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26/10/2017 13:18

Re :   Space invader newbie!


This forum is pretty much dead now and is mainly used for archives, the best place to post questions and chat is on the dodge 50 facebook group.


24/10/2017 12:15

Topic :   Space invader newbie!

Good afternoon, I'm new around here! I've just bought a van that is kinda the same as yours, but different.. Hope its okay for me to hop in here on an endless quest for technical expertise and new experiences! 
The van in question is a '78 dodge tradesman 100.. USA's version of the Dodge 50. The kicker is that its a 3 speed column change manual! 

Main reason for my need of a support mechanism around me is that it has the 3.8 slant 6 in it, however its no good, so I was trawling the web and found that the dodge 50 can run a perkins 4236.. So, my logic runs something like this - 

Dodge 50 runs the same auto box as the tradesman 100, a 727 3 speed. 
Because of the above, the bell housing should match up from the Perkins to the 727.
The 727 mates up to the slant 6 in my van.
Therefore the perkins should mate up to my manual 3 speed! 

Sounds plausible? Hopefully! Lets see how this goes. 

oh, My name's Dai and I'm from Swansea! 

06/09/2017 08:12

Re :   Dodge 50 - 5.6 Tonne Horsebox for Sale

 Have you still got the dodge 50

31/08/2017 13:23

Re :   Dodge 50 horsebox

Hi Madmouse 
This forum is pretty inactive due to most people using Facebook, I get offered quite a few dodge 50 horseboxes, send me an email to if you are looking for one.

10/07/2017 23:47

Re :   Dodge 50 horsebox

 Have you still got the dodge 50

06/07/2017 15:53

Re :   First time on here in ten years

 Every one moved to the Facebook group, lots of dodges still going yes, 
Oh and hello  :-)

04/07/2017 02:51

Re :   Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders

 Power track brakes have new slave cylinders and some new master cylinders too

04/07/2017 02:50

Topic :   First time on here in ten years

This is my first visit to this site in 10 years as thats when I sold my last Dodge. Looking pretty quiet on here these days, no Dodges left or everyone found a better spot to visit? Anyway, looking to get another Dodge this year, anything out there?

07/06/2017 06:38

Topic :   Headlamp unit for Renault Dodge 50 'Fire Control Unit' wanted Passenger side

Hello All,
I have already had a word with Greg on Facebook, asking for this ...

He explained why they are prone to lose their glass with age.

So any leads to finding one would be very gratefully received.

It's for the *passenger side*
The vehicle ID (chassis ) is ...


And crossing my fingers as I try to paste a photo ...

30/05/2017 10:55

Re :   S75 4x4 rear diff

 Hi we don't use this forum much now we use Facebook see link at top of page,
The rear axle has a limited slip diff unit that locks the rear wheel when one starts to spin, it was an option on 2wd vehicles too, it is basically a clutch type mechanism 
Text or call me on 07894515254  

18/04/2017 02:44

The Bead
Topic :   S75 4x4 rear diff

Hi All,
I am a long time dodger, had Merlin for 17 years now and all is great.
I have always had a rear diff noise, and now have finally decided to look into it,

the truck is a 1994 ex seeboard S75 4x4

the diff has a locker of sometype in it, and appears to be locked in all the time then unlockes to unload the tension

I have the diff out and it all looks like new ( only 130k kms on the clock) no bits of metal etc.

does any one know what diff this is, what axle?

any info on it,

I wonder if Seeboard had a diff that must be unloaded by driving off road, like the military trucks have to?

thanks for any help


10/04/2017 09:42

Topic :   Perkins Air Filter Containers. MK1 and 2

For a special project need a number of Air cleaner canisters as used on Dodge 50,s ,  Perkins 4 Cyl engines.  These were cylindrical shape made of metal.    Can collect Newbury , Luton and Dover areas early April.     

26/02/2017 13:06

Topic :   Chassis extensions S46 Van


I hope I'm doing this right. Can anyone advise me on chassis extensions for an S46 van camper I am working on for myself?

I am removing the body behind the front seats and making a box steel frame with either aluminium sides or ply/fibreglass composite. Weight is the key. It is currently down rated to 3.45 tons and I want to reduce that more.

Has anyone ever added rail extensions to one of these?

I have all the details from the government plebs regarding dimensions, turning circles and the general maximums involved (no more than 60% of current wheelbase length allowed behind rear wheels, must turn within a 5.3m and 12.7m concentric circles - Ireland).

I really trying to see if anyone has done similar.

The interior will be removed and a lighter version added.

I intend to use it as a race motor home for my race mower - that alone should indicate that I don't do normal things.

I have the S46, the body is shot, I will re rail it under the cab and retain the driver passenger section.

I'm a qualified welder and have the time/ equipment/ beligerence to do it.

Can anyone provide info before the plasma cutter gets plugged in??!


22/02/2017 13:55

Re :   Renault Dodge 50 series 46 Panal Van lift fuel pump

 It is a fairly standard part.  Get hold of greg or google phaser lift pump.

Most of the 50 series member have moved into the 50 series facebook group so I suggest that you become a member as posts here dont get seen much now.


06/10/2016 09:44

Topic :   Renault Dodge 50 series 46 Panal Van lift fuel pump

I have a Renault Dodge 50 series 46 with a Perkins diesel engine  I think and I need the fuel lift pump for this vehicle, can anyone one help?
It has 4 bolts and inlet and outlet holes on the same side with the hand pump on the other. No name or any identification on the unit.

Hello to everyone in here and look forward to sharing 50 stories in the future.


30/09/2016 11:22

Topic :   Renault Dodge 50 series 46 Panal Van lift fuel pump

I have a Renault Dodge 50 series 46 with a Perkins diesel engine  I think and I need the fuel lift pump for this vehicle, can anyone one help?
It has 4 bolts and inlet and outlet holes on the same side with the hand pump on the other. No name or any identification on the unit.

Hello to everyone in here and look forward to sharing 50 stories in the future.


30/09/2016 09:06

Topic :   mark 2 flasher unit

Hi guys
 just fitted led rear light clusters to my gorgeous new s56 horsebox for plate {before converting to liveaboard :} and the indicators flash like mad crazy flashing things. keeping standard lights on front. anyone know what the pin config is on the flasher unit so i can change it?? many thanks

25/09/2016 02:11

Topic :   Selling Bertha

Hi All,'

We have decided to sell Bertha now but a good home is needed.

Currently a 7.5t horse box but with loads of stuff.

Cooker, gas fridge, hot and cold water, toilet, night heater, sleeps 4 + 3 horses.

Anyone interested, call me 07715663114

Cheers Gary

03/09/2016 14:39

Topic :   Dodge 50 MkII S46

Hey All, Need to let our Dodge 50 S46 go ;-( 

Its not been MOT'd or driven properly for some years, recharged the battery and it started first time.  So far just moved him 10 feet to do some initial checks and all seems good.

It has a permanent double bed, kitchen area, fridge, woodburner, split charge and leisure battery, under seats lockable storage etc (compressor and generator but we never used them).

He has done his duties for us and now needs someone who can spend some time and effort on him!!

If anyone is interested you can shout me on or 07799888078 and I can send share / post photos etc

We live just north of Bristol...

Be good to send him to a good home :-)

22/08/2016 17:14

Topic :   Dodge 50 horsebox

Hi, I have a dodge 50 horsebox for sale. Stalled for 3 horses. Good ramp & floor. Living with double bed on Luton and bench seats and cooker. All dry. Arches need attention. Starts well. MOT exp 07/15, not renewed due to no use as horses sold. Could be converted for motorbikes etc. Sensible offers considered, could do with space. Located in Norfolk. Quick sale preferred to stop missus moaning at me. It's B plate.

06/08/2016 06:55

Re :   brake cylinder - JDS

if you the chassis number I canbtell you which cylinder you have but you will need to get it reconditioned as they are unavailable now new

10/06/2016 18:08

Re :   also s56 battery

 you need a numax 647 or equivalent which is at keast 700am cold cranking amps and 125amp hour.

10/06/2016 18:06

Topic :   brake cylinder - JDS

hi all
I'm looking for a rear brake cylinder for my s56 - JDS don't have any Dodge bits - they told me that Renault have sold off all the remaining spares and they no longer have any?!

Anyone with said cylinder or a knows a man who does please let me know all the best S

17/03/2016 06:16

Topic :   also s56 battery

hi - can anyone confirm or correct the spec of my battery i have a 663 should this be bigger for the s56?
cheers S

05/03/2016 16:51

Topic :   s56 rear brake cylinder

hello to everyone 
I'm looking for a new cylinder for the rear drivers side - mine has been leaking for a while so need to replace it, there was a guy in (near) Birmingham who sold me a new one a few years back, but despite my best efforts at keeping things tidy I've lost the invoice and therefore the address.
Anyway anyone with the know how give us a shout please all the best S

05/03/2016 16:27

Topic :   Centre Propshaft Bearing Assy. S 56

  Can anybody supply a new centre support  bearing assy which fits bewteen the 2 propshatfs for the S 56  MK I or II.            My  Dodge is now over 25 yrs, and this part must be due for replcement soon.                    2 Assys to chose from ,    either    ooo 305 7807 =  27mm DANA     or      543 0023 706 = 18mm   BRD.      I am     sure this is universal part found on other  truck makes using spicer Assys.           However must avoid shitpart coming from asia.          The inner bearing by itself is either   000 5044 234 = 27mm DANA  or   543 0023 707  = 18mm BRD.         Any tips from our members,     thankfully     Lr exporter

24/12/2015 11:36

Re :   Hello Renault Dodge Horse box owner

 Nice looking 50 series.

greg is correct about the facebook group being more popular, this foprum is now more archives than anything else.


06/12/2015 03:06

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