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Title: A Sad Time for AMT
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(Date Posted:02/05/2010 1:12 AM)
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I'm sorry we haven't been minding the place properly lately.  The newbies won't know what I'm talking about & are free to disregard post, but those of you who came over from MSN will.  AMT was originally founded by Stonehenge, who then became Lady of the Glade because she didn't back out of that MSN smiley face nick name change thing fast enough.  LOL you know what I'm talking about (remember when Painter was Oainter for a while?).  She just nabbed me because she was hopelessly tech-impaired & kicked me upstairs to mgmt.  She became seriously ill right before we moved here & never did manage to make it over with how much time she was in & out of the hospital.  We were really good friends & worried about her & back in October she took such a turn for the worse that they thought she was done for.  She rallied some, but her daughter called me Jan 30th to let me know she never woke up that morning, 9 days after her BD.  Still kind of in shock over it.  Didn't mean to let group ground to a halt.  What must the newbies think!  But she loved AMT & she'd want us to continue nattering on about history.
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RE:A Sad Time for AMT
(Date Posted:05/30/2010 11:18 PM)

Hi everyone, It's been such a long time since I have visited this group and when I do, I find this terribly sad news. My heart is broken for this lovely lady's family and friends. I hope this finds all of you well and that somebody will come back and post. Unlike most of you, I really enjoy the Showtime fiasco The Tudors. In spite of all it's historical inaccuracies, I love the costumes, the scenery, and especially the delicious eye candy that is put on display every week.

I miss you guys!!!
Please take care. I remember the good old days with much affection.

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RE:A Sad Time for AMT
(Date Posted:06/28/2010 10:59 PM)

And a hush fell over the clubhouse.....

Which is weird, as we talk about dead peeps all the time.

And what's weirder is there's a line of newbies out the door ever since....go figure.  I hate that annoying Aimoo mail chime thing!  Mayhap I shall let them all in (if they even remember they applied by now) & see if they talk.  Odds do be against that.

We did have fun in the old days & would still be whoopin' it up if MSN hadn't gone all postal on us.  Several of the natterers didn't catch the bus over here, but some did & where are you peeps?  Tsk.

Yesm I should talk LOL, being the disaster magnet I is.  One thing after the other.....tis what I suspect has happened to most peeps.  Life.  It sucks, but it beats those pesky demises, huh?

Painter, come back in & wax something amusing, willya?  Tis time to get the doom & gloom out of the rafters here.  Methinks LOTG would be chortling & going OK 6 mos is enough already, strap on those hennins (in which Painter might look particularly fetching) & commence historifying!

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