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Title: Change in group posting
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(Date Posted:05/28/2014 10:06 AM)
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Due to recent events and the ongoing attitude of the leader of the recently formed DRAGG racing club, we will be distancing ourselves from this group. However we will use the unfortunate events that transpired there to help all our racers better understand safety issues and safety equipment.

It is our sincere hope that the people involved in DRAGG will open their eyes, make use of the experience and knowledge others have and are willing to freely pass along, and that they can get their act together and enjoy some much safer racing.

Those of you blindly following in DRAGG, seriously need to look around and get involved with other groups in your area.  There is one very close! 

We also encourage you to freely express your concerns and opinions on these boards.  However we do have a few rules.  First keep it clean.  We do have kids following along and we are already a bad enough influence.   And second, we only want to hear your complaints about how things are done if you have a positive solution to improve things.  You can complain all you want if you have a better way of doing things, but we don;t want to just open this as a place to post your complaints.

On that note, please understand that our actions in regard to DRAGG are NOT simply complaints about how they do things and what is going on!  We DO have solutions!  We have solutions that work and that have been tested and proven to work!   And this is where we intend to share those solutions.  We have tried to pass this extremely valuable information along through the proper DRAGG channels, but we have been blocked from doing so and as a result a lot of very important information regarding safety is NOT being passed along to the DRAGG members who need it.  And they are being led down a path to destruction that will hurt us all.

Time is short and I have to run, but keep an eye on this section and lets get some good valuable advice out to everyone who needs it!


Mother Nature is a Mean, Evil Bitch

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From: USA
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RE:Change in group posting
(Date Posted:07/18/2014 3:40 PM)

A few weeks ago, one of the new start up groups had an unfortunate incident where two drivers ended up being seriously injured. 


We attempted to help them by giving valuable advice on how to make their cars safer, however, their leader refused the help and shut us out.  Then he proceeded to bash our group for being unsafe and having the most injuries of any group racing.

So I wanted to set the record straight and reflect a little on the failures of the past.


First, we have been racing since 2008.  In that time we have had 3 drivers who had to seek medical attention.

The first was MrMopar in March 2009 who lost control of his poorly built car and crashed at the bottom of the hill on Illchester Rd.  He had cuts on his left leg, but was able to walk without difficulty and drive himself home to Philadelphia about 2-1/2 hours away driving a manual transmission.  The next day he did go the doctor.  X-Rays didn’t show any breaks, but the doctor suspected he had broken a bone in his left foot.  (his clutch foot)


Our next injury came in October of 2009 when we had a 3 car crash.  Nasty Neal driving the Indestructible Monte Carlo got on the brakes too hard while cresting a hump in the road and lost control.  He spun and his car rolled.

Drscope driving the Wedge of Doom hit the Monte Carlo as it was rolling over, then he lost steering, hit a large rock at the edge of the road and also rolled onto his side.  Both of those cars had roll bars and seat belts and both drivers walked away without a scratch.


But Ice Man driving the DW1386 which was an open car at the time didn’t fare as well.  He left the road trying to avoid the crash.  His car struck an immovable object and he was thrown from the car.  The car then flew up in the air and landed on top of his feet.

He suffered a cut to the back of his head where we believe a piece of glass was able to go up under his helmet.  (we found a large flat piece of a broken whisky bottle in the debris where he crashed)

And the following day he went to see the doc.  The cut on his head required staples to close it and once again the doctor suspected that he had a broken bone in his foot, but the X-Rays were inconclusive.

This was ONE WEEK prior to the East Coast Challenge, and Ice Man raced in the Challenge with a special shoe!


Following that incident, we began converting all our cars to closed cars with roll over protection and 5 point harnesses.


Our next and last injury to date, came in June of 2013.  The speeds and the intensity of the races had increased SUBSTANTIALLY since that last injury in 2009.  This would prove to be our worst injury in the history of our group.


Doc Hudson was in pursuit of Crews Control and estimated speeds are in the 64mph range.  As he crossed the painted center lines on the road to make his pass, the rear of his car stepped out and he made contact with Crews Control’s car.

His car left the road, struck a tree, lifted into the air, rotated 180 degrees and slammed into another tree before setting down.

From 64mph to a dead stop took about 1.3 seconds.

Doc Hudson shattered his leg below the knee and required multiple surgeries to put him back together again.


While these injuries are not to be taken lightly, we do need to put into perspective the fact that we have had 3 injuries in over 60 races.


We have had several other crashes during that time.  And many of those resulted in damage to the race cars – sometimes very substantial damage, but this is the extent of the injuries we have had.


Yes, our cars were not safe in the early days.  But we learned from our failures and we have done several things to correct them.


Anytime we have a crash, we review any video footage and we inspect the cars closely to try to figure out what went wrong, why it went wrong, what failed, what held up, and what we could do to prevent this type of failure from repeating itself.  This incident investigation is NOT a quick look.  It is a detailed investigation that receives a lot of time and effort to complete.


We don’t turn a blind eye to it and just figure it will happen to someone else, not us.  We know that as long as we are pushing the envelope there are going to be times that we cross the limits and things will go bad.  We try to prepare for that.  And we have a proven system in place to deal with it when it happens.


So if you are a new racer, or you are associated with the new group in question, we encourage you to review the car construction tips found on the MISFITS FB page!  And don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help or suggestions!


Our group is made up of a diverse group of individuals who have a vast degree of knowledge on this and other subjects.

Our goal is simply to help you guys and girls race safer and have more fun. 

If anyone in this sport gets injured it’s bad for all of us.

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s simply an accident waiting to happen!

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Mother Nature is a Mean, Evil Bitch

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