philip Luizzo     New Smyrna, Fl 32.00 
19 - 49    Jason Foster     Melbourne , Fl 31.00 
20 - 63    George Alexander     Melbourse , Fl 30.00 
21 - 21    Michael Dahm      , Fl 29.00 
22 - 45A    Adam Soukup     Farmington , Nm 28.00 
23 - 07    Scott Garrity     Port Richey, Fl 27.00 
24 - 99    Jamie Kennedy      - 26.00 
25 - 33    Derrick Wood     Orlando , Fl 25.00

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