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Title: The Ballad of Amy Robsart
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(Date Posted:12/27/2016 2:38 AM)
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Be that a banana peel on the stair?
How strange!  I wonder who put it there?
Surely no one would want me to trip
Arse over teakettle & do a backflip
Land on my head & break my neck
My farthingale would be a wreck!
Everyone's off to the county fair
I wonder who could've put it there?
My bonny Robin's nowhere to be seen
Dancing attendance on that tiresome queen
With lead paint smeared on her ugly face
Poor Robin's never at Cumnor Place
But you know, there have been awful rumors
He's boffing the queen while I've got tumors
'Tisn't very nice what people say
That Robin hopes I'll pass away
So he can give the queen a ring
And strut about like he's the king
They're pals, he says; I hope 'tis true
I like not the banana peel 'neath my shoe
I'm balanced so precariously
My skirt's so big I can hardly see
But I won't fall....I ain't, I ain't!
O dear, I feel a little faint
Come over with a malady
New shoes can be so slippery
Teeter-totter, balustrade
One foot on a banana peel & one in the grave!

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