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Title: The Catherine Parr Poems
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(Date Posted:02/20/2009 8:16 AM)
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From: MSN NicknamePainter12952Sent: 1/1/2003 4:52 PM
My My! Who's this? It's Cathy Parr!
And she's not demposed so far!
She looks just like she isn't dead,
With luscious lips of ruby red!!
What luck to find such beauty sleeps!
And now the queen is mine for keeps!
I'll kiss her and she will awake
To find her death was a mistake!
Who care's that I have got a wife?
I'll bring a dead queen back to life!
We'll fall in love! What sweet romance!!
This is MY life!! I'll take a chance!!
Kiss kiss my love! You melt my heart!!
Oh Gross! She's falling all apart!
Her cherried lips have turned to mush!
Her flawless skin has lost its blush!
Oh no! Her chest is caving in,
There's nothing left of all her skin!
Her eyes have turned to icky guck!
I guess the broad ran out of luck.
If she revived, I would have been
The luckiest of mortal men!
But now's she's dust! She is no more!
My heart is broke. My lips are sore.

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RE:The Catherine Parr Poems
(Date Posted:02/20/2009 9:00 AM)

From: MSN NicknamePainter12952 Sent: 1/20/2003 11:24 PM
Dear Abby!! Help me! I'm perplexed
Cuz Henry Tudor wants me next!
He says he wants to make me queen
And take care of his leg that's green!!
What's more, he's had a lot of wives
And four are dead! Just one survives!
I wonder what would be my fate
If I became the dame of state?
I do not wanna lose my head
When Tommy Seymour's in my bed,
And I don't want to end up dumped
If Hank don't like the bones he jumped!
So tell me Abby, what's the chance
That he gets insects in his pants?
Do you think I can keep my head
If me and him are really wed?
Do I really wanna do it?
Catherine Parr
Dear Cathy, I will answer you,
But just this once, then I am through !
I think you should become his spouse
And yes, you will survive the louse!
The man is old! He's gonna croak,
And you can have the Seymour bloke!
You'll be the lucky number six
And beat the creep at all his tricks!
Pretend to nurse his nasty limb
And act as if you care for him !
Before his lifeline takes a spill
He's sure to put you in his will!
Do not write back, I won't reply
I'm sick of all this kiss and cry!
I'm gonna have my pen retired
Before I goof up and get fired.
Don't quit while you're ahead,
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