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Re :   Garage Sales

 the kids hold an estate or moving sale

If they can even  be bothered with that!!  Usually around here it gets tossed out (they gotta put down the phone to do that)

07/16/2017 04:54

Re :   Garage Sales

 I guess some folks may be going the online route but I also think it's demographics. We have lots of seniors who are probably done with sales, then when they pass or move away the kids hold an estate or moving sale. I am seeing more of those. The hispanics shop in droves and are the ones buying the kid stuff but they don't hold sales. The newest kids on the block are eastern European and I don't think they have caught on to the concept. Like Lab said, the few I've gone to are full of stuff that belongs in a dumpster. I sure don't need any more junque but I'll have to check Goodwill occasionally for fun stuff. And congrats Lab on that great sale. I don't think our church has made that much on a weekend rummage sale. And those are disappearing too.

07/15/2017 14:20

Re :   Garage Sales

 Check facebook search for online yardsales in your area.  You can get some great deals on them!

07/15/2017 06:57

Re :   Happy Birdhtday Saudi

 (((((Saudi)))))   Happy birthday!

07/15/2017 06:54

Topic :   Happy Birdhtday Saudi

Have a SUPER birthday!!


07/15/2017 04:30

Re :   Garage Sales

 I think around here a lot of folks wait for the townwide sales and put their stuff out.  Problem for is is noone came to our side of town the first year and we did next to nothing....This year we did a sale 2 weeks before our townwide sale and took in almost 1800 for the weekend 

Way too much kiddie stuff out there. As well as just plain junk or broken stuff....  More and more folks are saying they are an "estate" sale to get "top dollar" for crapo

We usually check craigslist for sales
Thursdays paper (found out neighbors were having a sale that way they dont use the computer)
and im not sure if its yardsales or or net (once in a while use it)

If its not someone having to get rid of a family members stuff i think they are looking to ebay to sell it there first if they think they have something

Havent heard of the "online" yardsale

07/15/2017 04:30

Re :   Garage Sales

 Around here we have several online garage sales.  Maybe they are taking over.  

07/14/2017 18:07

Topic :   Garage Sales

Are they an endangered species? Maybe it's demographics in my area, heavily senior and immigrant, but it seems garage/yard sales are few and far between. And those are mostly kids clothes and toys. My town has its annual village wide sale this weekend but the list of participants is pretty short. Has anyone else noticed this? We also had several thrift stores including Savers but they're all gone. Has all the good junque gone to eBay?

07/14/2017 09:57

Re :   Happy early independence day

 wound up moving furniture

07/07/2017 03:48

Re :   Happy early independence day

So sorry to hear that your event was cancelled

I shake my head in wonder at our great state of NJ

My son did get to the Dey Mansion and did enjoy very much
As I mentioned .. he is interested in local history


07/06/2017 14:41

Topic :   Happy 4th and Happy summer

Sometimes it takes awhile to get in here to post

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th

We did.... MLD, Hubby and I walked to a few streets
over from our home to watch the Local kids parade..

It is always a great thing to watch... such clever imaginations
They all march down to our Beach area and prizes are awarded
Also we honor our local Military and a scholarship to a local
graduate is handed out...

Lots of friends and good food... we do not go swimming ourselves
Too crowded on the Beach area... after awhile we headed back home
just able to relax and enjoy some fireworks...

It doesn't get any better than that 

Happy Summer to everyone 

Foof :-)

07/06/2017 14:38

Re :   Happy early independence day

I'm sure that's a disappointment.  I hope you all find something else fun and/or relaxing to do to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.

Happy Birthday to the USA!  

07/02/2017 14:25

Topic :   Happy early independence day

For the second time in over 20 years NJ govt shut down & we will not be doing the 18th cent program at princeton battlefield :(  
Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th

07/01/2017 02:40

Topic :   beware of 2nd hand smoke

If you/or a family member are still smoking
Please do read this ....

my hubby recently had his 2nd Carodid stent surgery 
When he woke up  the first thing his surgeon asked
was how long had he smoked...????

Well Ken never smoked a day in his life but both of
his parents did along with his older brother

What had happened to Ken is that from being around
2nd hand smoke since he was an infant ,his arteries
were clogged with gunk... which had to be scraped out

Just a warning... and a good lesson learned
My parents did not smoke but I did a bit while
in college... Ken stated he would not marry me
if I did not stop.... I STOPPED  right away

06/22/2017 12:28

Re :   A disappointing time for us

Thanks for the comments
I did write a short farewell letter for their Spring
News letter.... Mostly to let members know how easy it
is to help and to ask for donations from Corporations etc !!!

One thing that I learned is that most Companies have
a fund for donations.. especially for Historic places..
All you have to do is ASK :-)

Yes we will miss that part of our life but happy to
live in our Lake Community... were we can walk to
the beach and for me to take H2O Aerobics for free.

We also have a garden park within walking distance
It is OK .... and we have our 2 grown children around
to help....

Best thing we did was to buy our log cabin home 
so many years ago... with it's open main great 
room style it is like living in a vacation place all year long :-)

06/22/2017 12:18

Re :   Good Vibes for Safe Travel


Happy to hear that your family is back home

It was many years ago but both of my kids flew to
Europe on Class trips... they we so lucky to do so
and they did so enjoy themselves :-)
MLD was held for a moment coming back as she had
bought some English tea for her Grandmother (my Mom)
and they thought it might be drugs...

My hubby and I never got to do that.. never really wanted to.
Our out of Country travel was to Canada    
Thanks for sharing...

In this day and time I refuse to fly... happy to stay close
to home :-)

06/22/2017 12:08


06/19/2017 03:36

Re :   Good Vibes for Safe Travel

 The weary travellers have returned safe and sound. Can't wait to see all their pics and videos. Thanks for all the good vibes. They said both flights were smooth and comfy.

06/18/2017 21:57

Re :   A trio of birthdays (TD/NancyJWPB/Imbri)

Thanks!  I still enjoy my birthdays, but the number is getting out of control:) 

06/11/2017 09:07


06/09/2017 09:38

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