“The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.” Isaiah 3:9

Policymic.com-Twelve more states are adopting same-gender civil marriage in 2013-2014. Moreover, they’re doing it 13 times faster than in 1990, when three same-gender couples first sought civil marriage licenses in Hawaii. The first wave of 10 states took 22 years (1990-2012). But the second wave — 12 more states — is finishing in just two years (2013-2014). What used to average over 26 months per state is now averaging just eight weeks each.Over the last two decades, support for same-gender civil marriage grew rapidly, from only 12% in 1988 to 53% in 2012 — with similar results across 53 legislatures (50 states, the federal District, the Puerto Rico territory, and Congress), and overwhelmingly favorable progress with 42 lawsuits in state and federal courts.Among America’s many voter types, there are only five demographic groups left where opponents of equality still show up: less educated Caucasians (56%), the over-65 crowd (58%), Republicans (69%), evangelical Protestant Caucasians (73%), and Tea Partyists (nearly 100%). Those five are the only opponent hideouts left; every other demographic group measured in a major national poll now supports same-gender marriage. Full Story Here


Sodom Claims Victory


Lot Escapes Sodom, Not without The Influence of Sodom

States are falling like dominoes into the morass that is gay marriage. God does not take this lightly. The Bible is clear on how he treated Sodom. If you don’t think it’s necessary to lead your family and others to Christ, think again. Once a young person is convinced that having sexual relations with the same sex is acceptable, getting them to turn toward Christ may be even harder. It’s like a bad storm heading our way and we are just seeing the drizzle.