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Re :   A disappointing time for us

 Sorry Foof :(  time marches on for all of us (sigh)  Remember the good times you had and how your family helped keep it going 

05/26/2017 03:14

Re :   A disappointing time for us

I enjoyed learning about Camp Sagamore and your adventures there through the years as you shared some of them on the message boards.  Times do change as we get older, but it's nice that you have so many wonderful memories from there to cherish as you make new memories closer to home.  

05/25/2017 14:50

Topic :   A disappointing time for us

   My hubby and I  ..... sadly had to let "Great Camp Sagamore" in the Adirondacks

know that we can no longer Volunteer in their programs.. Every Memorial day for ages

we have been driving up North to help in their members work weekend . where we were
part of a group o Volunteers who help open up the Historic site for their programs etc.

My hubby was part of a group who did wood work etc at this 1897 camp that used to

belong to the Alfred Vanderbilts... My job that I actually created was the polishing of

all of the furniture. LOL I did not have to all at one time.. Way in the beginning I had

received a very large donation from Old English polish to get this job done.

We were involved in many of their programs/projects at this now place that is on the

Historic register... We also stayed there as paying program guests as it was a place to

stay on our way the our Wooden Canoe annual gathering... what a fun life it was.

Now with our health and the distance to drive (over 6 hrs) it is just too much for us to do.

Also just to far from medical help (4 hrs by helicopter to Albany, NY... that would never do

for my hubby who has had 2 strokes..

These days we must be happy living in our log cabin home in the woods

& be happy in a Community that we have been involved with for most of our lives

Can't complain as we are both still here... just moving more we celebrate 

54 yrs of marriage this coming June 

05/25/2017 14:16

Re :   grammyo

(((((((((((((((((((Prayers are sent))))))))))))))))


05/25/2017 13:52

Re :   grammyo

I hope and pray she does well.  It was fun to meet her and her husband and grandchild in St. Louis.  They are such a nice family and grammyo was such a nice chatter in the chat room.

05/25/2017 09:13

Re :   grammyo

 I haven't gotten an update. 

05/25/2017 03:26

Re :   grammyo

 I remember her. How is she doing?

05/24/2017 18:23

Topic :   grammyo

Please keep long time chatter  Grammyo in your prayers, she is having cancer surgery tomorrow morning. 

05/22/2017 13:49

Re :   Happy Birthday JB

 (((((Jeff))))))  Happy birthday!!!

05/15/2017 05:52

Topic :   Happy Birthday JB

Have a SUPER day!!

05/15/2017 03:16

Re :   Happy mothers day


Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day
at least it is where I live

MLD (Sue) is making dinner of my choice
a grilled steak with salad and strawberry short cake for dessert

My son who lives with us is helping me set a DVD player
so that I can ride my exercise bike and do my Tai Chi
Yesterday he took me plant shopping at our local
gardens... got some pretty ones :-)

Oops as I write this a BIG storm has decided to 
head our way... may have to cook inside.

Have a good one
Foof :-)

05/14/2017 12:34

Re :   Happy mothers day

 Whether your kids are human or come with fur, feathers or fins, hope they treat you extra special today!

05/14/2017 10:17

Topic :   Happy mothers day

Happy mothers day to all the moms out there today

05/14/2017 06:28

Topic :   Quilts


you should get the book out ..mentioned above... about quilts
the authors spent many years researching... we have an expert
coming to our meeting with her collection so will let you knnow
what I think..

Years ago we read a book with a similar theme and it too mentioned
 this secret information for the Blacks heading north and who needed
safe havens.... I believe it is real

Foof :-)

05/06/2017 07:46


05/05/2017 04:25

Re :   Prayers always help

 So glad it went well and Ken is home, hopefully for a long time. I think we have a lot in common in the grumpy hubby category!

05/01/2017 20:19

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 Sorry to be a little late getting back but better late than never I guess. The pillow went fir $60 and the toy for $55. The entire auction brought in over $2000!

((Foof)) Wish I could attend that meeting with you. There is a lot of controversy over whether the quilts of the underground railroad were real messages or the stuff of legend. 

05/01/2017 20:16

Re :   Prayers always help

So many friends thinking positive thoughts for my Hubby

All went well and he is already back home again (Tuesday)
Great hospital and doctor

BUT ...  only one pain for my kids who drive my hubby
there and wait for him to wake up.

They had asked if he could arrive earlier as doctor
was ready for him... We did this only to find out that
someone else was taken in ahead of Ken...apparently
we did not get there in a big enough rush...or they had
called more than one patient?? 

The delay took hours of waiting for everyone...

Did not affect me as all I could do is wait at home..
My kids were quite annoyed and will let them know
if they ask for an evaluation...

Now hubby is grumpy but home.... not a young man to 

have all this happen to him.....hey we are not kids anymore

04/25/2017 11:34

Re :   Prayers always help

 fangers crossed all goes well

04/25/2017 02:37

Topic :   Prayers always help

You are always there for positive thoughts and prayers

Please do keep my husband "Ken" in yours today
as he his having his 2nd carodid artery stent done
today at Morristown Hospital here in NJ...

He should do fine and hopefully this will be all
he needs for awhile... poor guy just wants to
be able to drive again

04/24/2017 08:23

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