Below, a partial list of just aircraft Cold War Shoot-Down KIA last edited by M. Melanaphy, 12/26/2008 from web site below........I count 112 killed in this very partial list alone, and this only from 1950-1969..........Many, if not all, I'm sure, also listed in previous post.  VFW counts only 382 total for entire Cold War?


Default Cold War losses

Hi Guys,

A while back we were discussing peace and wartime military service and I mentioned tthe loss of US recon aircraft in the Cold War. Here is a list from Prices's The History of US Electronic Warfare" Vol II:

8 Apr 1950: USN Privateer shot down over Baltic by Soviet fighters. 10 dead.

6 November 1951: USN P2V Neptune shot down off Vladivostok by Soviet fighters. 10 dead.

13 July 1952: USAF B-29 shot down over Sea of Japan by Soviet fighters. 13 lost.

7 Oct 1953: USN P2V Neptune shot down by Chinese AA fire off Shamtow in Formosa Strait. A Coast Guard PBM-5 landed to pick up survivors, but crashed on takeoff. 11 dead from both crews.

15 March 1953: USAF RB-50G attacked by Soviet fighters off Siberia. Escaped, no casualties.

29 July 1953: USAF RB-50G shot down off Vladivostok. One survivor.

4 September 1954: USN P2V Neptune shot down by MIG 15s over Sea of Japan. 1 killed.

7 November 1954: USAF RB-29 shot down by MIG 15s over Sea of Japan. 1 killed.

22 June 1955: USN P2V Neptune shot down by MIG 15s over Bearing Strait. Plane crashed landed on an island. 7 wounded.

22 August 1956: USN P4M-1Q Mercator shot down over the Formosa Strait by Chinese fighters. 16 killed.

27 June 1958: USAF C-118 transport shot down by fighters over Soviet Armenia. 9 crew captured and returned.

2 September 1958: USAF C-130 transport on COMINT mission over eastern Turkey shot down over Soviet Armenia by fighters. 17 dead.

17 November 1958: In seperate attacks, two USAF RB-47s, one over the Baltic and the Sea of Japan, were attacked by Soviet fighters, but escaped without damage.

16 June 1959: USN P4M-1Q Mercator attacked by two North Korean MIG 15s off North Korea. Plane crash landed in Japan. 1 wounded.

1 May 1960: CIA U-2 plane shot down over Sverdlosk. Gary Powers captured, tried, imprisoned for one year.

1 July 1960: USAF RB-47H shot down over Barents Sea by Soviet fighters. 4 killed, 2 survivors imprisoned for 7 months.

27 October 1962: USAF U-2 shot down by SA-2 over Cuba. Pilot killed.

10 March 1964: USAF RB-66 shot down by fighters over East Germany. Three man crew ejected, were captured, later released.

I remembered a USAF EC-121 Constellation shot down around the time of the Pueblo crisis and found:

14 April 1969: USAF EC-121 Constellation shot down by North Korean fighters. 27 dead.

Brave souls lost in the service of freeedom. Rest in peace.