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Re :   IN here I think

 I haven't been to one...didn't like the people 37 years ago...why would I suffer now??

09/21/2017 03:39

Re :   sorry not here so often

 I'm also dealing with a hubby who didn't take care of himself and is now paying the price. One day at a time is all we can do.

I also have vision in only one eye as the result of measles when I was an infant. The other eye has very limited vision  but thankfully is still able to be corrected with a contact lens and glasses. I'm sure you are finding it more difficult as an adult. I at least was able to adapt throughout my life altho I'm very good at bumping into things and being startled when someone approaches from the right. Hang in there, it will get better.

09/20/2017 20:01

Re :   IN here I think

 I didn't realize how long I've been away from this site so I guess it's true that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!

My 50th high school reunion was two weeks ago but I didn't go. The list of attendees was almost all people I didn'tknow back then and certainly wouldn't know now. I actually remembered more classmates on the deceased list! I wonder how many people go to class reunions and enjoy them.

09/20/2017 19:51

Re :   IN here I think

I just went to a class reunion.  It was okay but not exciting.  I only saw a few people that I really wanted to see.

09/20/2017 14:18

Topic :   IN here I think

Not sure that this will show up.. but will give it a try :-)

So lucky to live in my Log cabin in the woods.. so when the
rest of the world flies by I still have peace and serenity  :-)

Things are moving slowly ... My hubby still is not allowed to drive
and neither am I as one of my eyes has a unsolved problem so
just not a good idea to drive..

Of course this leaves me in the hands of a few friends
and my kids who have there own troubles !!!

Aint getting old the pits but beats the alternative 

My high school class just had a reunion before too many
of us had kicked the bucket...after reading write-ups about
the gathering was just as glad not to have gone...

As I said in my class reunion write-up ... we are so happy to
be here in our forever home... a log cabin in the woods with lots
of friends and family around with so many good memories

Take care to all
Foof :-)

09/20/2017 08:22

Topic :   FooF says Hi

shes been busy & when tried to post site was down(sorry)  managed to get away upstate one weekend but wanted to say hi to everyone

09/15/2017 03:10

Re :   be safe!!

 Wind and rain starting here now!

09/11/2017 06:43

Topic :   be safe!!

stay safe those down south in Irmas path!!

09/11/2017 03:41

Re :   Happy Birthday Dragon

Happy Birthday Ette!

Your birthday inspired me to go look at dragonware on ebay:)  What fun we all had at tiyh learning about what our chat friends collected. 
I hope you enjoy your birthday and all of your collections!

08/26/2017 10:58

Re :   Happy Birthday Dragon

 ((((((Dragon)))))  Love and hugs to you on your birthday and everyday!

08/26/2017 07:40

Topic :   Happy Birthday Dragon

Have a super day!!

08/26/2017 03:42

Re :   Happy Birthday Elaine

Happy birthday!

08/23/2017 15:26

Topic :   Happy Birthday Elaine

If you happen to wander by have a SUPER birthday!!

08/23/2017 03:32

Re :   sorry not here so often

Hope the drs figure out whats up with your eyes & that hubby improves

08/23/2017 03:31

Re :   sorry not here so often

Hang in there, foof and I know you will.  You always seem to come through no matter what sort of tough time you're experiencing.  I hope you will get some joy out of the rest of the summer.  

08/22/2017 18:20

Re :   sorry not here so often

 Good to hear from you.  Hope both of you are doing well and taking care of yourselves.  I know from experience how hard it is to be a caregiver.

08/21/2017 17:52

Topic :   sorry not here so often

Just catching up here...

Not also always easy... as I try to help my hubby out

Please friends take care of your health as my Ken did not

Having his 2nd stroke is not easy although compared to many

he is not doing so bad... just frustration etc... He has spacial issues

so is frustrated that he is not allowed to drive

In the meantime I am also not driving as I have a bad eye situation

that no one can seem to clear up... typing is hard for me as I am really

only seeing out of one eye so please excuse an mistakes I make and did 

not correct..

Staying inside today watching the total eclipse on the weather channel

very interesting...

Hope everyone else is doing well

Thanks for being here

Foof :-)

08/21/2017 13:46

Re :   Happy 18th Anniversary to US

Hi everyone,

I also agree about being ahead of our times

Miss the original chat etc.

Can't believe it has been soooooo many years

MLD still has a black tee shirt from the Collecting channel..

when she wears it....

We are like family 


08/21/2017 13:35

Re :   Happy Birthday Beaner


Happy birthday!

08/20/2017 06:06

Topic :   Happy Birthday Beaner

If you happen to wander by have a SUPER birthday

08/19/2017 15:45

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