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Title: Second Edition QS Rules
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(Date Posted:02/29/2016 23:54)
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So I've just downloaded the new Second Edition Quick Start rules.  I haven't had a chance to play the QS yet, or try out the rules, and was wondering if anyone else had.  Dueling looks quirky to me, and I'm not certain how the back and forth will work out in play.  I hope sword schools include more advanced maneuvers. 

I'll be very interested in what they end up doing with ship battles none of which was included in the QS.

Love to hear your experiences with it, if you've had any yet, or thoughts once you've read over the Quick Start.

Looks like we may have more to talk about here soon.


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Re:Second Edition QS Rules
(Date Posted:04/14/2016 04:21)

 ok, got to play it instead of run for a change.

It is pretty open ended and works well for my style of play.  My limitations on the whole thing are that the dice results are pretty locked into the level of 2 dice= 1 raise. 

The duel system is getting changed and it should.  it ran way too long and dull.  villains having exactly one set number of dice to roll is going to get stale fast and I will be looking into houseruling that for myself. 

The game really needs the GM to be aware of handing out Hero points to spend and power abilities.  Our GM dropped the ball on that and at the end of the adventure when we needed them, there were none to be had. 
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