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Title: This Time
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(Date Posted:06/29/2010 12:52 AM)
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I did end up getting both an Amazon gift certficate & This Time by Joan Szechtman as part of the booty.  There's going to be a trilogy of these Richard III time-traveler books.  I'm waiting on #2 as it supposed to have Richard returning to England & ending up getting arrested for the murders of the PITT & how this is going to be pulled off I'd like to know, as ya would.

Anyway, twas a mixture of both interesting & disappointing at all once.  The whole concept in & of itself was intriguing, but the book was shockingly skinny & I didn't feel it was fleshed out sufficiently after a token beginning at it.  Richard was literally seized out of Bosworth mere seconds before he would've been killed & a body dumped over there in his place so as not to disrupt history.  Apparently the zapping process cold-cocks one (as well as messes w/ one's molecular structure) & so Richard awakes strapped down to a hospital bed just as a precaution, in case he says WTF? & comes up swinging.  Here I thought the author did a good job depicting his inner WTF?, he's lollygagging there listening to modern American-speak going OK it kinda SOUNDS like English, but I still can't understand a word these peeps are saying LOL  Which is quite true as modern English as we're used to hearing it really didn't start evolving into it until later Tudor times (compare The Faierie Queen to The Canterbury Tales or Beowulf in their contemporary versions of English to get an idea of what I mean by that).

I have a feeling she was told to edit (in fact, I found out she did later on), because Richard just adapts to the 21st century from the 15th waaay too quickly for my liking.  I mean, think of the learning curve involved.....a 19th century peep would have an issue w/ the technology developments alone even if there were no language barrier.  But in no time at all Dickon's not only got modern English mastered, he's using a computer, driving a car, flying in airplanes (that was one of the bits she took out, she said, alas), taking college courses LOL as he's developed this brainfart that if they can bring HIM back, they can jolly well go fetch Anne & little Edward as well, as their absence had zero effect on history.  Plus the mad professor, after studying him, wants to send him back to Bosworth & Dickon's all um NO.  I mean, he was only 33, ya can't blame him for wanting a life.  But since no one can tell when Anne began suffering from TB (AKA the consump), there's no guarantee modern medicine could cure her, anyway, & she just can't pop outta history too long before her actual death, when it would be impossible, so no go there.

Ned, now, is a different story, as from his symptoms tis determined the poor kid demised of a burst appendix & if he can be sneaked outta bed as soon as he gets ill, easy operation nowadays.  The small issue of handy corpses of a similar look to keep throwing back into the 1500s like this becomes a prob for the mad prof, as it would.  Peeps generally don't donate 8 yo's to science for study.  Twas a lot easier to sub Dickon.  Conundrum.  And how to stop the mad prof from restoring him to his rightful place in time, dead?  Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Dickon hooks up w/ his linguistics instructor, whom he can't believe is pushing 50 & has a daughter nigh on his age from how remarkably well-preserved she is LOL  Cougar Alert!  That proves to be a royal one-night stand, tho, as Dickon falls for a pal of the daughter's, Sarah, who has 2 little girls round Ned's age.  This part was also true to the 1500s as Dickon is totally shocked to find out he's been knocking boots w/ a (gasp!) Jewess!  With that whole matrilineal descent thing, that means if they have a kid together, tis also considered Jewish.  And Jews were the pariahs of Europe in Richard's Catholic day.  So they break up but then he's miserable & sighs & says FINE you can be a Jew LOL & she sighs & says FINE you can be a Catholic LOL but count me out of this whole daily Mass thing you keep doing & maybe I'll let you have a Christmas tree.  What's that? says Dickon LOL  They weren't invented yet, believe it or not, till like the 1800s.

Dickon is also mightily unfussed about all the heinous crimes laid at his doorstep, the PITT in particular.  He wants to go open a can of Whoop-Ass on Alison Weir for it, he's that irked.  Jeez, do I LOOK hunchbacked? he gripes.  The more he reads & surfs the net, the more pissed off he gets about it (I reckon this may be laying the groundwork for book #2 where he returns to England).  Can't do anything about it unless he wants peeps to think he's nuts for claiming to be Richard III (& instead of claiming the surname Plantagenet or even York for his faked ID docs, he picks Gloucester jeez).  So Mr Gloucester there starts learning lots of science to beat the mad prof at his own game & save his son & get him to the present time for an appendix removal.

Only somehow Dickon manages to forget the salient fact that Edward of Middleham predeceased both parents, so he's going to have to explain why Mummy's mouldering in a 500 yo tomb & they're not.  And o BTW, here's Daddy's new main squeeze, she's a Jewess LOL as are your new sisters.  This is called a hospital & look out the window, see the pretty cars?  But Daddy, I'm 8 & full of codeine & staples, I don't get it!  Where's my sword?  Where's my pony?

I just wish the transition bits to the 21st century had been fleshed out more, as it would've lengthened the book & added a ton of ambience to the tale.  Great concept, tho, & hopefully the next 2 volumes will be better developed.
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