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  • Title: Araon's Return to Elmshade
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    (Date Posted:11/28/2008 7:16 PM)
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    Araon entered the Twisted Root, he was ragged and scruffy from time and journeys. The newest Hostess was quick to spot him and went charging up to him:
     " Greetings well met and salutations stranger I'm
    Tipsie ...Tipsie Bladespinner, daughter of the Whirling Bladesingers. That's right my folks were carnies ; that 's short for carnival performers. That's an easy way to take care of that little problem we have, called wanderlust......yeah..we really don't like to be bored or stay still do we. My name, why its because what ever it is I put my little red head mind to I seem to Tip things in my favor.
     Looking at the kender that seemed to be speaking to him, he wasn't in much of a good mood and was therefore not interested in idle chit chat.  He was hoping that coming home would make it all better.  Araon, not normally being a rude person, still walks right by the little red haired one and sits at a dark corner table to be with his thoughts.His  hopes was that no one would recognize him.  Looking around he didn't see anyone that he knew except for the bartender and whenever the bartender looked over, he quickly  lowered his head and kept his hood up.
    Tipsie having never knew a stranger  or having ever had a hand shake turned down goes over to the table  her hand held out....a wedding band on it"I think you dropped looks very ...important you might want to be careful with it... I'm Tipsie new part owner of this fine establishment, first drink is on me...what will it be..."
    Araon looks up a little seeing the wedding band, without hesitation he snatches it from her hand and begins to slowly caress it, seeming as if he were in the clouds.  He gently says "Whatever the strongest drink is"; without so much as looking at her.
    "I'll send it right over....strong heh....trying to forget something...that is what that sounds like?"
    Araon looks up to her eyes finally and slowly says, "No. I will never forget, only trying to  to ease the pain of so many years that have gone by already." His eyes begin to well up just a bit but he allows no tears to fall from his eyes. He knows he is stronger than that, to just begin crying in front of a stranger no less.
    Tipsie skuttles off  but can be heard calling out " Hey Z ! bring this fellow two shots of  Dragon's blood on me  put that in a spiderblood wine with an antidote kicker..."
    Soon a tall elven maiden with long locks approaches the a soft shy voice, " is your drink courtesy of Tipsie..will there be anything else I can......" her words trail off as she sees him  handling the ring..."reminds me of..."

    Araon slips the ring back onto his finger and softly takes the glass, staring at it for a second, but he wasn't concentrating on the drink, but his wife. "I hope you found peace, because I know I sure haven't." He puts the glass to his lips and shoots it back, his hood falling off his head and he slams the glass on the table and looks up to the one who brought it to him. "Thanks..." He begins to stare at her, his eyes closing a little as if he is trying to focus on her. "I don't happen to know you do I?"
    "My apologies Sir, I meant not to stare.Uhmm...I don't think so . I have only been in Elmshade for a few nights less than a moon, Tipsie lets me work my meals off when I am not at the temple...Should I know you...?"
    Araon continues to stare then blinks away. "Temple?"  He looks back down at his ring  and he sighs heavily.  "I still cant believe that your gone." He sighs again. "Why do the gods  love picking on me for some reason. We did as they asked, yet they still take you and our daughter from me.  And who knows where Ian has gone. So many friends and loved ones gone."
    *Ziachia ; trances out for a moment,"Holimon's are stronger than that a'mael Araon"
    Araon shoots a glance at her;  stands up quickly, sliding his chair back. "What did you just say?" He looks around for some sign of a jest or something. "What is going on, if your playing a joke it isn't funny not in the least."
    *her eyes had familiar jade sparkle to them recognised by very few* "a'mael verno'  I said I would always be with you , do you question Meilikki's honor?"
    at that Ziachia shook her head...the trance breaking..."I sorry...did you say something?"
    Araon still stood in front of her, his eyes still quite wide. "Bring her back... Bring my Zia back!"
    "I have offended you...OH Meilikki' why does this keep happening..." she begins crying quietly " I harm... I ...really don't know how...this is as if I was living someone else's life.....I just...don't amandil will know what to do"
    He looks at her amazed.  "If its anyone's life you are living it is my dead wife's, you look just like her, sound just like her and even pray to the same deity." Still amazed he doesn't know what to think. "Have you ever heard the name Aaron Elmshade?"
    I have heard the locals talk about the Founders, they mentioned a great husband and father....,"*she gasps putting a hand over her mouth* you are he?...I have offended you!"* she kneels down * "I humbly seek your forgiveness Lord Elmshade...I.. Meant  no harm.. I really have no control over  these things...they just get triggered...."
    He looks down at her then reaches down and grasps her arm and pulls her up gently. "Get up, show me to the cleric, we will get this figured out. We will get answers this night."
    *at the gentleness of his touch, Ziachia begins to whisper...." Beloved  be patient....and be kind to the fragile ones you are with. lle ier mela"Nae saian luume'Ai' atar, Amin mela lle"
    Araon's eyes begin to well up once and he gently begins to lead her outside the tavern. "Where would  the temple cleric be at this hour? Will we need to wait for her to finsih prayers?"
    Ziachia says:"moon garden ....harvesting"
    Araon begins to lead her towards the moon garden and softly begins to speak. "You said this has happened before .How long has this been happening to you?"
    "since I can remember.  Though it happens more frequently since I have arrived in Elmshade.   There is still stories of her. Was she what they said...?"
    Araon continues to walk with her slowly, "Well I don't know what they have said, what exactly are you referring to?"
    "I have heard she was a mighty protector ,  that she broke your heart many times...but that didn't matter to still stood by her till the very last."
    He stopped in his tracks looking at her for a second then continues to walk. "Even death seems not to part us." He says gently and remains silent until they get to where the cleric should be. He doesn't want to bring up to much of the past, some of it he wishes never happened and never wants to remember.

    The cleric was tending to herbs under the moonlight when she hears the approaching foot steps.
    "It is quite late for visitors, "she looks up to see,"OH, Young one...should you not be at your duties?"
    Ziachia bows her head,"Yes , But there has been an occurrence wise one...this time very great."
    Araon steps around her and looks down at the cleric. "My name is Araon Elmshade. This woman has been having trances, where my deceased wife has been talking to me. What do you know of this?"
    "Saesa omentien lle Lord Elmshade, many great things have I heard about you. Elmshade will benefit from your return.  "* standing up * " As for Lady Z ....this would explain why this area has effected her so. I am not sure how I could be of assistance?  We have never understood these trances."
    He looks more frustrated. "Enough with the compliments, I'm just a normal person. I just want my wife back if there is a way." He says as he falls to his knees at her feet, heartbroken eyes look up to hers, as tears start to fall down his cheeks, pleading "How can I get her back."
    "love is always the answer to such matters Lord Araon.  Her body is of no use to her at this time. However it seems..., *pauses* are you sure Ziachia is channeling Lady Jadzianalliae, you have no doubts to this? We must be certain that it is not a dark trick."
    Araon on the verge of insanity at the statement  bolts up to his feet. "You really think that I wouldn't know my own wife even if she is being channeled through someone else." collecting himself he found what he said was trully silly. "I'm sorry, Yes, I believe with all my heart it is her though I know not why she contacts me now."
     "Blessed Selune!! Amin caela noa. It appears that Ziachia is the host of  your Ladies Soul. Something that only true love and loyality on both parts could achieve.  With a lot of divine influence to help. Ziachia....You were found on my altar  on a blue moon, a child not an infant as I had told you. It is my suspicion that you are the host for Lady Jadzianalliae ."
    *Ziachia grows quite pale at this , and quite weak in the knees.*"I was I should I  ... I know not what to think or do about this"
    Araon looks at both of them. "I didn't any harm to this woman, what exactly is going to happen?"
     If I may make a suggestion until i have researched further, Surround Z with positive memories and ideas of Lady Zia, as if she was a person with amnesia.  If she trances again , keep things in love not remorse, focus on the happy times...and enjoy that time Zia has to be with you.  I will have to consult the divine influences to know for sure, but I do know nothing of harm will be fall Ziachia. She must have sacrificed much to be given such an opportunity.  She may be softer and gentler than the warrior priestess most know her as."Ziachia should go about her normal duties so as not to attract any attention of those who would stand in the way of divine future. Elmshade is not the safest place anymore."
    Araon nods slowly "I understand, and I promise, now that I am back, I will do everything in my power to fix it all, I was mayor of this little town once before." He smirks and chuckles softly. "I shall walk you back to the tavern if you wish m'lady."  He turns back to the cleric, "You come get me as soon as you find something out, I will either be at the tavern or at my old home, if its still standing."
    Ziachia "I thank you Lord Elmshade, I believe that would be best to return to the tavern under escort."
    "I will go on a prayer vigil to Selune and see if she has any guidance for us . I give honor to Meilikki but do not know her ways as I do Selune's. I will send for you both at first word.Tenna' ento lye omenta.May your ways be green and golden   . '
    Araon nods turning around he begins to lead Ziachia back to the tavern, gently saying to the cleric. "I will await your word, I hope it comes soon, but I will try and be patient."


    What you know is so.

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    RE:Araon's Return to Elmshade
    (Date Posted:12/02/2008 1:23 PM)

    At the next new moon  the cleric of Selune began her prayer vigil on behalf of Araon and Ziachia.  She fasted through the entire time. She stayed under the moon's influence in the garden hoping that Selune would shine some light into these matters .  Through rain and sun she stayed faithful to her vigil awaiting a response from Selune.  Then as she entered the state between that which is conscious and that which is not; she recieved an image.  A grey horse  with a moon sign upon its brow, a small falcon flying above, and a lady presumably a priestess in robes of white and hair of fire.
    She took the next two days to regain her strength and then she sent for Araon and Ziachia.
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    What you know is so.

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