Dear Aimoo members,

Thank you so much for all your support for Aimoo over the years.

The PM is opened now.

We found there were still some owners wanted to transfer their forums to new aimoo, So we reopen the application for transferring temporarily, please hurry up and next week , We will closed this page. If you have applyed , please ignore it. 

The help forum has been transferred to new aimoo, it is below:

The transfer will be executed one by one and we will close the PM funciton, the registeration function and the creating forum function in old aimoo.  

The forum data will be transferred is below:

1. the control panel settings including categories, icons, permission and so on.
2. the forum skin 
3. all topics and replies
4. all valid members
5. owner`s profile and PM ( it will be lost probably but not many)
6. forum balance

Except of above, all forum transferred will get free a month diamond.

The transfer will take many days and we plan to complete it in 27th and we will publish the other funtions step by step, they are friends, Album, Youtube video upload and so on, except that, we will publish a new chatroom in future.

If you have any questions, you can email us by

Thanks again for your understanding and support. Aimoo will get better and better with all of you!

Close it  
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3 Rich_G Advanced Member 07-24-2012 Male 152 View
4 Luke1240 Advanced Member 03-11-2012 Female 1 View
5 OliveLeaf Administrator 02-12-2012 Female 6 View
6 tsmolskow Advanced Member 01-22-2012 Male 0 View
7 karlkase Advanced Member 01-18-2012 Male 0 View
8 BeSureYourSinsWillFindYouOut Advanced Member 01-12-2012 Female 0 View
9 mrKokielobanola Advanced Member 11-30-2011 Male 0 View
10 mrLobaloba Advanced Member 11-30-2011 Male 0 View
11 nard345 Advanced Member 10-31-2011 Male 0 View
12 agape123 Advanced Member 10-29-2011 Female 0 View
13 Dunggate Advanced Member 03-21-2011 Female 131 View
14 Surgtechgal Advanced Member 11-13-2010 Female 0 View
15 asifchughtai Advanced Member 11-10-2010 Male 0 View
16 kiddo22 Advanced Member 10-03-2010 Female 0 View
17 micah719 Advanced Member 09-30-2010 Male 0 View
18 sweeney2 Advanced Member 09-18-2010 Female 0 View
19 Hikenc1975 Advanced Member 08-30-2010 Male 0 View
20 jemajo Advanced Member 08-08-2010 Male 0 View
21 nov1971 Advanced Member 08-06-2010 Male 175 View
22 end_time_warrior Advanced Member 07-31-2010 Male 2 View
23 jesuschangesall Advanced Member 07-25-2010 Male 0 View
24 6thSeal Advanced Member 07-24-2010 Female 1 View
25 JewByRebirth777 Advanced Member 06-15-2010 Female 5 View
26 LionoftheTribeofJudah Advanced Member 06-14-2010 Female 2 View
27 HopeFaithJoy Advanced Member 06-12-2010 Female 0 View
28 Remnant777 Advanced Member 06-05-2010 Male 0 View
29 Truthsower Advanced Member 05-31-2010 Female 0 View
30 blessed_shepard Advanced Member 05-02-2010 Female 1 View
31 collinsMcstone Advanced Member 05-01-2010 Male 1 View
32 CanYouTellMeHowToGetToSesameStreetIneedToSeeAguyAboutAmuppet Advanced Member 04-23-2010 Female 0 View
33 Jennifleur Administrator 04-22-2010 Female 4 View
34 firstoftwelve Advanced Member 04-22-2010 Female 1 View
35 Roniadonai Advanced Member 04-21-2010 Male 1 View
36 DayLily Advanced Member 04-21-2010 Female 2 View
37 DustyOpal Administrator 04-16-2010 Female 3 View
38 ChillyD Advanced Member 04-11-2010 Female 0 View
39 tiffydurbin Advanced Member 04-10-2010 Female 0 View
40 john146 Advanced Member 04-08-2010 Male 0 View
41 theseer Moderator 04-04-2010 Male 32 View
42 tweekjones Advanced Member 04-01-2010 Male 0 View
43 MartinL Moderator 03-26-2010 Male 220 View
44 BoldlyProclaimingChrist Advanced Member 03-23-2010 Female 5 View
45 GinnyluvsJesus Moderator 03-22-2010 Female 0 View
46 tygerkittn Moderator 03-22-2010 Female 1 View
47 JoyinJesus Super-administrator 03-21-2010 Female 2273 View
48 JesusIsLove Owner 03-20-2010 Female 4919 View
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