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Title: Homemade bullet lube?? 

Here I go again with another real newbie question.For use solely with pistol bullets in the 750 to 1400 fps range, WHAT bullet lube recipe should I use?? I am using an RCBS sizer,with .410", .429" and .45 pistol slugs.Where does one get beeswax? I can buy it online its $10 per pound. Gotta be a cheaper source out there. Just how pure does it need to be? I do have Honey operations out here so I can call one and see if I can get some beeswax locally.What else do I need to add? And can one of you give me a basic rundown on how to make the lube. ANY good tips are appreciated. Like quanity to make, eqpt to use,etc.FN in MT

Frank237 posted on 03/06/2004 18:16:36


Frank, you should be able to get the beeswax cheaper, and your local bee keepers are a good place to start. Western Bee in Polson, Mt. has it on hand at times. They are online. Also check Ebay.

What part of Montana are you in?

The short version...

Felix Lube formula
2T mineral oil
1 T castor oil
1 T Ivory, or homemade soap
1T Lanolin
Beeswax - Piece approximately 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 1 "
Heat mineral (baby) oil until it starts to smoke.
Add castor oil, and stir continuously for 1/2 hour
Sliver the soap, and stir into the mixture a little at a time, until melted.
Add lanolin
Add beeswax
1 t. of carnuba wax can be added to give a shiny bore. This can be found on the seal of Makers Mark whiskey, or the red wax on cheese from the supermarket.
Once made, let cool. This can be remelted in a microwave, and poured into the lubrisizer.
Go to
for tips on refinement of the formula.

waksupi posted on 03/06/2004 18:26:14





Full page of listings


carnuba wax


waksupi posted on 03/06/2004 18:36:45


 I'm out in Central MT basically on the Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls. The nearest town, 6 miles south of us is CRAIG.  I'm the resident Highway Patrol Officer  for a large rural area. Pretty sweet duty.

 Tremendous hunting and fishing within sight of my home. Have a 200 yd range in the back forty behind my garage which is very convenient.  Moved from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey to MT back in 1979. BEST thing I ever did.

FN in MT

Frank237 posted on 03/06/2004 18:56:58


Pretty country up through there. Do you know Neil and Noel Duram? Neil is stationed north of me in Saunders County, and I believe Noel is still in Glacier County or thereabouts. I shoot with them, thier dad, and families at the ML get togethers. 

waksupi posted on 03/06/2004 21:00:40


  I know both of the Durhams quite well. As a matter of fact, an eon ago I field trained Neal  when he first came on the Patrol. I may have even had his brother for a few weeks as well. Been a long time since those days.

  I am slowly digesting the bullet lube recipes.     This cast bullet ...... BOOLIT........ stuff is a little like voodoo isn't it?? Do moon phases or the alignment of the planets afffect the lube recipes??

FN in MT

Frank237 posted on 03/06/2004 22:51:45


They are both real good guys. My nephew wasn't sure if he liked Noel too much after a night of drinking his homemade beer, though.

There is definitely voodoo involved. I believe the proper proceedure has been set down as follows.

Draw a pentagram on the ground. Stand in the middle with your casting pot and mold. Swing a dead cat six times around your head. You should only be wearing a thong and hauraches as you do this. Works every time.

waksupi posted on 03/07/2004 00:02:45

Reply to : Frank237

I am sure pet lube recipes are like opinions and a certain bodily orifice, we all have one.

My lube is nothing fancy and simple as dirt, I use it for all my cast shooting, pistols, .308, 30-06, 7.62 x 39 and  45-70 rifles.   As a disclaimer, I don't recommend it for anyone else, in any manner, or in anyway.  This is only meant as just the way I do it and nothing else, it works for me, it may not for others.

Consists of approximately, 3 parts toilet bowl wax ring, 2 parts paraffin wax,  "Lubri-Matic" boat wheel bearing & corrosion green grease to taste (I use a bit less than a teaspoon per stick in the old model 45 lubricator/sizer) ) and a few slivers of Ivory soap.  The particular grease was derived from peaking it up for a summer in the garage here in Arizona (has to get upwards of 140 degrees in there at times with evap. cooler off) and it never slumped.  Ingredients say, grease= petroleum oil, and others are trade secrets, for whatever that may mean.  In a pinch, in place of the Ivory Soap I have incorporated a natural orange hand cleaner (Awesome brand I think it was) which has a considerable stearite acid (was told about it by another voodoo lube maker) content.

Use a double boiler on hot plate in garage, bring water to boil, add all ingredients but soap, when melted I add soap and use a whisk for only a few minutes to mix well.  Considerable foaming occurs before soap is dissolved, I used to add more or less soap and still  do, I just add x-amount until things obtain an even and consistent slight greenish color from the grease.  I test a spoonful for consistency and hardness in iced water.  If all is right, I pour remainder into stick moulds. (made from nothing more than old RCBS rifle lube plastic tubes with a 3/8" dia. length of wood dowel centered in them)

I have come to believe toilet bowl ring waxes vary, so I just vary the mix to get what I want.  End result has a consistency very much like RCBS rifle lube in being waxy smooth, not paraffin granular.  The way I prefer the lube is about as hard as the RCBS rifle lube for sizer lubing, but it holds up better in the heat and doesn't run, so no contaminated powder in cases to date.

Some may disparage toilet bowl wax as lube ingredient, but when I first read the makers propaganda it said, never hardens or slumps and holds shape.  I thought to myself, self, this sounds like what you may be looking for, and it has been.  A single toilet bowl wax ring at Home Depot goes for 68 cents and gives me several sticks of lube.    As said, works good for me and beats the four dollar plus they now get for a stick of commercial lube.





Hang Fire posted on 03/07/2004 06:37:48

Reply to : Hang Fire

Reply to : Frank237I am sure pet lube recipes are like opinions and a certain bodily orifice, we all have one.My lube is nothing fancy and simple as dirt, I use it for all my cast shooting, pistols, .308, 30-06, 7.62 x 39 and 45-70rifles. As a disclaimer, I don't recommendit for anyone else, in any manner, or in anyway. This is only meant asjust the way I do it and nothing else, it works for me, it may not for others.Consists of approximately, 3 parts toilet bowl wax ring, 2 parts paraffin wax, "Lubri-Matic" boat wheel bearing &


LubriMatic's Marine Trailer Bearing Grease contains a special calcium sulfonate complex, water insoluble formula which is ideal for marine applications. 



starmetal posted on 03/07/2004 06:54:08

...........Frank237, as the velocity increases, so does the pedigree of the lube need to be better. For mild pistol loads you can generally get away with most anything. I've used Javalina and Lee Liquid Alox for most everything, pistol and rifle. I've never used anything else in pistols. For rifles it's been about the same until recently. For a 1879 Rem RB in .43 Spanish I simply used a mix of beeswax and vaseline as a pan lube for shooting 'as cast' slugs, and have reached 1600 fps with no leading. This has been the only use of that lube. These are plain based slugs, but did have a card wad at the slug's base.

I'd never used any of the heat type lubes before, shying away from the heat requirement as a PITA. Javalina or any of the 50/50 Alox/beeswax lubes has served well. Doing a test in the 30-40 Krag with a cast slug having real shallow lube grooves, the Javalina gave up the job at about 2000 fps. Substituting some green colored heat lube, accuracy increased and the gray wash (at the muzzle) disappeared. Whatever was in it picked up where Javalina left off. At least in this boolit design. That's what I mean by lube pedigree.


Buckshot2 posted on 03/07/2004 09:34:31


Didn't see it mentioned, so I will.  http://www.the-sage.com/

Folks are nice.  This is the place Felix got bulk ingredients for the big batch.  I purchased from them early on and have enough stuff to last awhile, but I'd use them again.  They also have anhydrous lanolin which seems to be a problem find for some.  sundog

sundog50 posted on 03/07/2004 16:12:34

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