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Title: Know English? Part 2 


Ok, I need more help translating "Choppergirl's Air War" into various languages... I've used a computer translator below to do the best I could in the languages it has... 

If you see your language I know a better translation in your native tongue for "Choppergirl's Airwar" post it here, and I'll fix it inside the game.

Some of these I had to substittue airplane for helicopter, and conflict for war, and woman for girl, etc.  And worse, in languages (such as russian) that have funky characters, I had to pick the closest ANSI type standard characters so at least they can guess what I am saying.

English - http://air-war.org - Choppergirl`s Airwar
Norge - http://no.air-war.org - Helikopter Jente Krig
Deutsch - http://de.air-war.org - Hubschrauber Madchen Luft Krieg

CpnckN - http://ru.air-war.org - XenNKOLLTep AjeBoJhNHoj Ba3AymHN paT Cpnckn xe

Espanol - http://es.air-war.or - Helicopteros de la nina de la guerra del aireg

Eyynvika - http://gr.air-war.org - Eyikontepo kopitol tou aepa noyeuou

Polksi - http://pl.air-war.org - Smiglowiec dziewczyny powietraza wojny
Indoneisan - http://id.air-war.org - Helikopter wanita udara perang

Portugues - http://pt.air-war.org - Helicoptero menina do ar guerra

Dansk - http://dk.air-war.org - Helikopter piges luft krig
Romeno - http://ro.air-war.org - Helicoptero menina da guerra aerea

Viet - http://vn.air-war.org - Cong vien cua nguoi phu nu khnog khi chien tranh
Lietuviu - http://li.air-war.org - Lektuvas moters oro karas

Magyar - http://hr.air-war.org - Helikopter lany legi haboru
Francais - http://fr.air-war.org - Fille de l`air en helicoptere de guerre

Pyccknn - http://ru.air-war.org - BepToneT AebymkN Bo3AymhoN BoNhbl
YkpaiHCbKa - http://ua.air-war.org - BeptoniT MOAEni noBiTpRHoi BiNhN
Catala - http://cat.air-war.org - Helicopter nena guerra aeria
Suomi - http://fi.air.war.org - Helikopteri tytto ilman sotaa
Latviesu - http://lv.air-war.org - Helikopters meitene gaisa kara
Nederlands - http://nl.air-war.org - Helikopter vrouw lucht oorlog
Italia - http://it.air-war.org - Helikopter perempuan udara perang
Svenska - http://se.air-war.org - Helikopter flickans luft krig
Czech - http://cz.air-war.org - Vrtulnik letecke divci valka
Filipino - http://ph.air-war.org - Elikoptero babae ang hangin ng digmaan
Bbjirapckn - http://bg.air-war.org - XenNkontep MOMNYe Bb3Ayxa BoNHA
Slovienian - http://sl.air-war.org - Helikopter dekle zracnega vojne
Slovencina - http://sk.air-war.org - Vrtulnik leteckej dievcenske vojna

choppergirl posted on 03/19/2009 17:19 PM

Bem-vindo ao Choppergirl`s Guerra Aerea | Visite o nosso fabuloso website para obter mais informações sobre o jogo| http://pt.airwar.anarchy-tv.com|Faça uma doação no meu site para manter seu server favorito on | Regras: Não `hacks`, não `glitching`,não matar membros da sua equipe .divitar-se! CHOPPERGIRL

faith in God that he is right brother! (Racionais Mc's)

ROCCO35 posted on 03/27/2009 16:58 PM

 Suomi - http://fi.air.war.org - Helikopteri tytto ilman sotaa

maybe this would be better :)

Suomi - http://fi.air.war.org - Chopper Girl's Ilma Sota

Guest posted on 09/02/2009 13:32 PM

 Oh And

Tervetuloa Chopper Girl'sin Ilma Sotaan | Vieraile mahtavalla sivullamme jossa lisätietoa | http://air-war.org | Lahjoita sivullamme ja pidä suosikki serverisi toiminnassa | Ehdottomasti Kielletty Hacksit, Glichit ja Team Killing . Pidä hauskaa! CHOPPERGIRL

Guest posted on 09/02/2009 13:57 PM

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