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Title: AMTs Old Pages PLUS Photobucket Disaster!
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(Date Posted:07/27/2013 2:00 AM)
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Just for the fun of it, I've expanded & revamped AMTs coverage of the Wars of the Roses that were previously featured in the old MSN group.  That group was migrated to Aimoo & can be found at the very bottom of the categories; the posts were copied over to Aimoo when MSN closed up, but you can still peruse all the splendid custom pages I did there....except for the begats one, as GeoCities also closed up, but the royal family tree was copied over into Information Station.

So I'll be doing a WOTR thread in Information Station shortly.  Kindly remember that if you are researching the WOTR for a school paper, you need to follow your assigned web citation style & give AMT full credit where due.  This applies to any & all info on the site.

PS>  I don't know WTH happened.......but it appears ALL of AMTs pix have poofed from there!  So if you come across that link, ALL the albums are empty now!  I have inquired but I probably won't get them put back.  This really pisses me off.  It's not as if I haven't logged into it lately!


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RE:AMTs Old Pages PLUS Photobucket Disaster!
(Date Posted:11/12/2013 6:24 AM)

Yeah, thanks for nothin', punk.  It appears some happy asshole decided to login to AMTs Photobucket & delete every. single. one. of the pix in there.  All the albums are poof begone.  Permanently.  It was nothing to do with any sort of Photobucket glitch. 

That took me WEEKS to set up & get all the pix in with their captions!  Aimoo didn't have photo albums with unlimited space like MSN did & when it migrated the old grp all it sent over were thumbnails, so I had to go off-site to keep our pix intact.

So AMT no longer has a picture gallery, thanks to some cretin.  All My Tudors, All My Plantagenets, All My Stuarts, MQOS, Henry VIII, Elizabeth, royal places, royal artifacts, all GWTW.

I'm NOT doing it again just so some random vandal can get his rocks off destroying someone else's hard work & chortle about it, like it was funny.   It wasn't funny.   We are not amused. I  send nothing but bad vibes the way of the jerk who did this.

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