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     Was kind of wondering that, myself. :) Hope you all had a great Turkey Day! Looking forward to Christmas soon.

    12/15/2014 7:54 AM


    Soo, are we gonna continue with this? Starting to forget what the hell were doing here and how we got

    11/19/2014 6:43 PM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    "Thank you," Jeyelle smiled at the burly gatekeeper of the bubble. Turning away to speak with her wing commander, she missed any kind of revelation about Tarn and his back story or true identity. To the cleric, he was simply an overly-dramatic, irresponsible, womanizing buffoon. With the instructions she had been given, she soon had her fellow ariels inside the strange dome and headed to the Inn. She was actually looking forward to a hot towel if not a bath, something to refresh herself from an afternoon of travel. She was certain that her odd companions would be allowed entrance and that she would probably encounter them again at the town's Inn or perhaps when they were all called to court.

    Court, she thought to herself with a roll of her eyes and almost snorted in disdain. Her entire life she had tried hard to avoid anything that remotely resembled any kind of caste system or royal entanglement. Courts weren't good for much, unless those who ruled truly understood and empathized with the commoner folk in their kingdoms. Perhaps this Trinity will be the exception, she pondered.  It was obvious that they had an immense amount of power. I have a bad feeling that we're going to need every last bit of it. If Kang is somehow involved, then it's a certainty that we can use all the help we can get.

    These thoughts and more distracted her as she walked towards the center of town and followed a dirt road that led back from the main area a few hundred yards. There, nestled among some large, old elm trees, she spied a two-story building of rough-hewn logs. It boasted a wide wrap-around porch bustling with both people and chairs. It will be a wonder if there are any rooms available, with the sheer amount of people who are already here!

    09/27/2014 2:44 AM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    Baxter listens to Slain carefully as he talks to Jayelle, and then Tarn. Sometimes listening can gain one more information than whats said. Slain seemed to be some sort of "Receptionist" for this Trinity, whom he very much believed to be a group of mages considering the size of the magical barrier below them surrounding a small city. Being in foreign lands himself, he assumes these mages have been here for quite a while and are well known in these parts. Obviously very powerful as well... maybe he could learn something more. After casting the spell on Tarn, he didn't even go after him... knowing the winds would carry him away. But not far, Tarn was resourceful and would find them eventually. He just couldn't take his eyes off that big beautiful barrier.

    Jett was enjoying the view. First the beautiful forest below, surrounding a magic bubble with a town inside. Hundreds of people, small shanties, tribes and clans from everywhere were everywhere. He had never seen so many different races and creeds gathered in one place before, riding never before seen mounts with wings, feet, and hooves. There was sooo much to take in he still doesn't notice what happened to Tarn till Slain and his bird swoop him up and drop him on the cart. Jett chuckles a little then quiets as Tarn talks, but continues to people watch.

    Baxters mouth dropped like a sack of potatoes as he listened to Tarns tale, then his eyes widened a little as he mentioned Baxter and Jett being some sort of servants to him. With a stern finger raised he was about to say something then was abruptly cut off by Slains laughing and finally letting them pass on Tarns papers. All Baxter could do was let it be. Tarn may be rough around the edges, but so far he's been useful. His silvery tongue had gotten them into the city, but they would have words soon on who the hell Tarn really is. For now Baxter followed the others to their designated landing site being sure to call for Jett whenever he got too distracted.

    09/25/2014 7:58 PM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    Slaine slams the flask again. He had been meetin and greetin every wandering soul that had appeared in the recent month. Several were gawkers, folks of opportunity and city leeches come to find an easy profit but he sorted them quickly enough and sent them packing. More than a few of that persuasion hadn't abandoned thier invidual quests for one reason or another and had set up a sizable shanty town just beyond the base of the purple semi-transparent bubble that covered the city. 
    Makeshift buildings and thin smoke make up the bulk of the refugees "camp"

    Slaine looks intently serious @Jeyelle holding a tight lipped scowl. And then burts out with bellowing laughter. Well ah guess I have then. We'll be havin a gatherin soon enough. I once knew some of the older Sun-gliders from yur side o the mountain. Yur talkin of the Trinity and that's exactly the kind o tale I would expect from a station as far flung as yours. Your tellin the truth *winks* I always know bout that typo thang. (detect lie)

    Your flock is more than welcome and any issue will be brought to your attention ov course. He holds his palm up and the tattoo there glows red and activates the portal hole thru the shield at ground or aviary levels and into the newly erected massive 3-story gate.

    You and yours aim for that and pass in. Make yourselves comfortable and be lookin fer the messenger that"ll call ya to court.  The last of the summoned are filterin in and things should be peakin in a day or so. 

    Tarn on the other hand spirals into the void gaining speed. His initial yell peters out. After another deep breathe he starts screaming in white knuckled fear again. 

    His yelling comically fades into an inquisitive yodel as he slows and begins being blown to the east as he gently falls the 100' back to earth. 

    Slaine notices the nerdy dude falling like a dry leaf. Rolling his eyes and sneering slightly he kicks the gargantuan avian into a diving bank and with 2-fingers snatches the musician up by the nape of his shirt. He circles back up and chucks the weaker man onto the cart from which he fell. 

    I'd bet a weeks worth o haggis that you skeever were NOT asked to partake in this upcoming war council. Yur gonna need ta wait it out with the other rif raff. 

    Tarn is still shaken from his amateur fail but tries to protest anyway. What! Not invited you claim?! Well maybe not in a combative capacity but! *he produces a scroll case and tosses it to the paralleled flying northman* but were supposed to be here in any case. Even Hero's need vittles and theatrical distractions. 

    Slaines expression says he disagrees. Where'd you get this. This sez it's issued to Amun Thyrm. *chuckles deeply and long* Only Thyrm I ever heard of tis Dominican Amun Thyrm of House Red Sun. I know you aint naw House-Patriarch witha war-jammer that rides onna storm. 

    I go by stage names and monikers mostly. Softly he offers, Alas, kind host, you will discover that my surname is in fact and honesty Thyrm. 

    Slaine gets a kick out of that and his chin goes skyward as he guffaws at the thought. Bwahahaha.......You? THYRM! The spelljamming pirate-king of a hundred worlds. Hahahaha, so where's yur jammer that rides on a storm then? Leave it in the smithy didja? 

    Tarn simply shifts his head and raises an eyebrow, 

    *Slaine's smile fades and his brow scrunches in question* Oi. Yer tellin the truth. Thet's odd. Hmmph. Fine then, yur in. This gives ya access ta foods and entertainments. 
    Well who am I to question the Trinity. So be it. Enter @yonder gate and seek the Crossraods Inn. Ask for Jarlosh. He'll get ya pointed in the right direction. I see ya have passes for a coupla more bodies. Should I assume it's gonna be the Duster and the Taur? 

    Tarn had pictured this going differently but he shrugged it off. Once they got in he could adjust things to their favor. 

    He looked back to the distant storm cloud and swallowed hard. So far so good. But he felt they should hurry. This Slaine character wasn't the one to spend their resources on. Seemed as if this "Trinity" might be the ones to butter up. He glanced @Baxter and Jett. He had a pretty good idea of how to get himself into the inner circle. Knowledge was always his biggest weapon and this Baxter fella had some pretty important notes. 

    Ayup, these will be my official consorts if you please. Mayhaps we'll see you inside? 

    Slaine gives them a wave and breaks off behind them. A far off cloud formation full of gnashing lightning had caught his eye. 

    Well if that's settled then we"ll be on our way.

    I'll post again in a few days. Feel free to put up a small reply if you want or have time. 

    08/29/2014 3:59 PM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    Jett flies just above the beetle carrying the cart so he can guide it if needed. He too was awe struck by the sheer number of people that were showing up to this meeting. People of all races, tribes, and creeds. He would have no problem mixing in here... everyone was mixed. This had to be a serious problem with the Illithid. A problem big enough to effect this many people, perhaps even the whole world. Jett trusted Baxters judgment, he had never led them wrong. But this was the first time Jett hoped with all his might that Baxter was right. This would be the biggest thing they had ever involved themselves in, and there wasn't even a sign of profit. Jett scratched his chin as he watched Winry interact with the stranger on the giant bird, when first meeting her he never imagined she would be apart of something this big... and wondered if it would turn out to be a mistake.

    Jett seemed to be deep in thought. From either the spectacle in front of him or the future ahead of them. Baxter knew not to bother him while he was in such concentration, but to just let him think it out. He was actually glad Jett wasn't anything like his bovine brethren here, they were animals and did very little thinking. No, Jett was special. A very rare type of Minotaur, and he was a friend as well. However his attention lacks while thinking, and he didn't even notice Tarn bounce by him only inches away, and right over the side of the wagon. Luckily for Tarn, Baxter was flying nearby the cart as well, and did see the less than graceful attempt. With a quick flick of his wrist, Baxter casts a simple quick spell on Tarn... Featherfall.

    08/03/2014 4:05 PM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    Jeyelle was a bit taken aback at the size of the strange warrior and his mount. She blinked a couple of times and then gave the red-haired man a hesitant smile. "I am Jeyelle Windwalker, The Chosen of Apollo's Temple. A few nights ago, three of your village's elders appeared in my bedroom and told me to make haste here to meet with them. One was a silver-haired elven woman, one was a small, oriental man and the other was a black-haired human magus. My troops," she said, motioning to the other Ariels, "are here with me as support. I assume they will be allowed inside, as well? I can vouch for their good behavior."

    The cleric's grey eyes darted around as she began to notice many others arriving to the outside of the shield. Father Sun! she thought. It looks as if they've summoned the entire realm! This can't bode well. Turning back to Slaine, she cracked a half-smile and said, "I would say, 'Take us to your leaders' but you've probably heard that a million times before."

    07/28/2014 3:01 PM


    "I am planning this one big clash b4 your all stripped and slung to the far corner of the omniverse."

    Well that's comforting. lol smiley81

    07/28/2014 2:26 PM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    ((Tag team post))

    Winry is awed by the building sized Roc. Her smile widens two fold.

    Without much thought she dives and turns her beetle towards it's underside.

    Ahhhaaa!  Wheeee! She crawls fwd and stands tall widestanced on the forehead of the bug. She reaches straight up trying to pet it's thighs or press a talon tip.

    Behind her Tarn panics and tries to burrow further under the saddle bag. Head down butt up he tries to avoid being eaten. 

    Slaine isn't sure what to make of this and the Roc definitely doesn't like her whipping braids between it's legs.



    With the hair! 

    Get up frem there afore ya get yur braids torn asunder! He tips his silver flask backs, drinks deeply and mumbles For the luv of ... You would hope a smert gurl would be right terrified @the site of a blood curdling beastie alike this.

    They shore called down the wildest foreign ones fer this moot.

    Winry squawks and screeches at the bird (speak with animal) Your so regal and beautiful! And big!

    I'm gonna get ya! I'm gonna pet ya! After some dexterous strokes of it's soft feathers, she swoons,

    She's wonderful! I love her!   

    Can I ride her sometime?  

    Meybe. Depends onna few points of reason. 1 bein "we're ya invited?"

    She circles up nearer the bids head. Oh yeah, I'm Winry. I saw the dream mages one night. They told me to come here. Tarn starts breathing regular again as he peeks out.

    Waving at everyone behind her, These are my new friends. We've come to help!

    The red warrior throws a thumb @Tarn, Wet's this all about?

    Winry winces Him? Eh, he's in show business.

    Ah. K then. E'll have ta have credentials. Same as the rest ov em. But yur good Ms. Lady Winry. Yur expected. A moment plz whilst I check on your mates.  

    He looks over the rest and falls back to where the flyers direct him to their leader. Falling beside her the weathered northman looks her up and down.

    Knowingly he asks, Sa whot brings ye 'ere Milady?

    While he's busy Tarn tries to jump down to the wagon.

    (Dex check nat20 fail)

    And promptly twists his ankle toppling him over the edge.

    (Dex check nat20 fail)

    and slides down the side.

    And He's freeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Freee Fallin

    ((Lookin for an Ari response and maybe Bax save Tarn))

    07/22/2014 8:58 PM


    Yup! Your "there". I admit I find the visual of you guys all flying into view mildly amusing.  

    I'll try to be more clear, especially because we're online.

    Ah-k then, just so's you know, I pictured you all making your entrances as you come riding into town. Start a few miles out. The whole place is under one of those protection domes. The mages power it with that tree of worlds we have. Storm and Ari are both busy preparing. NPC Amagato will buffer and help you with anything. He is best @knowledge. Learning of things, teaching, or applying high intelligence to problems is more his style.   

    Only certain ppl can pass the barrier and thru the gate. You have to be let in or receive the key wizard mark. Some of you are invited and the rest just play along with Tarn as entertainers or some other profession you want to use. He'll get Bax and Jett thru the gate on his backstage passes and fast-talk. Later on you 2 can decide if you want to be famous or incognito

    Inside the safety of the dome you'll read my posts about some others that have gathered and are starting to unify their forces to attack the mountain where the illithid jammers are coming from.

    B4 setting out I forsee you and all the war leaders having few major pow-wows of uneasy truces where they try to strategize and work in unison.

    Once that's settled you go to war against spell-jamming squidheads. I am planning this one big clash b4 your all stripped and slung to the far corner of the omniverse.

    Araon- Do what you can when you can. We'll be around.

    07/22/2014 6:42 PM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    Baxter and Jett flew along with the others as well as could be expected. The dark grey storm clouds nipped at their heels the entire trip to Elmshade. Whipping wind and flying debris didn't make things easier. Baxter had to pull his robes back down from over his head on more than one occasion. It wasn't until they approached the village itself that their attention was changed. Baxter nor Jett had ever been to Elmshade before, and to see such a magical place was awe inspiring to them both. The magical bubble that protected the entire area was magnificent. It had to take some pretty powerful magic to create that. Baxter had heard of these types of barriers before, but never seen one till now.

    As their company flew down and closer, they noticed they weren't the only ones arriving. There had to be legions of different tribes, races, and occupations all arriving from all directions. Baxter started getting nervous about now. This was something major. If there were any doubts of the severity of the situation, and the genuine claims of this Elmshade meeting... they were totally gone now.

    Jett floated over closer to Baxter... "Wow! Are you sure we want to get involved in this? It looks pretty serious to me, and once we do get involved there may be no getting out."

    Baxter nodded and patted Jett on the shoulder... "I know. But we have no choice. The threat is too great to ignore and it's my duty to help them. I may be the only one with the knowledge to do so, and I need you to watch my back."

    Jett nodded with a snort... "Then we do this together and to the end my friend."

    Baxter smiled, getting a new boost of confidence from Jett. He knew Jett would follow him and protect him to the end, and Baxter would do the same for his bovine friend.

    Then he sees the bird, and as it gets closer Baxter slowly floats closer to the beetle carrying the cart for cover. Then he notices the rider, and plays things off like he was checking the rigging to the cart. The rider introduces himself as a sort of greeter for Elmshade, directing incoming traffic into the village. Since he officially never received and invite, Baxter will let Winry or Jayelle speak to him.

    07/19/2014 8:08 AM


     Ok, I see were going again. Sorry, I didn't know we were supposed to talk and travel. I thought Loki was gonna get us to Elmshade and we pick up there.

    07/19/2014 7:46 AM

    Re :   Kumori Takeru New Character - Big Dan/Araon

     Yeah, I know it was suuuuuper long before I could post again. I tell you, when you work 12 hours a day 5-6 days a week things can slip by so fast. If anyone is ever in NC and needs a car, give me a shout! lol If I run into anymore trouble (likely to do so) I will give you a shout

    07/10/2014 9:58 AM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    ((Raven and Rayce could post some fluff if they can))

    It's hard to see much from here. But nearly everything on the ground has been abandoned. Others like  yourselves are still straggling in. From the west are dwarven griffon riders and to the east gnomes arrive in long caravans dotted with huge cargo carriers.  

    The sphere that surrounds the town glows purple, hums and huge power spots slide across its surface like a solid oil slick big as sails.

    Towards you a silhouette gains size and girth when it turns towards you.

    It begins to look like a bird. A bird of prey. A raptor maybe. But it gets bigger. And you can see a long red-haired rider. And it gets larger. You can see the spears, lances and flags that jut up from his saddle. And it gets bigger again as it comes nearer. Your pretty sure that brown eagle could pick up an elephant. Maybe you've heard of a Roc?  Well, now you've seen one of the Jurassic creatures.  

    As soon as he gets within earshot of your point winged-elf guard she hears him yelling with some obvious magical augmentation, Slaine McFeargus. Clan McFeargus. You've prolly herd O meh. Somehow he easily flips a 2-handed maul in one hand as he scans your entourage for imported ales. I need yah to state the name O yer Callen. He shrugs at her as he circles parallel with the forward most elf, That'd be anyone carryin on about funny dreams or wot not. Maybe a mirror went odd or strangers in yonder bedroom? I've been given a list ah invitees and Im'a checkin it twice.

     photo SlainMcFeargus.png

    ((SO he's at the front of your guys caravan talking with the lead elf scout. Pc's can do what they like for 5rds and then 3 more while he talks)) 

    07/09/2014 8:32 PM

    Re :   Kumori Takeru New Character - Big Dan/Araon

    I have my character started, but I am a loooong way off. So I may have to wait for the next one or something, not sure. But don't stop on my account!

    Also, to make it harder on me lol and simpler for you I am just going to use the AD&D OA book. Never made and kept a multiclass character before so this will be a new experience and difficulty for me but I will persevere!

    As well as the Complete Elven Handbook doesn't explain how to create a half elf/mixed elf so I will stick with a full drow unless you want to define parameters for me Loki. I was thinking like a drow/sylvan(preferred) or drow/high elf. Let me know your opinion/rule. Until I hear I will continue to make a Full Drow Yakuza/Ninja from OA (since ninja have to multiclass) and I assume since we are going 10th level I can have a maximum of the two classes equaling 10. So like Ylvl5/Nlvl5 or Ylvl4/Nlvl6, so on and so forth.

    07/08/2014 8:50 AM

    Re :   Feast of the Hunters Moon

    Jeyelle also periodically glanced behind them, noting that the storm clouds never seemed to recede into the distance. It was troubling and her brows knit into a pensive frown as they approached the magically domed town. She had never been to Elmshade before, but had of course heard the rumors of the trinity who ruled it -- powerful magi, all. Signalling the aeriel troops that they should land outside of the dome, she gracefully set down close to the glowing barrier and peered within. "I have no idea if this dome will react to anyone or anything trying to enter," she explained to Isiah and he and the others landed. "Perhaps we should call out? Or perhaps they already know we're here. Hmmm..." 

    07/02/2014 3:24 PM


    I've been checking this each week, was starting to wonder...

    I'm ready to keep going.

    06/19/2014 4:28 PM


     I'm still here and ready, too. :) I'll FB message Araon today and see if he is still interested.

    06/18/2014 9:55 AM


     I'm ready to move on if your still in. 

    06/16/2014 5:34 PM

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