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Re :   Prayers always help

 fangers crossed all goes well

04/25/2017 02:37

Topic :   Prayers always help

You are always there for positive thoughts and prayers

Please do keep my husband "Ken" in yours today
as he his having his 2nd carodid artery stent done
today at Morristown Hospital here in NJ...

He should do fine and hopefully this will be all
he needs for awhile... poor guy just wants to
be able to drive again

04/24/2017 08:23

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

Krafty.. don't know much about quilts although I do have a hand made one.
Not that old...

But my Literature Club is having a meeting the first of May about
quilts... mostly about how they aided in the Civil war with their
hidden messages and underground railroad to give messages
to Slaves on the run to the North...

 from a Book called "hidden in plain sight view.... our speaker
is quite knowledgable and will be bringing her collection of
quilts with her!

Hope this will help you!

04/24/2017 08:19

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 Do you know what they eventually sold for??

04/20/2017 02:40

Re :   Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Will be busy working around the house

04/14/2017 03:01

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 Do you know what they sold for in the end?

04/14/2017 02:59


04/13/2017 13:37

Topic :   Happy Easter

Just want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter

We are hoping for warm clear weather as my sis-in-law is
coming along with her big dog (all my cats hide)

Laura will stay a few days and help with the cooking.
Since she is a widow we always invite her for Holidays.

Hopefully we will get a few nice walks in...

Maybe even see our neighborhood eagle or perhaps
our Red fox.

Plants are finally blooming:-)

FooF :-)

04/13/2017 13:33

Topic :   Happy Birthday Julie

Have a SUPER day!!!


04/11/2017 03:22

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 That cat toy is too cute.  Looks like my Lucy!

04/04/2017 06:49

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 pics are up they are too cute.  I hope the bids go higher & higher!!

04/04/2017 03:36

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 I found out the toy came from a craft show years ago. It's beautifully made and looks like new. The pillow appears to be old and was purchased at an antique store. It has some damage where the foundation shows thru abd looks like older coarsely woven fabric. So far they both have good bids so should go for realistic prizes. I'll see if I can copy the pics from Facebook and send to you. I've never been able to post any here!

04/03/2017 18:18

Re :   Need a little help from my friends

 Any way to get pics?  I don't know much about either especially the toys  Have you checked ebay for possible pieces that are similar to get a feel for what they are going for

04/03/2017 04:25

Topic :   Need a little help from my friends

Is anyone here knowledgeable about vintage crazy quilts or wooden toys? There is a very cute crazy quilt pillow and a hand made wooden pull toy up for auction in the charity group I posted about a while ago. I think both items may have value and I want to be sure the group gets a fair price for both.

04/02/2017 14:27

Re :   Happy Birthday Grammyo

 (((((GrammyO)))))  Happy birthday!

03/30/2017 07:07

Topic :   Happy Birthday Grammyo

If you happen to wander by have a SUPER day!!


03/30/2017 02:42

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