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Title: IN here I think
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(Date Posted:09/20/2017 08:22)
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Not sure that this will show up.. but will give it a try :-)

So lucky to live in my Log cabin in the woods.. so when the
rest of the world flies by I still have peace and serenity  :-)

Things are moving slowly ... My hubby still is not allowed to drive
and neither am I as one of my eyes has a unsolved problem so
just not a good idea to drive..

Of course this leaves me in the hands of a few friends
and my kids who have there own troubles !!!

Aint getting old the pits but beats the alternative 

My high school class just had a reunion before too many
of us had kicked the bucket...after reading write-ups about
the gathering was just as glad not to have gone...

As I said in my class reunion write-up ... we are so happy to
be here in our forever home... a log cabin in the woods with lots
of friends and family around with so many good memories

Take care to all
Foof :-)
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RE:IN here I think
(Date Posted:10/08/2017 14:22)

Re: Class reunions.... so glad I did not go..

They did send out life history print outs for those

of us who chose to write something

I did a cute bit about I met my hubby, whom I met

the first few days of orientation at SUNY Farmingdale, NY

I went there to become a Dental Hygienist and Ken the start

of his training ... he then had to go to night school for many years.

After reading all the others comments I am glad to have kept it

simple... You are right about not caring who did what.. I never did

keep that much contact with my classmates.. LOL too busy dating

my hubby to be :-)

I have found that it is indeed a small world though!

through our Wooden Canoe adventures not only have I met life long friends

but also bumped into 2 classmates/neighbors who also belonged to our canoe


What amazed me is how much bragging of all the good things that classmates had done

Hmmmm I forgot to mention to them of my life as a Scout leader/ Library assistant/ & member of

both our local Woman's Club and Garden Club...

It has been wonderful living in a small Community where many of us know each other!

Today was great for my hubby who is feeling a bit left out.. (he is doing well but still has

trouble with his speech...) He had a lot of the equipment he was able to help/ advise the

Sailing Group where everything goes and is now permanently out of our garage..

Sad thing is that this Club will not longer exist ... Ken had been a member since sometime in

the 50's but no one has the time etc anymore so it looks as this is the end of an era :-(

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Re:IN here I think
(Date Posted:09/21/2017 03:39)

 I haven't been to one...didn't like the people 37 years ago...why would I suffer now??
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Re:IN here I think
(Date Posted:09/20/2017 19:51)

 I didn't realize how long I've been away from this site so I guess it's true that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!

My 50th high school reunion was two weeks ago but I didn't go. The list of attendees was almost all people I didn'tknow back then and certainly wouldn't know now. I actually remembered more classmates on the deceased list! I wonder how many people go to class reunions and enjoy them.
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Re:IN here I think
(Date Posted:09/20/2017 14:18)

I just went to a class reunion.  It was okay but not exciting.  I only saw a few people that I really wanted to see.
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