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Title: FA Lives & Waves to New Folk in an Ungainly Fashion
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(Date Posted:08/25/2009 10:53 AM)
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Talk about blowing dust off the pc....was it you, Terrilee, who was posting with a broken arm a while back?  I don't know how you did it.  I scored a bum rotator cuff AND a pinched ulnar nerve (in the same arm of course, you don't realize how you really require 2 of em until one goes south on you) that made the hand numb.  Trying to type with one hand (let alone drive) was like an exercise in futility!  I haven't hunted & pecked since I was 11 & got my first typewriter ROFL (shows advanced age with that revelation).  2+ months of PT & I guess I can live with a numb pinky (which is aggravating as it keeps whacking the caps lock....or not whacking it but the A when it's supposed to).....ugh.  I am going to whine at the Aimoo mangerial clubhouse because apps to join are supposed fall into ALL managerial inboxes here & Greens didn't get any & LOTG still hasn't made it over (I don't want what she's got atm, suffice to say there were multiple ambulance rides involved but mending nicely though lengthily PLUS she blew up her pc LITERALLY with a surge during some electrical repairs at her place OMG I'd swoon), so there were a passel backed up in Pending & I wonder by the dates on a couple of em if these folk even recollect it at this point ROFL  So um yeah, sorry about that, welcome to the clubhouse & kindly don't turn into mutes ::sighs::
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RE:FA Lives & Waves to New Folk in an Ungainly Fashion
(Date Posted:08/26/2009 6:41 PM)

yep, it was me - 2 years ago I broke my wrist, but was only in a heavy plaster cast 2 weeks, then 4 wks in a lightweight fiberglass one.  I groaned & moaned the whole time I had the plaster one - twas from mid-finger to elbow on my right arm.  I could type, with lots of clunks on my desktop & keyboard from the darn thing.  I managed halfway between hunt & peck and typing mostly left-handed.  
At least it made me glad I live in this age & not the tudory one I love to read about.   btw, I've read that Richard III had a broken shoulder/collarbone that he received @ Tewksbury, I think - caused that arm to always be a bit stiff & had some scar tissue because of it.  This was twisted by 'historians' into a hump on his back!
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RE:FA Lives & Waves to New Folk in an Ungainly Fashion
(Date Posted:08/27/2009 3:51 AM)

They're almost always mutes smiley6  Said it before & I'll say it CAN read our nattering babble w/o why do peeps join if they don't wanna babble too? smiley1

I do think the "hunchback" & "withered arm" thing can be laid to rest.  RIII was a mighty warrior & you don't get good at that if you can't hang onto your sword & shield.  Now "bowlegged" I might buy acuz a lot of em were from how much time they spent in the saddle.  Plus I saw this thing a while back where a portrait of RIIIs had been cleaned up & it was discovered someone had deliberately added paint to his shoulder to make him have a hunchbacked appearance in it well after the fact.

Tudor propagandist, mayhap? smiley24
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RE:FA Lives & Waves to New Folk in an Ungainly Fashion
(Date Posted:12/19/2009 6:18 AM)

OK this is getting ridiculous.  Barely out of PT for the rotator cuff & I wake up with excruciating pain in the OTHER arm.  How does one get tennis elbow when one has not played tennis in years? Mousing is THE WORST & typing not so great, either.

I am falling apart at the seams!
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