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Title: Happy Again
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Posts: 2900
Registered: 10/16/2005

(Date Posted:04/20/2018 08:09)
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What a month or so it has been 

But today finally back on course :-)

First it was our furnace problems... not working

and the part needed was out of stock ... Hurray

today the furnace guy fixed it and I am warm once again.

You have to know that I am one of those people who

gets cold easily... have a warm heart but not so much

when it comes to feet, hands and nose.. Brrrrrr....

Then a few weeks ago when we had a warm spell

it seems as if we had Carpenter Ants nesting in our

Main Great Room celling and they hatched :-(

Started chewing on our log cabin... was very lucky

to have found someone who knew how to handle

this problem and they are gone for now but may need

some follow-up.... Forget Termenix as they wanted a 

10 year contract and your first born... we did not hire them 

Hope all is bad to normal for awhile..

Take care everyone

Foof :-)

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Re:Happy Again
(Date Posted:04/23/2018 02:41)

 glad you got it taken care of before anything got worse

I too don't like being cold in the house

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