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Title: 22 Hornet: are 55+ grain bullets overkill?
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(Date Posted:04/14/2008 8:58 AM)
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I've read a lot of postings from veteran Field Pistol shooters who recommend going no lighter than 55 grain bullets with the .22 Hornet. Some are even going as heavy as 63 grains for added knockdown power. Yesterday was the first time I've used the Hornet in competition, and let me tell you, those 55 grain bullets pushed by 8 gr. of 2400 hit the targets like canon balls! Having shot only small bore previously, I'm used to seeing those heavy steel rams slooowly tip over when hit, sometimes taking several second before falling off their stands. With the Hornet, it was as if someone had kicked them off. Two of my shots hit the ram at the very edge of the target, and they still went over pretty hard. So what I'm wondering in light of this is whether I could go with 50 or even 45 grain bullets instead and perhaps reduce my powder load, the main advantage being less recoil. I've just replaced the red dot scope with a regular rifle scope which sits much closer to my eye when used with a taco hold, so reducing recoil as much as possible would be desireable. Opinions?
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RE:22 Hornet: are 55+ grain bullets overkill?
(Date Posted:09/01/2010 12:16 AM)


I know this is an older post, but since it never got a reply, and I just now saw it, I'm going to throw in my two cent's worth.

I'm guess Aurelius that you are shooting at FP Rams made of 1/2" plate steel. I used to shoot a lot of Field Pistol but it was always at rams made of 3/8. 50 grain bullets moving at 1800 fps (muzzle) popped them off the stands just fine. Then, in June of 1993, I shot a match in Jerome, Idaho. Some of their rams at the time were made of 1/2" steel and the 50 grainers b-a-r-e-l-y pushed them over. But, over they did go. Sounds like your load should be pushing 55 grainers at about 1700 to 1800 fps as well. That's cool because they ought not damage the chickens at 25.

Anyway, if you're shooting at 1/2" plate rams, I'd stay at 55-60 grain bullets for insurance. If you're shooting at 3/8" plate rams, you could go down to 45 grain bullets and feel safe. My best all-time bullet was a 52 Speer HP. Backed with 9.0 of WW296 it was accurate and mild recoiling. It also didn't do a tom turkey any good in the 1996 spring turkey season in South Dakota!

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RE:22 Hornet: are 55+ grain bullets overkill?
(Date Posted:09/11/2010 10:53 AM)

Just this summer we included field pistol at my home range after a long absence.  I ran out and got a hornet barrel started looking for a load.  After reading several posts on this forum I tried 4.5 gr of 231 with a small pisto primer and a 52 grain bullet.  I chose the 52 because I had a lot more of them than 55 grain bullets.  Recoil is almost nonexistant and accuracy is great.  I haven't had time to shoot the load at many rams but all have fallen thus far when hit. I feel that little would change with a 55 grainer.

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