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Title: Standard Telecaster to Nashville
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(Date Posted:03/03/2011 18:43:01)
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                               Just found this site. I want to modify my affinity series tele to a nashville.
                  I would like for the middle pickup to combine with the neck and bridge pickups to
                  give them humbucking qualities. Also I would like for the neck and bridge to be
                  able to operate individually in the single coil mode.
                              I would like to know if this would be possible using a strat single coil for
                  the middle position, I also would like to use  the 5  position switch  from a strat.
                  The middle pickup will be inside the control cavity so it only has to be wired to
                  provide the humbucking qualities. Thank you in advance for any information you
                  would be able to offer.
                              The Tele was a gift from a long time ago, I was looking for information
                 about another guitar, and one of the references was to a tele site, I pulled the
                 tele out and started messing with it. After a few days I had to ask myself,(Why
                 have I been fooling with all this other junk)!!!
                              With all that being said I have really have come to appreciate the simple
                 design and complex array of sounds possible with this guitar.
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Re:Standard Telecaster to Nashville
(Date Posted:06/27/2011 15:04:40)

 Standard diagrams for the nashville are on the Fender site under support...and I believe you'd be happier with the mid pup in the middle position... even if you only routed it under the stock pickguard and left it there. There needs to be some proximity to the other pups to get the true humbucking effect.

Along similar lines I'm building a HSS Tele style, My son gave me a maple capped body from Guitarfetish for Christmas so after much contemplation and collecting parts etc. I'm using a Humbucker with a HB bridge and two strat pups for mid and neck. Using a standard control plate and a three way blade switch with two concentric pots lets me have a master volume stacked with the neck tone, and a mid blender stacked with the bridge tone...with the 3 way wired normal. I'll probably flip the control plate. I like the knobs closer with the switch in the back...
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