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Title: Space invader newbie!
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From: United Kingdom
Registered: 06/09/2017
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(Date Posted:06/09/2017 08:12)

Good afternoon, I'm new around here! I've just bought a van that is kinda the same as yours, but different.. Hope its okay for me to hop in here on an endless quest for technical expertise and new experiences! 
The van in question is a '78 dodge tradesman 100.. USA's version of the Dodge 50. The kicker is that its a 3 speed column change manual! 

Main reason for my need of a support mechanism around me is that it has the 3.8 slant 6 in it, however its no good, so I was trawling the web and found that the dodge 50 can run a perkins 4236.. So, my logic runs something like this - 

Dodge 50 runs the same auto box as the tradesman 100, a 727 3 speed. 
Because of the above, the bell housing should match up from the Perkins to the 727.
The 727 mates up to the slant 6 in my van.
Therefore the perkins should mate up to my manual 3 speed! 

Sounds plausible? Hopefully! Lets see how this goes. 

oh, My name's Dai and I'm from Swansea! 

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Re:Space invader newbie!
(Date Posted:24/10/2017 12:15)


This forum is pretty much dead now and is mainly used for archives, the best place to post questions and chat is on the dodge 50 facebook group.

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If something works, celebrate with tea and cakes...
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