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Re :   Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Life is a roller coaster here so haven't been around much but we're doing ok. Hope everyone will be surrounded by family, friends, and lots of good food!

11/22/2017 15:37

Re :   Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

11/22/2017 08:07

Topic :   Happy Thanksgiving

Have a safe and happy thanksgiving


11/22/2017 06:05

Re :   nyc xmas tree

 very interesting!!

11/10/2017 05:45

Re :   nyc xmas tree

It's on its way to NYC.  
Here's a recent article about it.  It's interesting.  Rockefeller's head gardener spotted it when visiting his son for a football game.  He went and knocked at the owner's door.  

11/09/2017 11:21

Re :   Happy Birthday Sherry

Hope you have a great birthday!

11/09/2017 11:16

Re :   Happy Birthday Sherry

 ((((((Sherry)))))  Have a happy birthday!

11/07/2017 08:35

Topic :   Happy Birthday Sherry

Have a SUPER birthday


11/07/2017 03:11

Re :   Happy Birthday to Nipper

 ((((Lab))))  I did, he said thanks!

11/04/2017 07:58

Topic :   Happy Birthday to Nipper

Please pass along Happy Birthday wishes to Nipper today


11/04/2017 03:25

Re :   nyc xmas tree

I do believe it's from State College, PA.  I don't know the specifics yet.  Some have tried to guess the exact location from the photos.  Maybe eventually more will be known.  I'll let you know if we get more details.

11/01/2017 13:22

Topic :   nyc xmas tree

Do you know where the tree coming to nyc came from in pa?

10/31/2017 03:24

Topic :   Dear Friends

Dear friends - I was so touched to receive the card and check from you today --- you are the best and words can't express how much I appredciate your kindness ---- it has been a terribly rough year with all of hubbys operations etc -- he survived a surgery that was only a 30% chance of survival --- he lived  another 3 months and the Good Lord took him home after so much pain and suffering. --- 
Is the room up and operating again? -- I miss the trivia and as soon as I can get my head on straight I shall return.

love and gratitude to all


10/17/2017 11:11

Re :   IN here I think

Re: Class reunions.... so glad I did not go..

They did send out life history print outs for those

of us who chose to write something

I did a cute bit about I met my hubby, whom I met

the first few days of orientation at SUNY Farmingdale, NY

I went there to become a Dental Hygienist and Ken the start

of his training ... he then had to go to night school for many years.

After reading all the others comments I am glad to have kept it

simple... You are right about not caring who did what.. I never did

keep that much contact with my classmates.. LOL too busy dating

my hubby to be :-)

I have found that it is indeed a small world though!

through our Wooden Canoe adventures not only have I met life long friends

but also bumped into 2 classmates/neighbors who also belonged to our canoe


What amazed me is how much bragging of all the good things that classmates had done

Hmmmm I forgot to mention to them of my life as a Scout leader/ Library assistant/ & member of

both our local Woman's Club and Garden Club...

It has been wonderful living in a small Community where many of us know each other!

Today was great for my hubby who is feeling a bit left out.. (he is doing well but still has

trouble with his speech...) He had a lot of the equipment he was able to help/ advise the

Sailing Group where everything goes and is now permanently out of our garage..

Sad thing is that this Club will not longer exist ... Ken had been a member since sometime in

the 50's but no one has the time etc anymore so it looks as this is the end of an era :-(

10/08/2017 14:22

Re :   ((((Ecran)))))


So sorry for your loss.  
God bless.

10/04/2017 07:42

Topic :   ((((Ecran)))))

So sorry to read of hubbys passing :(
You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers

10/04/2017 03:16

Re :   IN here I think

 I haven't been to one...didn't like the people 37 years ago...why would I suffer now??

09/21/2017 03:39

Re :   sorry not here so often

 I'm also dealing with a hubby who didn't take care of himself and is now paying the price. One day at a time is all we can do.

I also have vision in only one eye as the result of measles when I was an infant. The other eye has very limited vision  but thankfully is still able to be corrected with a contact lens and glasses. I'm sure you are finding it more difficult as an adult. I at least was able to adapt throughout my life altho I'm very good at bumping into things and being startled when someone approaches from the right. Hang in there, it will get better.

09/20/2017 20:01

Re :   IN here I think

 I didn't realize how long I've been away from this site so I guess it's true that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!

My 50th high school reunion was two weeks ago but I didn't go. The list of attendees was almost all people I didn'tknow back then and certainly wouldn't know now. I actually remembered more classmates on the deceased list! I wonder how many people go to class reunions and enjoy them.

09/20/2017 19:51

Re :   IN here I think

I just went to a class reunion.  It was okay but not exciting.  I only saw a few people that I really wanted to see.

09/20/2017 14:18

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