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Title: A Plantagenety December
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(Date Posted:12/19/2009 6:33 AM)
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1 - 1170 - Thomas a Becket reconciles with Henry II & returns to Canterbury after a 6-year exile

6 - 1421 - birth of Henry VI, King of England

13 - 1470 - marriage of Edward, Prince of Wales & Anne Neville, at Amboise

16 - 1431 - Henry VI crowned King of France at Notre Dame, Paris

19 - 1154 - coronation of Henry II, King of England, & his queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, at Westminster
1387 - Battle of Radcot Bridge; Lords Apellant trounce forces of Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford

22 - 1428 - birth of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick

24 - 1167 - birth of John, King of England

27 - 1426 - death of Thomas Beaufort, son of John of Gaunt & Catherine Swynford, at Greenwich

29 - 1170 - murder of Thomas a Becket at Canterbury Cathedral

30 - 1460 - Battle of Wakefield; Lancastrains trounce Yorkists
1460 - death of Richard, Duke of York & his son Edmund, Earl of Rutland (in battle)
1460 - death of Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury (beheaded)

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RE:A Plantagenety December
(Date Posted:12/22/2009 6:00 AM)

Tis the Kingmaker's birthday today

The most dramatickal Plantagenet stuff in in Dec what with Becket & all.  I can't get over that these 4 dudes heard Henry gnawing the rushes over Becket & thunk, hey, betcha Kingy'd really like us if we caught the next boat to England & stuck some blades in that turbulent priest.  WTF were they thinkin?

Then there's Eleanor's nice coronation & John's Xmas BD, crazy old Henry VIs BD & coronation, poor Anne Neville traded off to the Lancastrians by Daddy over those Woodvilles, plus that whole Wakefield WOTR disaster.  What was Richard of York thinkin?  I'd have stayed snug behind my walls & thumbed my nose at them pesky Lancastrians.  Tis even more surprising of a decision since York seemed to be such a waffler otherwise.  Poor old Salisbury.

And methinks Radcot Bridge be the opening WOTR sally, really, acuz it ticked off Richard II & paved the way for that whole Lancastrian usurpation thing they did so well LOL
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