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  • Title: Gideon's_Barber-Shop_Open-for-Business
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    (Date Posted:04/21/2009 6:03 PM)
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    In need of a shave? ...or mayhap a trim or haircut? ...what about a manicure?

    Tired of looking in the mirror at the same face and hair day in and day out?

    Got a hot date?

    Want to impress that someone special in your life?

    For all your personal grooming and appearance needs, catering to all races both men and women...

    Visit Gideon's Barber Shop!

    Appointments and Walk-ins welcome.

     ~ ~ ~ New shrubs and flowers grew in the flower beds below the front porch of the Barber Shop.  Fresh white wash covered the heat blackened rocks trimming the flower beds and the veneer of the building's front.  The damage was all repaired from the phenomenal confrontation between the small girl, Sydney, and the disguised Red Dragon Tetanius, mascarading as a member of nobility under the nom de guerre of Nicholai.  Before actual battle could ensue and result in complete demolition of his business, Gideon through judicious use of magicks, and persuasive choice of words in the Dragon's ear defused the situation.  Unfortunately, the peace was short lived. ~ ~ ~

     ~ ~ ~ A visit from some Enforcers of the Beholder Crime-Lord Xanathon nearly proved to be more than the former Guild Master could handle.  However, the quick thinking of the Mocking Man, and his penchance for planning, entangled the Black Riders with the disguised Red Dragon, and allowed for the Razor Man to more easily divide and conquer them.  There was a skirmish inside his shop which because of his defenses and prepartion resulted in the Enforcers defeat and some interior damage.  The damage was easily repaired, and calm restored to the village square of Elmshade. ~ ~ ~

     ~ ~ ~ With peace and quiet restored at last returned to the life of the former Guild Master, Gideon once more relaxed on his front porch enjoying his morning tea and crumpets with an after breakfast smoke of his pipe.  He waited for his next customer to come calling at his porch steps. ~ ~ ~
    ((OOC: Need the Barber? Post OOC here.))

    (Message edited by OhberonOn05/23/2009 9:50 PM)
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