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Donation appreciated

Title:Diamond Donations/Upgrade
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  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Donations & Diamond Payment

Date Posted: 27/06/2011 6:15 PM
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  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008
Making a Donation

This message is for Forum Owners and also Members.

Aimoo provides free Forums but Owners may want to consider upgrading to a Diamond Forum which has the following additional advantages:

1) No advertisements
2) Photograph albums
3) Unlimited storage space
4) Upload images from your computer into a message
5) Group emails
6) Change the domain name and URL of your Forum
7) Search Option (Display or Hide your Forum from Search Engines such as Aimoo,
    Google, Yahoo and MSN)
8) Showcase Priority

You can view the full Diamond Membership details here.

Many Forum Owners accept donations towards the cost of running a Diamond Forum and if this is the case, you will see a Donation button/icon, usually (but not always) at the top left of the page. It could be on the top right or at the bottom.
Owners and Members can donate in the same way.
Click on the Donation button/icon which may look like this  although the Owner may have chosen a different icon.

The Owner will have set a minimum donation and it will be in US dollars. 
Don't worry if you live outside of USA as the bank will convert the currency.

Type in the amount you wish to donate and click Submit.

Do not change the Contributor name as the payment needs to be accredited to your Aimoo ID. So if your ID was TwoBob and you changed the Contributor to Robert, it could well be accredited to someone else who uses Robert as their Aimoo ID. If you wish to donate anonymously, remove your ID and leave it blank.

Type in your name and select your Country. Click the drop down arrow and click on your Credit Card type. The page may go blank for a few seconds.

Complete your Credit Card or Debit Card details and click Submit.
When your payment has been received, it will appear in the Forum's Diamond Accounting Log (not visible to members) and you will have a Sponsor's Icon by your ID.



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Date Posted:27/06/2011 6:16 PM
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Create free forum and click the links below and your donations will make a difference here.

A Huge Online Store for Various Cool Gadgets, Accessories: Laser Pointer, Bluetooth Headset, Cell Phone Jammer, MP3 Players, Spy Cameras, Soccer Jersey, Window Curtains, Wedding Dresses, Hearing Aids, eBook Reader, Tattoo Machines, LED Light Bulbs, Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Holiday Gifts, Security Camera and Games Accessories and Hobby Gadgets..
  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Making Payment for Upgrading to Diamond or Renewing

Some Owners and Super Administrators are under the impression that once they have made a donation, their Forum will automatically be upgraded to Diamond, but they need to do one more step to become a Diamond Forum.

When there are enough funds, the Owner or Super-Administrator should go into "Accounting".

First click on My Control Panel:

In the menu on the left, click on Accounting.


Click the Renew/Upgrade button/bar as shown below.

Click the appropriate buttons to choose the period required and method of payment, ie "Pay by Donation".
Then click the button "Click to Pay".
Aimoo then deducts the appropriate amount from the Donation Chest to pay for the Diamond Membership. If it is a new Diamond Account and not a Renewal and you paid by Donations, it takes between five and thirty minutes for your diamond  to appear on the top left of your Home Page and for the ads to disappear. Other payment methods may take longer, particularly MoneyBookers which has been known to take a few days.


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Date Posted:27/06/2011 6:16 PM
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  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Donor/Sponsor Icons

Owners may choose whether to have a Sponsor icon appear against the
donor's ID in their posts. 
This is a nice way to show your appreciation.

You can go through "My Control Panel" again and click on Donation,
Go to Options > Preferences.
(Hover your mouse over Options then click on Preferences)

On the left, click on Donation under General Setting.

The page below will appear and it will show the current Sponsor's Icon. The one shown in the screenshot below is not the default icon but I will post them both for you if you want to save them, then choose which one you like.

At the time of preparing this Tutorial, there is a fault in one of the Skins and the icon shows a large Skull & Crossbones. You won't want to use that as it is huge and will mess up your pages.

Either way, if you want to change the current one to something else,
click on Upload on the right of the current sponsor icon and locate the one you
 wish to use from your computer then double click on it.
If using your own, ensure it is very small.
The one on the left below is the Aimoo default, but I like to use the ribbon.
To have the icon appear against a donor's ID, check the box in #1 as indicated below.
In #2 you can set your minimum amount. However, you can't choose less then $3.

On the top left of your Forum, you will see the Donation Icon.

You can change its position to centre or right, or even at the bottom,
but it is usually on the top left. You can keep the current icon if you like or
select Aimoo's second choice. To upload a different one, click on Upload
on the right of the current icons. Make sure you check the circle
on the left of the icon you wish to use.

I usually make one to blend in with my Skin, see the two below.

The one on the right matches my “New”, “Reply” & “Poll” buttons.

You can also change the wording in the Description box shown above,
so you see, you have some choices and don't have to use the defaults.



Date Posted:27/06/2011 6:17 PM
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You can now pay for Diamond Membership and Donations through PayPal by following these steps.

1)  Send a PM addressed to administrator and state the following details:

     a)  Forum link/URL.

     b)  The amount you wish to pay.

     c)  Whether your payment is to pay for Diamond Membership or for a Donation.

     d)  The email address you use with PayPal.

2)  Aimoo will then send an invoice to the email address provided, which will include all the necessary details.

3)  You need to click on the PAY NOW button towards the top right of the invoice and process your payment.

4)  When PayPal transfers your payment to Aimoo, your Donation or Diamond Membership will be applied to the forum stated in your PM.

5)  You will receive a PM confirming the update.


Date Posted:05/05/2013 3:43 AM
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If Owners or Admins wish to see who has made a donation to their forum, they can click on Accounting Log.

Date Posted:10/05/2013 12:21 AM
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