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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Title: What is the thong friendly beach in CA?
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(Date Posted:05/07/2005 19:55)

We are planning a little weekend summer get away to California. I was wondering what beach is thong friendly that is easy to get to. We are not looking for a secluded beach, but a more common one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

From: USA

(Date Posted:05/07/2005 21:21)

Try this link to the San francisco Bay Guardian's Nude Beaches 2004.   Anywhere you go nude you can thong too.

Any part of CA you fancy?  It's sort of a big place.

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Thong Kong

From: Hong Kong

(Date Posted:05/07/2005 22:03)

This is a good link in regard to state and a few local laws on the matter.

Legally, you cannot be prosecuted for wearing a thong to most CA beaches. But if someone complains, you should cover up just in case. There shouldn't be a problem with a woman wearing a thong on any CA beaches. Men might see the usual American societal resistance, however.

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(Date Posted:05/08/2005 06:36)

Venice and Marina Del Rey (near Santa Monica) are the slam-dunk, without-a-question thong-friendly and also fit the "normal beach" category.  Also many Orange County beaches (i.e., Aliso, Laguna - especially at West Street).  Long Beach is okay, but not the most scenic beach.  Most are easy to get to, except for the usual beach street traffic in many places. 

Good luck!    

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(Date Posted:05/09/2005 07:31)

Seabright State Beach in Santa Cruz.  Towards the Yacht harbor is where I and my fellow thongers hang out.
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From: USA

(Date Posted:05/09/2005 16:14)

Any Beach in San Diego County is fine.  You will see people in thongs at San Onofre and, on a good day, Coronado.
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(Date Posted:05/11/2005 20:30)

How about the beaches by Santa Barbara? My wife and I will be there the last week in June.

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(Date Posted:05/31/2005 03:39)

Thanks for all the suggestions. We are going to go to the Marina Del Ray area in late June for a week. We will arrive on a Monday and leave the following Monday.
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(Date Posted:05/31/2005 19:31)

Regarding the Santa Barbara area, I thong there frequently.  I like to go to "East Beach".  It's located at Cabrillo Blvd. & Milpas St.

You have to pay to park ($7 max per day).  Never had a problem there.  The Cabrillo Bathhouse has a snack bar which also serves beer and wine.  As of a year ago, you can no longer have alcohol on the beach.  It's clean, nice people and for me close to home.  I do still trael down to Venice, Marina Del Ray and even Long Beach for something different.  If one was staying in Santa Barbara for a week vacation, you could easily fit in a day trip to Venice Beach just to see the contrast. 


more info on Santa Barbara beaches here




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From: USA

(Date Posted:05/31/2005 20:15)

Southern California and the Santa Monica Bay area (which includes Venice and Marina del Rey), otherwise known as the Southbay is notorious for June Gloom. Expect cold, heavily overcast skies all through June way past noon. Sometimes you may never see the sun at all during June. If it breaks through there will be a strong off shore breeze. A few miles inland however, the sun shines brightly. Palm Springs is a good alternative for cloudy beach days.
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Thong Kong

From: Hong Kong

(Date Posted:06/01/2005 03:54)

Palm Springs is a two hour drive from Santa Monica. Hardly "a few miles inland". And in June you can expect three digits. I've been there when it was 120F.

As a native Californian, I'd definitely choose San Diego county beaches as my first choice, then Orange County, then Monterrey bay, and finally LA County.
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From: USA

(Date Posted:06/01/2005 09:12)

...A few miles inland however, the sun shines brightly [a few BLOCKS inland the sun IS shinning]. [<- notice the period; it means the sentence/thought has ended, a new thought begins: Palm Springs is a good alternative for cloudy beach days. [P.S. IS a good choice on a cloudy June day]

As a native Californian I would have to disagree: San Diego? Maybe Black's beach or Oceanside; perhaps La Jolla. Orange county? Maybe San Onofre or Laguna. Monterey Bay? Red-White-Blue beach or Davenport. Hey, you forgot Humbolt!

Look, you can go anywhere you want. Here are my thoughts as to how to make a choice:
1. Nice beach
2. Easily accessable
3. Allow to wear what you want
4. Other people to see/be seen by
5. Alternatives/activities beyond the beach

Pray, what makes SD first choice, then OC, then Monterey Bay and LA last (last?!)?

SD is OK but not "international" enough, you know, "concerned" people can assume that you're European.
OC is just too republican, conservative, blue collar, and too many teens.
Monterey is too isolated, water too cold, more overcast days than SoCal (I know, I went to school at UCSC). Goovy hippie people that won't care what you wear but they wear what they've been wearing since the Summer of Love.
LA...hum, LA. Let's see: international destination, broad beaches (well attended), movie stars (OK, starlets/really good looking waiters/waitresses), what else...let's see...hum, Oh I got it: it's "LA" as in "Los Angeles". Just run over the following (see how these roll off the tongue):
Malibu ('ever heard of it?)
Santa Monica
The Westside
Marina del Rey (world's largest man made marina)
The Eastside (a cultural experience, don't miss a drive through East LA, then head north to
Pasadena/The Rosebowl and Rosebowl Parade
Burbank (as in movie studios, Universal City/Univesal Studios)
Hollywood/West Hollywood/The Hollywood Hills/The Hollywood Sign/ The Hollywood Bowl/Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd
The Griffith Observatory/Griffith Park (largest city park, in acreage. Larger than Central Park or Golden Gate Park)
USC (national champions: football)
Mann's Chinese Theather
The Disney Center
LACMA (King Tut's treasures will soon be open for viewing)
La Brea Tar Pits
Long Beach/The Queen Mary
And for the Hardcore we even have South Central And Compton! (Actually relatively safe neighborhoods, hard working class people just trying to mind their own business, but don't hang around past 10:00 PM!)
Phew, I could go on and on (just in case you have other interests while visiting the City of Angels other than kickin' it at the beach. Speaking of Angels, we have a new Cathedral you know?)

Would I put LA first? No (I don't like the fact that there isn't an offical public nude beach anywhere in the County) and traffic/parking can be difficult on any summer weekend (but this is true of ALL California beaches in summer, especially on the weekends).
No, maybe not first, but most certainly not last!

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Thong Kong

From: Hong Kong

(Date Posted:06/01/2005 11:31)

I guess if you're a movie star or a tanned fitness buff or a surfer type, LA County beaches are good. But if you're a middle aged somewhat pale, not so muscular type, you might feel like a pimple on prom night.

And I've always thought the view in LA county beaches was not so nice, and the water not so clear. As far as activities go, I absolutely love LA. As a city. But for a holiday feel, I'd choose someplace that feels more like a beach or resort community and less like a bar or fitness community. But that's just me. Same reason I prefer Bang Thao Bay to Patong.
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(Date Posted:06/01/2005 20:00)

Away from the beach I like:

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona.  A day use, mostly female outdoor (and indoor) spa with multiple pools.  Kinda pricey $48 per day (Fri, Sat, Sun) $35 other days.

Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel in Desert Hot Springs Calif (near Palm Springs).  Multiple hot pools in courtyard surrounded by hotel rooms.  You can use the pools 24-hrs.

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(Date Posted:06/02/2005 07:27)

To armand_galleon

You dare to criticize "bentonton's" post and attempt to tutor him on the use of punctuation with regard to your previously unclear sequence (a "few miles inland" and then "Palm Springs...") when your next post was one of the most incoherent, rambling, insulting (to various residents, political preferences, etc.), self-righteous, opinionated, and obviously drug-infused stammers I have read in quite some time.

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From: USA

(Date Posted:06/02/2005 08:48)

Now who's critical of whom!
I particularly like the drug reference, as if you really knew me!
btw, if you're new to the board w/only one posting...how is it that what I stated (all true!) is the most whatever you have read in quite some time? Do you mean here or anywhere? (are you really new?! Come on, who are you, really?)
...and the all caps, it's that in reference to me or your signature?!

Armand. (<-like this, D.A.)

P.S. Yes, I do dare.

P.S.S. Now where do you think the thong friendly beach in CA is?
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(Date Posted:06/02/2005 16:23)

If you are up for driving a little, all beaches in San Diego are thong friendly.
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Thong Kong

From: Hong Kong

(Date Posted:06/02/2005 19:51)

Sorry, Armand, that wasn't me. And I agree with you about (parts of) OC being full of conservatives and that that's not really a good thing (apparently unlike the person who replied to your comments). I didn't mean to be so critical of you in my first post, although you could have used a new paragraph to clarify the PS transition. I respect your opinion, and I know that you and I may be looking for different things in a beach.

Let's derail the bickering and keep our thongs out of a bunch and out on the beach!

PS I'll definitely be thonging in San Diego later this summer (July/August) and will report then!
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From: USA

(Date Posted:06/02/2005 22:16)

I agree! and I'll tell you something: Tell me exactly what beach and what street and I'll drive down to SD and spend the day there this summer sunning, swimming (in a thong of course). If there's a nice break I'll bring a surfboard too and couple of friends!

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(Date Posted:12/22/2005 03:17)

To Thong Kong:

I liked your post, i.e., people cannot be legally prosecuted for wearing a thong. 

Could you please elaborate on what the law says and when and why they would prosecute or not prosecute.

I know there was a 1972 CA court ruling stating that "nude is not lewd."  It's okay to undress in a non-public secluded place, it's okay to sunbathe nude on a secluded beach.  If your nude at park, the range will ask you once to cover up, if you contine to be nude, you will be arrested.  It's unlawful to be lewd and nude.

I enjoy wearing rio cut swimwear (half coverage of the rear, mine range from 1/4 to 1/2 coverage) at 24 Hour Fitness and Bally's Total Fitness.   They don't allow thongs, butt so far I've been able to wear the rio cut without having been told not to.  Most of the women have appreciated it.  I wore a thong once late at night.

I would apprecate your input.  Thank You.

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