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  • Title: Winry Keeper of the Emerald Valleys
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    (Date Posted:11/06/2013 10:35 AM)
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    Winry (Win-ree) Keeper of the Emerald Valley.
    Voadkyn- Druid- (Humanoid HB)

    Winry is a carefree happy woods giant (aka giants elves) and @9'6"tall and about #700 she is a ton of fun.
    She currently maintains a large section of ancient forest with a power conduit embodied as a bubbling spring. Pure elemental water fountains from atop a short pile of smooth blackstones. The cairn is a sacred moot sight of age-old were-shifters drawn here since the birth of Dawn.

    Not caring for a conventional shelter Winry travels constantly checking on her borders and maintaining her various contacts both humanoid and naturally occurring.
    She's on good terms with other's of her order and is extremely popular with the residents of Black Gold Farms co-operative, a large farming community within her lands. She visits the families at spring and never misses a harvest festival. Ever.

    Due to her extensive shapechanging abilities (class and race) no-one really knows who or what she is until she reveals her true form. Thru her contacts her attention recently had turned to a band of raiding vampeals that had taken a taste for her friends. Winry has no patience for undead. She doesn't hunt them but their un-natural existence is at odds with her beliefs concerning the Circle of Life.

    Most days the large female can be caught eating assorted nuts or berries (she is a complete vegan) riding or flying on some giant forest creature or promoting sustainable farming, logging, controlled burns and other eco-friendly practices.
    She interacts with her family clan periodically but doesn't get along with their shaman Rom-Aljah very well.
    Recently Winry brought a lost female drow mage to a clan meeting, as she was a runaway.
    Well, come to find out she was a khaos mage. Sometimes the little Drow painted all surrounding houses, woods, elders, and animals in multi-hues in an explosive paint blast. By accident. And then she giggles when you ask her to undo it.
    And then the shaman fixes everyone but you. As a Lesson.
    (Normally she would have traditional green-yellow-brown skin)

    She is most well known for single handedly dispatching an especially efficient troop of Illithid Slavers. She harassed them endlessly for over a week. 3 actually died and the survivors are terrified of that part of the map. One has even developed a phobia of roses.
    Up until then they had made feasts of accomplished voadkyn, elfs, gnomes, and dwarves to mention a few more powerful victims.

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    Re:Winry Keeper of the Emerald Valleys
    (Date Posted:11/06/2013 10:36 AM)

    Giant-kin, Voadkyn
    Ability Score Adjustments. The initial ability
    scores are modified by a +1 bonus to
    Strength, a +2 bonus to Dexterity, a -1 penalty
    to Constitution, and a -2 penalty to Wisdom.
    Ability Score Range
    Class Restrictions
    Class Maximum Level
    Fighter 11
    Ranger 11
    Paladin —
    Mage 8
    Illusionist —
    Cleric —
    Druid —
    Shaman 7
    Witch Doctor —
    Thief 10
    Bard —
    Hit Dice. Player character voadkyn receive
    hit dice by class. In addition, they receive 7
    bonus hit points at first level.
    Alignment. Voadkyn tend toward chaotic
    good. PC voadkyn may be of any alignment,
    but are usually chaotic good.
    Natural Armor Class. 8.
    Background. Voadkyn are also known by the
    more common name of wood giants. They are
    one of the smallest of the giant-kin races,
    Humanoid Races • 29
    vaguely resembling giant-sized wood elves.
    They stand about 9½ feet tall and weigh
    approximately 700 pounds. They have the
    same physical proportions as humans, which
    gives them a thinner, lighter look than other
    giant-kin. Wood giants have no facial or body
    hair. They have large heads as compared to
    their bodies, and their jaws, chins and mouths
    are especially prominent. Their ears are on a
    higher plane than human ears, resting almost
    completely above the line of the eyes.
    The skin of a wood giant can be any shade of
    brown mixed with yellow or green. They like
    to wear leather armor or ring mail, and they
    carry a special steel-tipped sheath for their
    sword which allows them to use it as a walking
    stick. They often disdain footwear, leaving
    their feet bare, though they do wrap their
    ankles in strips of leather. They dress in loose
    trousers or short kilts stained in forest colors,
    and always wear a leather forearm sheath to
    protect their bow arm.
    Wood giants live in the same forests favored
    by wood elves, whom they are good friends
    with. In fact, the two races often co-exist. They
    share a bond that goes back further than the
    oldest legends. They do not make their own
    lairs, preferring to live under the stars or to
    share a wood elf lair when shelter is needed,
    The bond between wood giants and wood
    elves extends to the other elven races. Wood
    giants tolerate the company of any good elves.
    Usually, they do not mix with other intelligent
    creatures, except for the occasional treant.
    A small number of voadkyn have druid powers.
    Voadkyn druids are never found in the
    same community with voadkyn shamans.
    Voadkyn are flighty and frivolous by nature.
    They have a fondness for finely cut gems and
    well-crafted magical items. They also love to
    eat and drink wine, usually in large amounts.
    Languages. Voadkyn, treant, sylvan elf, common.
    Role-Playing Suggestions. Wood giants give
    in to sudden whims and rarely take anything
    seriously. Those that decide to become adventurers
    are mostly in it for the fun they believe
    awaits them and for the treasures they believe
    they will earn. They are fun-loving beings.
    More serious companions consider them to be
    irrational, foolish, and even obnoxious. Still,
    most believe wood giants to be friendly and
    enjoyable company.
    Voadkyn PCs are slightly more ambitious
    than those who remain in the forest, but they
    still appear to be unmotivated, plodding, even
    lazy beings. This temperament makes them
    slow to anger, but they will fight to defend
    themselves or their allies.
    Wood giants love to eat, and they always
    have a sack of nuts and seeds from which to
    snack. When traveling with other adventurers,
    a wood giant can be heard munching on some
    plant byproduct almost constantly. They eat all
    kinds of vegetables and plants, including
    leaves and roots that other humanoid races
    find inedible. They do not eat meat.
    Special Advantages. Wood giants, like elves,
    are 90% resistant to sleep and charm spells.
    They have infravision up to 90 feet.
    At 7th level, wood giants gain the ability to
    30 • Chapter Two
    polymorph (self) into any humanoid creature,
    from three to 15 feet in height. They cannot
    form themselves into another specific person,
    only into a typical member of the race.
    Voadkyn can move silently in forests, and
    any opponents there suffer a -4 penalty on
    their surprise rolls. In fact, voadkyn can blend
    into forest vegetation so well that only creatures
    able to detect invisible objects can see
    them. Voadkyn are quick, and can move out of
    hiding, fire an arrow, and return to their hiding
    place in the same round.
    The favorite wood giant weapon, a huge long
    bow, gives a wood giant a +1 bonus to attack
    rolls and a 50% increase in range. The largesized
    arrows for these bows cause 1d8 points
    of damage. The voadkyn must be at full size to
    use this bow.
    Special Disadvantages. Voadkyn take damage
    as large creatures. They get no attack
    bonus for high strength.
    Voadkyn warriors use the Paladin XP table.
    Monstrous Traits. Size.
    Superstitions. Voadkyn dislike enclosed
    spaces. They believe that nights when the stars
    are hidden precede days of ill fortune, and are
    reluctant to do much on such days.
    Weapon Proficiencies: Giant-kin dagger, giantkin
    long bow, giant-kin mace, two-handed sword.
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: Alertness, animal
    lore, animal noise, animal training (dire
    wolves), bowyer/fletcher, direction sense,
    drinking, eating, fast-talking, gaming, hiding,
    hunting, set snares, survival (forests), winemaking.

    EDIT- Srry bout the retarded format. Cut n paste PDF.
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