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Title: Two Soldano Blades?
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(Date Posted:07/17/2016 16:15)
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Im making a Castillian Soldano Pirate and Im not sure if it makes sense to buy two Soldano Blade Advantage. Apart from them being high quality and such, It would make it that I would have the +4 on Dual parry and such, Im more asking in terms if its worth investing 10 pts to get two?
P.S. Even though the Soldano School is mostly focused on brute elimination, Does it fall short in 1v1s and on ships? I'm still not sure between it and Gallegos.
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RE:Two Soldano Blades?
(Date Posted:07/19/2016 17:24)

I think I discussed the ideas of the two schools with you on another board.

Personally, I would skip the blades entirely.  The small bonus to each roll could easily be put to better use improving a knack or two, grabbing another advantage or going through the Pirate Nations and buying a single trick that may let you do something really cool. 

I bought a Soldano Blade on my first character (after the book released) and never remembered to apply it.  Turns out I never really missed the bonus. 
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RE:Two Soldano Blades?
(Date Posted:08/20/2016 09:06)

I run a campaign with a dual bladed Soldano swordman weilding dual blades.  I only allow him the bonus to both blades when as you stated double-parrying, or in a few other rare instances, otherwise I assume it is one blade or the other and only give the standard bonus.

While I'm a big fan of Gallegos, Soldano is a brute sweeper, and later on when they get the journeyman and master ability their one on one becomes very formidable lowering the wound threshold and stealing my GM drama dice.

It took a while to get there (character created in 2000) but he is loving his master ability now, even if he doesn't get them all the drama dice I spend not losing my drama dice puts a real dent in my pile.
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