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Title: New Smyrna Speedway
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From: USA
Registered: 05/17/2003

(Date Posted:07/19/2008 9:18 AM)

3939 State Road 44
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
Phone Number: 386-427-4129
Fax Number: 386-426-1611

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1500
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170

CLICK HERE for Website

Robert Hart

General  Manager:
Terry Roberts
cel: 386-690-0884
ph: 386-427-4129 ext. 306

Operations Manager:
Kim Brown
cel: 386-547-2879
ph: 386-427-4129 ext. 301

Competition Director:
Ricky Brooks
Cell: 850-324-6821

Speedway Chaplain:
Danny Shearer
ph: 321-544-0857

Concession Manager:
Holli Schwegler
386-427-4129 ext. 308

New Smyrna Speedway is a high-banked, half-mile paved oval track located just 5 miles West of New Smyrna Beach, Florida and just 10 miles South of Daytona Beach, Florida. Known by many as the “World Center of Racing”, New Smyrna Speedway has been home to some of the finest stock car racing in the entire Country now for more than 45 years.

Along with providing the best weekly racing and special events in the area, the Speedway has been highly utilized in recent years as a prime testing facility for some of the teams from the NASCAR Nationwide, Camping World Truck and Sprint Cup Series.

“If you can win at New Smyrna Speedway, you can win anywhere in the United States.” -Richie Evans

Originally operated as a dirt track when it opened in …., the Speedway was paved just six months later and has remained one of the premier pavement tracks in the Country. Over the years, some of the biggest names in racing have tried their hand at the high-banked half-mile. They include Donnie, Bobby and Davey Allison, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Dick Trickle, Neil Bonnett, Harry Gant, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman and perhaps one of the best short-track racers that ever lived, Richie Evans. This nine-time NASCAR National Champion coined the phrase, “If you can win at New Smyrna Speedway, you can win anywhere in the United States.”

As a small-town local venue, New Smyrna Speedway has been very involved in the community by holding fundraisers throughout the years. Local High School sports teams, boosters, and other charitable organizations have all benefited from these generous endeavors . In 2011, New Smyrna Speedway is taking yet another step forward in their fundraising efforts, becoming the first race track in the Country to dedicate an entire year to Breast Cancer Awareness. The campaign started by decorating the Start/Finish Line and Victory Circle with a bright pink and black checkered flag pattern instead of its traditional white and black checkered flag pattern. It has grown substantially to now include nightly collections throughout the grandstands and pit area, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Breast Cancer Awareness.

New Smyrna Speedway is the ideal setting for any family or group of friends to enjoy an exciting, comfortable and affordable night of entertainment. Our full concession area, featuring the Checkered Flag Cafe and the Last Lap Saloon, can fulfill all your food and beverage needs. You can delight in anything from a nice hot burger and fries to an ice cold adult beverage.

Racing at New Smyrna Speedway runs weekly from mid-March through November with Special Events throughout the off-season.

CLICK HERE for the 2014 Schedule

CLICK HERE for Current Points Standings

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:09/13/2014 11:31 PM)



by Dave Westerman

 Family Fun Night at New Smyrna Speedway produced some great NASCAR Whelan
 All-American Series racing action and loads of fun for kids and their parents
 during intermission.

 When all was said and done, a little boy named Derek, who is just about to
 turn five years old, won the hearts of the fans by simply just "being a little
 kid." The youngster was among several 4-6 year olds competing in the first of
 several bicycle races during the intermission. The race was from turn four to
 the start-finish line and little Derek won the race handily but wasn't done
 yet. Despite efforts to get him to stop, he rode his bike the entire
 half-mile distance around the track even going well up on the banking in the
 turns. As he crossed the finish line a second time, he received a standing
 ovation from the big crowd in attendance.

 But young Derek wasn't done yet. In the parent/child tire rolling race he had
 a pretty good size lead but stumbled and went head over heels taking a nasty
 spill. As his mom took him back up into the stands, Derek received yet
 another standing ovation.

 A nice field of Super Stocks saw Shannon Kelly and Jeff Colburn easily winning
 their respective heat races setting up the 14-car field for the 25 lap
 feature. Bobby Holley led the opening lap only to be passed by George Spears
 before Holley got tapped into a front sterch spin that ultimately collected
 both Mike Amato and Robert Pence. Pence was done for the night while both
 Holley and Amato continued.

 Spears led on the restart but Colburn had his car running as good as he has
 all year and he made the pass for the lead on lap five and never looked back.
 His big advantage went away on lap 15 though as Becca Samsoe lost control
 coming down the front stretch just after moving into fifth place. Samsoe hit
 the wall just about head-on but was not hurt although her machine was badly

 Colburn easily pulled away to lead the final ten laps for his second win of
 the season while Spears, making his first start of the year in his brother
 Justin's car, held off Ernie Tuminello for second. Tuminello made a great
 return to racing with his third place effort after having to sit out recent
 months due to health issues. Point leader Kelly was fourth while Preston Hunt
 held off Gino Tuminello for fifth. Joe Gerard finish seventh trailed by Mike
 Amato, Mike Dahm, Warren Schurr, Samsoe, J. T. Tippins and Pence. Holley
 crossed the line in eighth but was later DQ'd when it was found some of his
 lead weight had come loose and fallen on the track.

 In the E-Modifieds, the usual battle between Jarrett Korpi and Matthew Green
 took place during their 25-lap feature, but instead it was for second place
 well behind race leader Justin Reynolds.

 Everything changed though on lap 22 as Korpi got a bit high going into turn
 four and backed his mount into the wall. After making three visits to pit
 road, Korpi called it a night. On the restart, Green blew past Reynolds and
 led the final three circuits for his third win of the year. Reynolds held on
 for second over Chris Brannon, Jon Compagnone, Jim Higginbotham, Mike Dahm,
 Korpi and George Dahm. Korpi won the heat race.

 David Russell led the opening three laps of the Mini Stock headliner before
 Tyler Simpson took over and dominated the remaining distance for his third
 straight win and fifth on the season. Heat winner Pat Wells was a distant
 second while Brad Blanton made a late pass to take third from Russell who came
 home fourth ahead of Jamie Dixson, Reid Christiensen, Mark Broat and Mike

 Zachary Curtis had won five consecutive Strictly Stock features in his Saturn
 but things took an ugly turn for him in the heat race as he tangled with Jimmy
 Barron. Curtis' car then slammed the turn three wall driver's side first but
 he emerged from the destroyed machine unscathed. Aaron Overman was also
 involved and saw his car go off on the hook while Barron made repairs and
 started the feature.

 Johnathan Murphy, making his first start in quite some time, went on to
 dominate the 20-lap Strictly Stock feature taking his fourth win of the year
 over Megan Matheny, Shane Sutorus, Jeff Gross and Barron. Murphy also won the

 Gary Jenkins drove a Mazda to victory in the one-on-one oval drag Spectator
 Racing competition.

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 44B    Matthew Green      - 50.00 
2 2 20    Justin Reynolds     Merritt Island, Fl 48.00 
3 1 59    Chris Brannon     Osteen , Fl 47.00 
4 8 5    John Compagnone     Orange City, Fl 46.00 
5 4 76    James Higginbotham     Summerfiled , Fl 45.00 
6 6 21    Michael Dahm      , Fl 44.00 
7 3 112    Jarrett Korpi     Deltona , Fl 43.00 
8 7 90    George Dahm     Enterprise , Fl 42.00 
Super Stocks 
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 6 3    Jeff Colburn     Port Orange, Fl 50.00 
2 4 04    George Spears     New Smyrna, Fl 48.00 
3 3 60    Ernest Tumminello     Deland , Fl 47.00 
4 5 23    Shannon Kelly     Sanford , Fl 46.00 
5 8 6    Preston Hunt      - 45.00 
6 1 35    Gino Tumminello     Deland , Fl 44.00 
7 10 51    Joseph Gerard, Iii    Eustis , Fl 43.00 
8 11 2X    Michael Amato     Edgewater , Fl 42.00 
9 14 21D    Michael Dahm      , Fl 41.00 
10 13 77    Warren Schuur     Gotha , Fl 40.00 
11 9 80    Becca Samsoe     Deland , Fl 39.00 
12 7 31    Jt Tippins     New Smyrna, Fl 38.00 
13 12 88    Robert Pence     Deltona , Fl 37.00 
14 2 56    Bobby Holley     Deltona , Fl 36.00 DQ

Mini Stocks 
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 115    Tyler Simpson      - 50.00 
2 3 23    Pat Wells     Altoona , Fl 48.00 
3 5 14    Brad Blanton     Tavares , Fl 47.00 
4 2 31    David Russell     Melbourne , Fl 46.00 
5 4 8    James Dixson     Titusville , Fl 45.00 
6 6 30    Reid Christensen      - 44.00 
7 7 6    Mark Broat      , Fl 43.00 
8 8 37    Michael Hanna     Orlando , Fl 42.00 
Strictly Stocks 
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 10    Jonathon Murphy     Altamonte Springs, Fl 50.00 
2 2 24    Megan Matheny     Orlando , Fl 48.00 
3 1 3X    Shane Sutorus     Orlando , Fl 47.00 
4 4 97    Jeff Gross      - 46.00 
5 5 81    Jimmy Barron      - 45.00 
6 6 9Z    Zachary Curtis     Palm Bay, Fl 14.00 DNS
7 7 03    Aaron Overman     Orlando , Fl 14.00 DNS

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:08/31/2014 5:13 AM)



by Dave Westerman

The Tampa Bay Area Racing Association (TBARA) Winged Outlaw Sprint Cars headlined Whelen Engineering night Saturday at New Smyrna Speedway and raced in front of one of the biggest crowds of the season. Three heats were needed to set the field for the 30-lap Sprint Car feature.  The eight-lap preliminaries were won by David Retzlaf, Jason Kimball and Ben Fritz. After re-aligning the starting grid, Tampa’s Larry J. Brazil, Jr. and Mike Tharpe of Sarasota had the front row starting positions. After missing practice following two blown tires on his trailer coming from his home near Fort Myers, May TBARA winner Scotty Adema started deep in the field from the inside of row six.

If you blinked for very long, you missed this race as the entire 30 laps ran green to checker in just over five minutes. Brazil, whose car did not look all that strong in his heat, breezed to a huge early advantage while Kimball worked his way to second and appeared to be closing a bit on the leader. As the cars continued to lap the track at incredible speeds, the two cars on the move were Fritz and Sport Allen in the Taylor Andrews entry out of St. Petersburg. By midway in the feature, Kimball lost touch with leader Brazil and began to fall into the clutches of Fritz and Shane Butlar.

By the time the latter pair got by Kimball for second and third, Brazil was long gone and with no caution flags to slow the action, third generation racer Brazil cruised to the victory well ahead of Fritz and Butler. Kimball held on for an impressive fourth place with Allen rounding out the top five. Adema could do no better than sixth on this night with Retzlaf, Chris Gimmler, Tommy Nichols and Tharpe completing the top ten, all still running. The remainiing finishers were all DNF’s with Ernie Teed, Jr. credited with 11th trailed by Ryan Partin, Mark Gimmler, Rex Hollinger and Wendy Mathis. After looking like a sure winner in his heat before his car jumped out of gear, 16-year-old Blake Rose suffered a similar problem while lining up for the feature and did not start.

The ongoing battle between E-Modified racers Jarrett Korpi and Matthew Green got ugly following a great battle between the two in the 25-lap E-Modified headliner. Korpi led all the way but Green put constant pressure on him throughout the non-stop event. The final lap saw the pair make contact several times with Korpi holding on to take the checker first before the duo decided to get into a shoving match that lasted from turn one to the middle of the backstetch with Green’s car turned around backwards. Track offficials immediatedly disqualified both young drivers for unsportsmanlike conduct handing the win to third place finisher Justin Reynolds.

Reynolds, who won the heat race earlier, took his first-ever E-Modified win after dominating Super Stock action earlier in the year although he said in victory lane that it wasn’t really the way he wanted to be there. Jim Higginbotham moved up to second in the final order followed by Jon Compagnone, Brandon Christian, Mike Dahm, George Dahm and Matt Jarrett.

The Sportsman feature also went all 25 laps green to checker and it was a dominating performance for Osteen’s Chris Brannon who won for the second time this season by almost a half lap over second place Justin Starr, who had his best career finish. Heat winner Donny Williams was third ahead of birthday boy D. J. Farr, George Alexander and Shannon Kelly. The only caution flag to be thrown in any of the feature events took place at the end of lap one of the Mini Stock headliner as point leader Pat Wells spun hard into the inside frontstetch wall ending his night. Tyler Simpson grabbed an early lead and drove away from the field to score his fourth win of the season and second in a row. Heat winner David Russell was second trailed by Brad Blanton, Mark Broat, Mike Hanna and Wells.

Zachary Curtis and his Saturn made it five straight Strictly Stock wins after yet another good battle with the Hyundai of Charles King who again settled for the runner-up spot. Jimmy Barron was third ahead of Aaron Overman and Nathan Purdy. King won the heat race.

TBARA Winged Sprints

1. #2 Larry Brazil, Jr.
2. #16 Ben Fritz
3. #18 Shane Butler
4. #79 Jason Kimball
5. #88 Sport Allen
6. #9 Matt Alfonso
7. #67 Scotty Adema
8. #92 David Retzlaft
9. #23 Chris Gimmler
10. #55 Tommy Nichols
11. #J1 Mike Tharp
12. #84 Ernie Teed Jr
13. #66 Ryan Partin
14. #51 Mark Gimmler
15. #85 Rex "Boneman" Hollinger
16. #90 Wendy Mathis
17. #56 Blake Ross

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 20    Justin Reynolds     Merritt Island, Fl 50.00 
2 1 76    James Higginbotham     Summerfiled , Fl 48.00 
3 10 5    John Compagnone     Orange City, Fl 47.00 
4 9 33X    Brandon Christian     Orlando , Fl 46.00 
5 6 21    Michael Dahm      , Fl 45.00 
6 7 90    George Dahm     Enterprise , Fl 44.00 
7 8 98    Matthew Jarrett     Orlando , Fl 43.00 
8 2 112    Jarrett Korpi     Deltona , Fl 0.00 DQ
9 3 44B    Matthew Green      - 0.00 DQ
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 59    Chris Brannon     Osteen , Fl 50.00 
2 1 27X    Justin Starr     Orlando , Fl 48.00 
3 3 111    Donald Williams     Tangerine , Fl 47.00 
4 4 88    Dwight Farr Jr    Lake Helen, Fl 46.00 
5 6 63    George Alexander     Melbourse , Fl 45.00 
6 5 23    Shannon Kelly     Sanford , Fl 44.00 
Mini Stocks 
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 115    Tyler Simpson      - 50.00 
2 3 31    David Russell     Melbourne , Fl 48.00 
3 1 14    Brad Blanton     Tavares , Fl 47.00 
4 5 6    Mark Broat      , Fl 46.00 
5 6 37    Michael Hanna     Orlando , Fl 45.00 
6 4 78    Pat Wells     Altoona , Fl 34.00 
Strictly Stocks 
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 9Z    Zachary Curtis     Palm Bay, Fl 50.00 
2 3 12    Charles King     Geneva , Fl 48.00 
3 1 81    Jimmy Barron      - 47.00 
4 4 03    Aaron Overman     Orlando , Fl 46.00 
5 5 3X    Nathan Purdy     Osteen , Fl 45.00

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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:02/03/2014 9:12 PM)

New Smyrna Speedway Statement Regarding Cancellation of PASS Race

"We are very surprised and extremely disappointed in the cancellation of the PASS event at New Smyrna Speedway for this coming weekend.  We felt it was going to be an exciting race for the fans and competitors alike.  Officials from PASS decided they needed to cancel the event Friday evening.  We, at New Smyrna Speedway, know how much effort the racers were making in the preparation of their cars, especially those coming from long distances, and the logistics teams have already made to compete in this event.  For this, we are deeply saddened.  We do not like to have a race on our schedule and cancel it a week out from the event.

"For all those that did make the effort to compete in this event, we extend the invitation to race at New Smyrna Speedway during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing from February 14- 22.  In fact, for those that want to race during the World Series and were listed on the pre-entered list for the PASS event originally scheduled on February 8th, we will offer four free pit-passes to be used for the team on the first night that the team competes during the World Series."

Robert Hart
Owner, New Smyrna Speedway 

(Message edited by Legoman On 04/05/2014 9:47 PM)
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From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:02/01/2014 8:06 PM)

PASS Cancels New Smyrna Event;
Greenville To Open PASS National, South, and Pro Late Model Seasons

For Immediate Release

 CHARLOTTE, NC (February 1) – Due to circumstances out of their control and with great disappointment, Pro All Stars Series (PASS) officials announced today the cancellation of next weekend’s Winter Meltdown at New Smyrna Speedway. Miscommunication which resulted in the speedway website not being updated with information about the event, the speedway marquee not being changed to promote the event and a test session scheduled by the speedway that would have extremely limited PASS teams practice time on Friday led to the cancellation. For any teams that pre-entered for the Winter Meltdown, those entries will be refunded and mailed out on Monday. Any teams that would like to transfer entries to the Greenville-Pickens Speedway event on March 1 need to contact the PASS offices by Monday.

“We are extremely disappointed in having to cancel the Winter Meltdown at New Smyrna Speedway,” said PASS President Tom Mayberry. “I know that this is very inconvenient for our teams that have prepared their cars and booked travel to Florida, but we felt this decision was best in light of the circumstances. With that said, we’re very excited to kick our season off at Greenville-Pickens on March 1.”

The Fox Carolina 150 at Greenville-Pickens Speedway on March 1 will now become a PASS National Championship Series event and will also serve as the opener for the PASS South Super Late Models and PASS Pro Late Models.
The Pro All Stars Series is recognized as North America’s premier sanctioning body for asphalt Super Late Models and boasts such marquee events as PASS South’s Easter Bunny 150 at the historic Hickory Motor Speedway, the Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown at Autodrome Chaudière, and the legendary Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway. For technical information concerning all PASS divisions please send questions to For media or marketing questions, please contact Alan Dietz at 704-231-2039 or Please visit for more information. And, don’t forget to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with breaking news as it happens.

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John Dodd


From: USA

RE:New Smyrna Speedway
(Date Posted:07/18/2013 8:01 AM)

Sportsman 50 from June 29

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Florida Racing - The MOST news and FASTEST results from ALL of Florida's short tracks and ONLY Florida short tracks unlike any other site!

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Current Radar in FL - Saint Petersburg region

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