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Title: Where can I get 9.00x16 off road tyres for my RB
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Search Tags: 9.00x16, 900x16, michelin, rb44, tyres, xl, xzl
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(Date Posted:24/04/2012 06:15)

Hi All,

Does anyone know the best place to buy decent 900x16 (or metric equivalent, whatever that is!) off road tyres?

I currently run on Michelin XL but am looking to change to XZL, which I'm hoping wil give better grip on a wet road. (We did a 360 spin on a wet French road. Interesting in a 4.5 Tonne RB44 camper conversion)

One good thing with the XL's is that they have now covered 7500 miles. The fronts are worn, but the backs are still very good, so ideally I'm looking for XZL replacements, so I should get the same milage.

I've tried VAS, but they don't have any in stock, but I have heard a rumour that there is a BF Goodridge equivalent..... anyone tried them?



From: United Kingdom
Time spent: 0 hours

Re:Where can I get 9.00x16 off road tyres for my RB
(Date Posted:24/04/2012 13:32)

the replacements for the old 9.00R16 XZL's are 255-100R16's - you could try David Crouch, 07711 750321 (daytime) or e-mail

edit, just been quoted £50each +vat +delivery for transfer box brackets - so that's £130 for some pieces of 5mm steel plate welded together with some holes in (I don't think so)

you might need deep pockets for some XZL's

(Message edited by chugg89 On 30/04/2012 09:43)
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it seemed like a good idea at the time

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