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Re :   All join in for...

 ... how times fly ... wanderin thru 

08/25/2017 07:48:15

Old Tele m
Re :   All join in for...

...wandered in...wonder out?

05/10/2017 17:49:29


02/09/2017 23:17:30


10/07/2016 13:21:05

Re :   All join in for...

 DUDE!!! Hit me up I have some ideas I wanna throw past you

10/03/2016 20:55:04

Re :   All join in for...

I still cruise by from time to time.

09/23/2016 10:05:49

Re :   I Have Five Teles That Are Partscasters With Different Pickups For.............

 I've got two more builds. Both Warmoth.[URL=][/URL][URL=][/URL]

03/13/2016 04:54:03

Re :   I Have Five Teles That Are Partscasters With Different Pickups For.............

 I have forgotten another tele build. I have an Edenhaus Mahogany body, Edenhaus maple neck, Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 in the neck and a Seymour Duncan JB Model in the bridge. an outstanding tele that isn't quite the norm.

12/06/2015 10:29:23

Topic :   I Have Five Teles That Are Partscasters With Different Pickups For.............

........many genres of music of each guitar.[URL=][/URL]
Warmoth carved top Mahogany body, Warmoth highly flamed Maple neck. Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90s and Bill Lawrence XL500 pickups.
Warmoth Swamp Ash body, Fender Maple neck, Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 and Tele bridge pickups.
Warmoth Black Korina capped with Bloodwood body, Warmoth Bloodwood neck with Rosewood fretboard and Canary skunk stripe, Seymour Duncan Antiquity tele and P90 pickups.

I also have a more recent build that I have not taken photos of as of yet. Warmoth Alder capped with quilted Maple, Warmoth Maple neck with a reverse headstock and Rosewood fretboard, Seymour Duncan Vintage mini humbucker in the neck, SD Vintage P90 in the middle and an SD Five-Two tele pickup in the bridge. I find that the tone and playability of all of my guitars are quite satisfactory and bring me much joy.

12/06/2015 10:26:33

Re :  

After I'd assembled a few guitars, I thought I was done buying anything off-the-rack.  Then, one day I was wandering through my favorite pawn shop, I came across a Duosonic....a Classic Vibe in Desert Sand with the gold anodized guard....that just spoke to me.  I negotiated a good price (140.00 out the door including taxes, and brought it home.  By the time I'd spent a few hours with it, I was wishing I'd spent more time playing with....I really didn't like the maple board and loathed the big frets.....but since I was stuck with it, I decided to try and set a few things right.  The three saddle bridge limited my ability to intonate it, and a set of Telecaster compensated saddles didn't sound right (Not surprising, since the Duosonic was 24" scale, not 25.5). I decided to put a six saddle Strat hardtail bridge on it, and was really pleased with how much more musical the guitar sounded properly intonated.  But, I still wasn't comfortable with the neck.  I ended up buying a 71 Musicmaster neck on eBay and decided I wanted better tuners, even if I had to drill the headstock out.  I picked up another set of the Steinberger 40:1 gearless lockers, and put it all together.  It's turned into nice player!  I got the rosewood board and vintage frets I wanted, with the 7.25 radius I'm most comfortable with, and with the six saddle bridge and the Steinberger tuners, it plays in tune and the tuning is stable. Other than a set of Dunlop Straploks, the rest of it's pretty much stock.  After playing with the height of the CV alnico pickups, I decided they sounded pretty good and were keepers.  I don't play this guitar a lot, but every time I pick it up, I rediscover just how comfy it is. 
This was taken the day it came home from the pawnshop.....

.....and this was after some mods.....


11/14/2015 12:35:53

Re :   A look at some past builds

After the cherryburst Strat, I did a couple of Tele's, and then ended up doing another Strat. It was a projected that developed a life of it's own, that started innocently enough.....I traded away a pair of vintage Gibson mini-humbuckers for three Lindy Fralin pickups - a Tele Blues Special set, and an Unbucker. The Unbucker is a two-coil pickup, with one of the coils wound high and the other much less hot. They still make a credible noise-resistant humbucker, but splitting the larger coil to use on it's own produces a much more convincing single-coil than most standard 'buckers. I considered using the Blues Special set in another Tele build, and perhaps building a single-pickup guitar around the Unbucker. Eventually, I got around to the 3-pickups=Strat idea. I was doing a lot of eBay buying then, and over time, acquired another 24 3/4" scale MIJ 86 Squier Contemporary Strat neck and a set of the Steinberger locking gearless 40:1 tuners that I loved on the first guitar. So, the neck was finished before I bought a body. I'd decided to use the UnBucker at the bridge, and the Tele Blues set for the middle and neck, so I knew I'd need a custom guard. I ended up having it made by Terrapin.....Black, red, black plies, with the Tele neck pickup hole in the neck position, the Tele bridge pickup hole where a Strat middle pickup would normally be, but angled , and the Unbucker hole in the bridge location. The guard turned out well. I kept the three control layout because I wanted to use a master volume with bleed kit, a master tone, and a Fender no-load pot as a spin-a-split variable single-coil control. There's a standard five-way switch. Aside from building in an Atlantic Designs electronic tuner, and adding Dunlop Straploks, I was down to choosing a bridge system and a specific body. I knew that I didn't want a Strat vibrato system, but finding a way to hardtail it and cover the vibrato rout was challenging. I happened to be net-surfing for gear one night and happened to find the ZZ Guitarworks site. He was selling a kit to retrofit a Strat with a Bigsby. It made some sense to me, partly because it used a VibraMate-style mount that would make the mod reversible, and more importantly, his Space Bridge which mounts to the Fender 6-screw hole locations and covers the hole for the block and bar perfectly It has three compensated saddles. I ordered the kit, and began the search for a body. I wanted a traditional-looking body, so I bought a three-tone sunburst on eBay. I thought it was alder. Assembling the guitar was easy in some respects (neck fit perfectly) and the main challenge was getting the guts to fit a body that came with three single-coil routs. I knew that a swimming pool rout was the right thing, not just for the bridge 'bucker, but also to accomodate the slanted middle pickup, and something else. I've always heard that the Tele's twang was from the metal of the bridge. I amputated the back of a modern Gotoh Tele bridge and mounted it *under* the pickguard, surrounding the slanted pickup. The project came together over several months while I shopped for the parts, and then a couple of weeks of all my spare time, to button it up. Some reflections....It sounds great. The Tele Blues Specials are some pretty fine pickups, and the UnBucker with the variable coil-split is a lot more versatile than most Strat bridge pickups. The Bigsby takes some getting used to, and it's at it's best used in a subtle way. A Chet handle on the Bigsby would make the bar a bit longer too. Right now, you can only hang on to the bar if you're playing close to the bridge. My only reason concern is how heavy it is. This is, without a doubt, the heaviest guitar I've ever played, lol. Anyway, this is how it turned out...

10/11/2015 13:19:26

Topic :   A look at some past builds

I thought I'd share a look at some of my non-Tele projects from over the last ten years that I've been building (or more properly assembling) partscasters.After I built the Tele mini-bass, I wanted to try something different, so I put together a Strat. I had this notion that I could assemble a swiss-army-knife guitar that would do anything I might want. I ended up with an aftermarket cherryburst body mated to a 1986 Squier Contemporary Strat neck. These were Japanese-made necks made in the FujiGen factory that became Fender Japan.Beyond the basic body-neck platform, I tried to buy good stuff that would satisfy long-term, and I really nailed it with the pickups. I bought a set of alnico American Standard pickups, and sent them to Tom Nerkowski to have a pickguard assembled. At that time, the best thing he had was called an Ulti-Mod Strat harness....a master volume with bleed kit, a TBX tone control, a three-position rotary switch in the third knob location. Each position on the rotary tone-bank switch makes the five-way lever switch do something different, so there's a broad cross-section of series and parallel options in addition to the standard Strat layout, with a Gilmour mod (N+B or N+M+B). There were other electronic was a built-in Atlantic Designs electronic tuner that's incorporated into the output jack. (Just ground the output boat jack to the bridge with your hand and it'll turn on, and automatically shut off after 90 seconds) I'm on my third battery after eight years. I also wanted an add-on mod that would beef up the tone. I considered the StewMac Black Ice, but ended up with the Villex passive mid-boost. It's been great sound-wise, fattening up the single coils quite dramatically. I mounted a mini-toggle next to the volume pot to switch it in and out of the circuit. I also decided I really wanted a built-in wireless transmitter. (I loved going wireless, but the body packs were a pain in the ass). I ended up with a Samson VHF channel 3 unit that came with a huge beefed-up antenna on the receiver. I dismounted the transmitter board from the casing and remoted the switching for Power and Mute to a pair of mini-rocker switches that are flushed into the pickguard. Since I'd decided I wanted a hardtail, I used the pre-routed tremelo spring cavity to mount the trasmitter board and secure the 15" antenna coil. I routed a twin 9-volt battery box into the back of the body next to the spring cavity, and use two high-test 9 volt batteries in parallel for the Samson wireless. I change batteries omce or twice a year, and I get lots of notice when I need to change.....Having two batteries in parallel makes the unit play, slightly noisier and harsher, for a couple of hours before the power supply is drained, so it dodges the bullet of sudden mid-gig failure.I decided to use a Custom Shop Parts bridge, partly because it has a large footprint that covers the old tremelo rout. It's a great bridge in my opinion, and it's top-loading which is what I was after. I decided that if there was a place to splurge, it was on tuners. I'm really OCD about precise tuning, so I went with the Steinbergers. They're locking, gearless, and have a 40:1 ratio. Final touches were a pair of roller string trees, a lazer-engraved neckplate with my name, a set of Dunlop Straploks, a deluxe Fender 60th anniversary strap, and a new black tolex amp-logo Fender case.I think I've built almost twenty partscasters since then, but that cherryburst Strat is still the finest guitar I've ever played. Because it was one of my first builds, it took me about 15 months, but it's been worth the time and money invested. This is my go-to guitar.....

10/10/2015 22:07:47

Topic :   A look at my Tele collection

I haven't checked in for quite a while, so thought I'd say hello, and give you a look at my Tele builds.

Far left is an Esquire with a real 59 neck, handmade maple body, and Reilander triple-tap pickup, Wilkinson bridge with 1985 threaded
saddles, Gotoh vintage tuners, and original 59 parts including strap knobs, jack cup. tuner ferrules, and neck plate.

Next, my shorty thinline with alder body, brass Taipan Tonebar ferrule block,  a real 65 Musicmaster 22 1/2" scale neck with Steinberger
40:1 gearless locking tuners,Gretsch neck pickup, custom-made Reilander bridge pickup with a P90 coil and a Strat coil siamesed into a
nickel filtertron cover, five way pickup switch, toggled Gilmour pickup switching, greasebucket tone circuit,  Villex mid-boost (switchable
with bridge-mounted mini-toggle) custom pickguard, Custom Shop Parts bridge and control plate, Dunlop Straploks, and built-in
rechargeable Samson wireless with lithium-ion battery.

Next, my first build....a Tele six-string guitar converted into a 25 1/2" scale bass, with three violin bass pickups, Jazz Bass bridge and pickup
covers, five-way switch, TBX tone control, Schaller bridge, Gotoh tuners, and Dunlop Straploks.

And, far right, a paulownia body mated to a 97 Squier Protone Strat neck with Gotoh vintage tuners, two Rickenbacker Toaster pickups,
Torres Bluestone harness with five-way switching and push-pull treble-midrange tone control, and Dunlop Straploks.

I also have a Telecaster guitar-bodied bass with 34" scale Precision neck, Jazz Bass bridge and tuners, a single Precison pickup, and
Dunlop Strap Loks.  It's currently being rebodied as a 1970-style Telecaster Bass.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my Tele's.  This was the first guitar forum I joined, and when I was doing my first build (the Tele shorty
bass), several of the expert builders here on Telemodders were very helpful.

09/05/2015 15:52:17

Re :   Open again!

Well hello, folks. Been waiting' for ya'.

08/16/2015 09:20:30

Re :   Vibramate on a Thinline

 I wouldn't imagine very much added weight, they're made from machined aluminum. A couple ounces?

08/14/2015 15:44:54

Topic :   Vibramate on a Thinline

How much extra weight does a Vibramate add, beyond the weight of the B5?

08/13/2015 21:47:59

Re :   TK Smith

 Simply GORGEOUS!!!

08/13/2015 18:15:58

Re :   All join in for...

Hey, you guys and gals all look a lot older.

08/13/2015 15:13:26

Topic :   Confessions and Update Thread

So what have y'all been doing since we last convened?
I haven't done a Telecaster gig in forever, it seems. I went full Django around the time my first Gypsy Jazz album came out (2011). That endeavor required one of those crazy Selmer type guitars, which are a real trip. Everything about that style and gear is different- guitars, technique, picks, strings, etch. Those dang Sel-Macs have 26.4" scales - forget the wimpy 25.5" on a Tele. The picks are stupid thick, from 3.5mm-7mm. A Fender extra heavy pick is only 1.2 mm.

Lately, I've been sneaking my ES-295 and Gretsch archtops into our Django band, the Jill Martini Soiree. It sems to be well received.

I've got a tiki band going, too, where I'm playing and old Fender lap steel and ukulele. I've been playing a lot of bass, too - upright and electric.

I'm kind of itching to do a flat-out Tele gig again. Get those Bardens humming through a cranked Vibrolux, just like in that John Hiatt song! 

08/13/2015 13:39:03

Re :   All join in for...

I got a broom crew coming in to clean cobwebs, OTM

08/13/2015 13:28:05


08/13/2015 13:15:21

Re :   Open again!

YAAAAAAYYY!!!! We're back!!!! Let the madness begin!

08/13/2015 13:08:03


08/13/2015 12:55:37

Re :   TK Smith

Can't ya see Mandy playing this?

08/13/2015 12:54:31

Re :   TK Smith

Look at those handmade pickups!

08/13/2015 12:53:10

Topic :   TK Smith

Have you folks seen any of TK's work? He is merging old Bigsby guitars with Telecaster, and the results are fantastic! 
His website is

I first met TK when he was playing with Big Sandy ad the Fly-Rite Trio (pre-steel guitar days). TK was playing a vinatge Epiphone Zephyr with NYpickus and a Bigbsy, and soundin' like Scotty Moore. After the introduction of the steel and change of band name to the Fly-Rite Boys, I saw TK playing a 52RI Tele  

Here's one of TK's pieces:

08/13/2015 12:51:29

Topic :   Open again!

Cut the ribbon, Mandy!

08/13/2015 12:42:26

Topic :   Helloooooooo, anybody home?

Kinda dusty in here. Maybe we can get Teleogre to sweep up the old clubhouse....

08/03/2015 15:02:08

Old Tele m
Re :   All join in for...

I'm still visiting here just to watch the "cobwebs" grow (wink,wink)!

10/02/2014 19:38:17

Re :   All join in for...

 I like Peggy Lee ...
still a Telemodding Fever ...
Never know how much I love you / Never know how much I care / When I put my arms around you / I get a fever that's so hard  ...
cheers guys

07/21/2014 15:42:20

Old Tele m
Re :   All join in for... my best Peggy Lee voice: "...Is That All There Is?.."

08/31/2013 20:29:07

Topic :   String spacing change

I got a deal on a used Tele, only to find out it has 2-3/16 bridge spacing, which I think is too great.  I would like to swap it out for a 2-1/16 bridge.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Problems I expect to encounter are:
1. String thru holes.  Will I need to fill and drill?
2. Bridge mounting.  Are bridges available with the same mounting points?
3. Finish.  When I pull the bridge, does the finish tend to pull with it?
I'm sure there are other considerations I haven't thought of.  If it leads to replacing the nut too, that's OK.

05/15/2013 06:15:30

Topic :   All join in for...

a swingin' rendition of "Tumbling Tumbleweeds."

03/15/2013 14:22:15

Topic :   bridge plate to cover the kahler cavity

I'm taking out the kahler trem system and covering it with a bridge plate. The finish on this tele is a flame maple so filling it and matching the finish would be a pain.  Any bridge plate recommendation will be appreciate.

06/21/2012 09:29:26

Topic :   Stiff Bigsby Arm on Gibson Guitar

does anyone know why the Bigsby arm gets stiff?  I had a high e string break and changed it.  This is when the problem began.  Thought I just needed to replace all the strings.  Did so, but the arm is still stiff.  So stiff it won't move.  Any help?

06/14/2012 18:19:44

Re :   custom paint job help

I would take the parts of the body rough up the existing finish with 400 grit sand paper then Prime, paint and clear coat.

06/12/2012 21:53:58

Topic :   custom paint job help

I recently bought myself the squire affinity series telecaster. I chose the arctic white bt I got the idea in my head to hanger it from white to grey sand keep the white pick guard. I tied to look up techniques online but all results were conflicting so I tried looking here but didn't find an answer. so I'm posing my question to you at telmodders. what is the best way to repaintmy tele

06/06/2012 16:39:53

Topic :   wiring - capacitors - sound ?

Hi Everybody,

besides the regular wiring in my 55 Tele I have an extra 0.01 capacitor at the end of the white wire from the Neck-PU, where it connects to the toggle swith. So - that's between the end of the wire and the sec. last contact of the toggle, where the wire usually attaches without the cap.

Anybody any ideas what this is for?



04/02/2012 11:15:38

Topic :   Fender Deluxe Blackout Mods

Brand new to this forum so I apologize if this is an old topic ... I recently purchased a Fender Deluxe Blackout Tele.  I really like this guitar and am enjoying the tones.  The one thing I hear discussed is that the switch does not allow for the Neck & Bridge pickup combo.  I am curious if anyone has performed a mod on one of these to keep the 5-way switch as is for the pickup selections but also allow for the Neck/Bridge combo.  Is this a reasonable mod?  I like all the existing combos, I'd just like to consider a way that allows for the "missing" combo of Neck/Bridge.  Thanks.

03/02/2012 13:21:15

Topic :   Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Modern Classic 6-string Acoustic Guitar.....$1,880usd

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01/13/2012 22:34:00

Topic :   JA 90 Thinline/B5

I'm getting ready to put a B5 Bigsby with Vibramate on this tele.Anyone else?Likes or dislikes?

11/23/2011 16:34:45

Topic :   Been a long time - new modded Tele

So I haven't owned a Tele in far too long but it's just time

Scored a nice old Mighty Mite neck (early 80's) from a buddy of mine and that just started the ball rolling. Picked up a used Vintage Mod Squier that already had some great upgrades and then I just kind of made it mine.

MM Neck, Braz board, SD '59 neck(splittable) & SD QP bridge pickups, 500k pots (p/p tone for neck split), Sprague OD cap, Fender American vintage style bridge, white speed knobs.


10/09/2011 20:49:58

Re :   butterscotch color

Ola amigo,

Check out ReRanch.  They are a paint company that makes paint just for guitars. 

They have a part of the web site you can ask tech questions on.  They can tell you exactly what you need to do and what colors to use. 

Good people.

Happy Trails,


10/01/2011 07:48:23

Topic :   ordering a drop top...need dimensions

Ola amigos,
First time on the site, first time to post.  Hope everyone is well and playing from the soul!

I am building a Tele and I want to get a drop top for it.  I need to know the length and width of a Tele body.  I need to get the top a little larger than the body so I can work it right.

Can anyone help me out?

Happy Trails,


10/01/2011 07:42:25

Topic :   Hot Rod Tele Wiring Help!?

I have a sweet blonde butterscotch Telecaster and decided to install a mini humbucker in the neck position.
Worked great!
As it's a four wire pickup,I decided to be a clever bas#ard and coil tap it with a push/pull pot.
I found a wiring schematic on the Seymour Duncan site,but it was a no go.

Could someone help me out with a wiring diagram so I can get my Tele singing,again?

Stock Tele American Standard bridge pickup,four wire (plus bare earth wire) mini humbucker and a three way selector switch with an orange drop cap.


09/23/2011 00:30:52

Topic :   1967 white fender telecaster sold at 'Broadway Pawn'

      My brother had a 1967 (or there about) white fender telecaster that was sold at a pawn shop in Nashville Tenn. about 5-10 years ago. The name of the pawn shop was "Broadway Pawn" and was located in Nashville,  Tenn. I am uncertain of  the dates and don't have a serial number as my mother sold it to her brother after my brother's death. My uncle did not take care of it, so consequently the neck was damaged and needed to be replaced before the shop owner would sell it. I was able to contact the shop owner once and he said that he sold it the minute he got it. I would be greatly appreciative if anyone could give me any info on this. My brother was killed 2 days after returning home from Vietnam, so the guitar has a special meaning to me. I doubt I would be able to buy it, but it would give me a great deal of peace of mind knowing it went to a "good home".               Sincerly, Rhonda Kimpel                                    

09/17/2011 13:37:38

Topic :   drop in humbuckers

I want to swap out SD H/H in a Spalted Maple  Custom,Special Edition Tele for T V Jones...
any comments and/or suggestions?
What drops right in?


08/28/2011 10:42:13

Topic :   Blacktop Telecaster Neck won't stay in tune

I have a 2011 Blaxcktop Telecaster which I love, but it won't stay in tune new from Fender Mexico.  I changed the tuners toa higher quality locking tuner and it's better but not fixed!  I don't think it was the tuners.  SOMEBODY HELP!  THE NECK LOOKS STRAIGHT, THE TRUSS ROD PROVIDES APPROPRIATE RELIEF.ANYONE?

08/27/2011 05:36:18

Topic :   New to teles! no to mod!

Hi all,I'm new to the world of teles but just got hold of a mim 92 fender tele for £100 so i thought why not! plays lovely for what it is but my question is how can i rig this baby up for rock? what pup recommendations do you have and anything else i might consider. seeings as it cost me so little I'd love to go to town on it! cheers

08/23/2011 16:15:33

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