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Title:Categories, Permissions, Moderators
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  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Categories, Permissions, Moderators
The details are quite lengthy and will be broken down into separate messages in this thread.


Date Posted: 27/06/2011 4:18 AM
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  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Setting up Categories & Sub Categories

When you create your new Forum, there will be two Categories already created.
One is General Discussion and the other is the Trash Bin.

21StandardCategories.jpg picture by Aimoo_

To create more Categories, go to Options > Category.
(Hover your mouse over Options and then click on Category).


Think of Categories as headings
or subjects and Sub Categories as Message Boards.

To create a new Category, click on "Add a New Category" at the top.

23AddNewCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

Type in the name of the Category.

Click Submit and the screen below will appear.

Click on Edit to rename the Sub Category and Description.

This screen will appear where you can replace the Name and Description.

If you wish to remove it to another main Category,
click the drop down arrow and select the one you want.

If you want to approve the posts before they appear on the board,
check the box "Approval Before Post".

When you have finished, click on

You will see your new Category and Sub Category at the bottom of the list.

If you wish to add a Moderator now, click where indicated below

A list of Sub Categories will appear on the left. You can select the Moderator's ID from the drop down list and Add, Remove or Edit their Permissions by clicking on the right in the Actions column.

If you are going to create more Sub Categories (Message Boards) you may prefer to wait until you have finished, then you can assign a Moderator to several Boards at the same time. See the steps further down the thread on assigning Moderators.

You may also want to set your Permissions as you go along, or do them later. Again, if you are going to create more Message Boards, you may want to wait until you have finished them, so you can set all the Permissions at the same time. See notes on Permissions further down the thread.

The new Category will be placed below the existing ones but it can be moved later if preferred. The steps will be described later in this thread.


Date Posted:27/06/2011 4:21 AM
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  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Creating a Sub Category

You MUST create a Sub Category otherwise you will have no Message Board.
You will be prompted to create a Sub Category, as below.

25aAddSubCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

Type in the name of your Sub Category (Message Board).

27NameSubCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

Review the options and decide which you want.

You may add an image by clicking on Browse and locate the image to upload it.

Type in a description if you want one.

Check the box if you want to approve Posts before they are submitted to the Board.

Then click on Submit.

If you require another Sub Category under the same main Category, click on
"Add a new sub-category" at the top; then do the same as above.
You can of course have more Sub Categories on the General Board.
In fact you may have multiple Categories and Sub Categories.

24AddNewSubCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

After clicking on "Add a new sub-category" at the top, select the Category
where you want it to appear from the drop down arrow under "Add to category".

43SelectCategoryforSub.jpg picture by Aimoo_

I always use CAPITAL LETTERS for my Categories and Lower Case (Initial Caps) for my Sub Categories and I tell my Members that they cannot click on anything in CAPS. This is entirely up to you of course, but I'm mentioning what works for my Forum. The way you prepare it in the Category section will also show in the mini menu at the top of the threads, so my members know that what appears in CAPS in my Forum are not clickable. They can only click where the red arrows are indicated in the screenshot which I provided for my members.

31MiniMenu.jpg picture by Aimoo_

You can rename the Category if required, as below.

29EditCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

You can Edit the Sub Category as below.

30EditSubCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

You can add a password if you prefer.
See the section on Permissions.

Date Posted:27/06/2011 4:22 AM
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  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Changing the Order of the Message Boards

The new Category we've just created appears at the bottom, below the Trash Bin or Recycle Bin (the name of this will depend on when your Forum was created). To move it up, click on the up arrow on the right hand side. Alternatively, you can simply change the 3 to 2 in the Order box. This is handy if you have multiple Categories or Sub Categories as with the arrow, you can only click one level at a time. By this I mean, you click on the arrow once and the screen flickers then the category has moved, then you click on the arrow to move it further. If you have numerous categories this would be a tedious job, so for this reason it's better to type in the position number you require and the others will be repositioned accordingly. For instance if your new Category was #19 and you wanted it to be the third from the top, you would change the number 19 to 3.

32ChangeOrder.jpg picture by Aimoo_

You will also see there is a Delete button. Be careful that you are not deleting a Category if you intend only deleting a Sub Category. We see many messages on the Help Forum about members having accidently deleted their General Message Board and all the threads along with it. If this occurs, they cannot be retrieved. You can create a new General Board but the threads will be lost if you have deleted the original General Category, or in fact any Category.

33CategoryDelete.jpg picture by Aimoo_


If you have multiple Categories and/or Sub Categories and you are only making changes to one area, you might want to click on the minus sign against the ones you are not working on.  This will close the Sub Categories so that you don't get confused.

This is what they look like when they are all collapsed.

34CollapsedCategories.jpg picture by Aimoo_

You can still rename and delete the main Categories from this view. For instance, you could click on Rename against any particular one, edit it then click on Submit.

You may find it easier to move your message boards to different positions in this view.  There are not many in the example above but some Forums do have multiple boards/categories, so this is a useful feature which makes it easier to see what you are doing when the Sub Categories are not visible.

You can even add a new sub-category in this view. Click on the second tab at the top "Add a new sub-category", type in the information, then select the required main Category from the drop down menu "Add to Category". 

34NewSubCategoryfromCollapsedMenu.jpg picture by Aimoo_

Of course to view the Sub Categories again, you would click on the appropropriate plus sign.  You could have one Category open and the others closed if you are working with Sub Categories in only one main Category.


If you happen to create a sub category in the wrong area, or you later decide to have it elsewhere, you can move it. Click on Edit in the Sub Category area.  

35EditMoveSubCategory.jpg picture by Aimoo_

Click on the arrow under "Move to Category" and click on the required
Board/Category from the drop down menu which appears.

36SelectCategorytoMoveto.jpg picture by Aimoo_
    Click on Submit.


Date Posted:27/06/2011 4:25 AM
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  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Assigning Moderators

You may want to assign a Moderator to certain Message Boards.
You can do that as you are creating your Categories as mentioned above,
or assign them at another time by going back to the Category
section and following the steps described below.

You can access this function two ways.

Go to Options > Category

Locate the required Category.

To assign your Moderator/s, click on "Click here to add".    

28AssignModerator.jpg picture by Aimoo_

(2) Options > Moderator

39OptionsModerator.jpg picture by Aimoo_

Either way, a screen similar to this will appear:

ModLevel.jpg picture by Aimoo_ 

Click on "Mod Level" against the User Name and a list of your Categories will appear.

Click in each box against the appropriate Categories where you wish to assign this Moderator.

When you have checked the required boxes, click on "Make xxx Moderator".

If you wish to assign any other Moderators to certain categories, click on the drop down arrow as shown below to select another Moderator and do the same thing again.

41ModeratorLevel.jpg picture by Aimoo_


Date Posted:27/06/2011 4:28 AM
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  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008


You can set your Permissions as you are creating your Categories.

42Permissions.jpg picture by Aimoo_

If you didn't do it then, you can do it later.

To do it later, go to Options > Permissions.

Click on Set Permissions in the required Category or Sub Category.  If you choose the Category, you can include Sub Categories. See further down this message.


48MainCategoryPermission.jpg picture by Aimoo_


45PermissionsNew2-2-09.jpg picture by Aimoo_
44PermissionsNew2-2-09.jpg picture by Aimoo_

In this example, I have chosen to Set Permissions in a Sub Category, as above.

Click on the required tab at the top. In the example below, Advanced Member is
selected so it has changed to blue. Check the required bullets for Yes or No
against each Permission for this level (Advanced Member in this case).

46SetPermissions01.jpg picture by Aimoo_
47SetPermissions02.jpg picture by Aimoo_

You can set a Minimum score if you want to. This means Advanced Members
(or whichever one you are doing) are required to post that number
of messages before they are granted the selected Permissions.

When you have made your selections, click on the green
 Update button.

If you wish to do any more, click on the required tab at the top,
ie Normal Member, Moderator, etc.

When you have finished, click on the green
 Return button, bottom right.

If you have more than one Category or Sub Category,
you need to do the above for each one.

However, if you clicked on
 Set Permissions for the Category (rather
than a Sub Category), you would have the choice of including Sub Categories.

48MainCategoryPermission.jpg picture by Aimoo_

 There is only one shown in the example below, but if you had more than one Sub Category, they would all be visible here and you can check the box against the ones you wish to allocate the same Permissions.

49IncludeSubCategories.jpg picture by Aimoo_

"Apply to sub-category" appears at the bottom of the list.  When you have made your selections (checked the appropriate boxes), click on Update.

If you get confused, it is probably wiser to do each Sub Category individually
if you wish to grant different Permissions for each one.

You may want to add a password to a Sub Category.

Click the
 Add button as indicated below.

Type in a password and click the Add button again, as below.

Don't forget to advise the password to those who have Permission.
They should only need to type in once as the password becomes
attached to their ID. They wouldn't need to type it in each time.


If you have any questions, please ask on the appropriate
Help Board as you will not be able to reply to this thread.

Date Posted:27/06/2011 4:30 AM
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  • From:
  • Australia
  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Additional Information to differentiate between Category and Sub Category Permissions for Non Members and Anonymous (those without an Aimoo ID):

If you want to hide a Category, you can do so in Permissions.

In the relevant Category Permissions section, check the bullets in the NO column under the appropriate tab, ie Anonymous User and/or Aimoo User.

If you want the Category Name to be visible to non members, but not the Sub Categories (Message Boards), click "Yes" against "View the Category" and "No" against "View All Topics".

Do not check the boxes for the Sub Categories (at the bottom of the list).

If you want Anonymous Users (those without an Aimoo ID) to be able to have the same Permission, you need to also set this in Preferences, ie #2.

Double check that you have the Permissions set correctly, so that Anonymous can only see what you want them to see. Click the drop down arrow at #2 for more options.

Categories are not clickable but Sub Categories are. However, if you have made the Sub Categories (Message Boards) visible to non-members, if they click on a thread, they will get a pop-up message saying that they don't have sufficient privileges, provided your Permissions are set correctly, ie "No" against View All Topics.


(Message edited by Babs_Oz On 27/03/2013 5:43 AM)
Date Posted:23/02/2012 3:56 AM
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  • Registered: 11/11/2008



If you want a post a message on your Forum's Home page for others to read before they join, here is how to do it.

Hover over Options and click on Category.

Click on the button "Add a new category".

Type in the Category name, such as 


Click Submit.

A Sub Category will already be created but you need to change the name and the Description.

Click on Edit on the lower left. Change the Sub-Category name to something like

Please Read Carefully Before Applying to Join

Remove the existing text and type in the message you want Non Members to see.

Click Submit.

If you want to amend it in the future, click Edit and make your changes.

Your message will be in plain text. However, you can format it as per the example below:

First type and format your text in a post in your forum. When you have it exactly as you want, click on HTML on the top right of the Message Toolbar.

The HTML Code will appear.  Select it all (Control a) then copy it (Control c).

Go to your sub category and in the Description area, remove what is already there and paste what you copied (Control v).

Click on Submit

Check your Home Page to see what it looks like.

Set your Permisssions so that only Anonymous and Users can view this Category and Sub Category, but not post. Then hide it from all members as they won't want to keep seeing this message after they have joined.

Unfortunately, the Owner, Super Admin and Admins will still see it. If you normally have your Categories open to view to non members, you will want to move this to the top.  If you don't normally have anything visible to non members, keep it to the bottom so that the Admins don't always see it first thing. No none but Non-Members will see this Category with the message.

If you need to edit the message at any time, access it as before and click on Edit. Afterwards, check the text carefully for stray question/query marks ? as I usually find about three of them where they don't belong after an edit. However, if you start from scratch again and paste over it, it should be OK.

This is how your Permissions should look:

On the Preferences page, down at the end, you need to set it like this.

If you have all your Permissions set correctly, this means that Anonymous and Aimoo Users will see the message for Non Members on the Home Page and the rest of the front page according to your Settings.

Whatever you do, do not allow Non Members to post or you run the risk of being spammed, and it's not always pleasant.

Date Posted:20/06/2012 5:36 AM
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  • Registered: 11/11/2008

Going by recent messages on the Help Forum, it seems that further clarification is necessary.

For complete privacy, change your settings in the Member Section at the end of the Preferences page (particularly #1 to #3)  to the following:

This is in addition to the Permissions as described in Reply #5.

Date Posted:23/03/2013 4:21 AM
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