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Welcome to Help Forum
The Aimoo Help Forum has moved to http://forum4.aimoo.com/AimooHelpForum
  • SandhillsDebby Sandhil
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 5:25 PM

    Bob, no one is forcing any forum owner to move servers.  This was just an option offered by Andy to make a generous offer to those who wished to move.  If you want to keep your forum on server 1, then you may.

    Yes, I do realize how much Aimoo forums mean to our members.  That is one reason I do this job.
  • Bobupanddown Bobupan
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 3:43 PM

    Hi Debby,
    Im sure you are having no problems with server 4 (although Sharon would not agree).  The question that everyone is asking is how long it will be before we are all asked to move again.  Do you realise how long it takes to make >500000 posts?  How many hours we have sat here posting our little socks off, how many times we have been told move because the grass is greener on the other side.  How many memories are embedded within the confines of the Group?. If server 4 is so good why isnt the help forum moved there?  The probable answer is because people dont want to lose whats on here. 
    We have had members who are no longer with us, our memories of them are there for all to see, their names still part of the group, are we really expected to say "see ya Sparky were moving home" or "see ya Ron, you were right we should have moved to ........"
    I am not having a dig at you, please know that.  All I am saying is we have sat here listening to the same old same old for a long time now.  I can see myself sat here in 20 years time being walking stick full of wood rot, teeth in a jar beside me being told to move to server 99.....
  • SandhillsDebby Sandhil
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 1:04 PM

    Just for everyone's FYI:

    Server 1 is the original first server that Aimoo had when it started; thus, it is getting older.  Server 4 is a new server having been replaced about a year ago, and is performing very well!  Just like any server, it needs resetting occasionally to speed it up.  I own 3 forums on server 4 and I have not had any problems with it at all.  

  • Pups Pups
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 12:57 PM

    What has changed with Server 4? About 3 years ago the same thing was happening on Server 4 and we all moved to Server 1. Seems to me if we all open up on Server 4 the same thing will happen again.

    I am in 2 groups on Server 2 and that for me moves like lightening.

    Maybe Aimoo needs to get a new server so we can ALL get the service we are paying for.
  • Bobupanddown Bobupan
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 11:05 AM

     PS HTT, dont stop complaining they may think they have got away with it.  Poopsssss hiya..that reminds me I need to check our diamond balance if you know what I mean haha...a this rate half of it will expire before we use it ..
  • Bobupanddown Bobupan
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 11:01 AM

     and how long before server 4 goes the same way as forum 1.  Lets face it there is always one excuse or another.  IMO you are trying to get people off server 1 in the hope it will improve things.  Contrary to Aimoo reporting our Group has well over half a million posts, you want us to start again from scratch?  Why take the risk with aimoo and not say to h*** with it an use another host?  You need to read what people are saying in the forums and how close many are to leaving aimoo for good.  Come on then Andy convince me I wont be wasting both my time and that of our members!

    Actually while I am on a rant, why dont you send important announcements as messages to forum managers?  That way there is a chance we will see it because there are those who have given up reporting issues in here.  Cant imagine why that is can you?

    By the way this is not an attack on your staff, they work tirelessly to keep things ticking over,  i wont embarrass anyone by mentioning names but if it wasnt for these individuals you would probably be faces with a mass exodus...
  • msbhot2trott msbhot2
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 8:26 AM

     Andy I joined Aimoo in October 2008. The groups that Alice had the bright idea of moving to server 1 need to be moved back to whatever server they were on. Why should the original group have to do your work to try to speed up the servers? The next problem when or if they move to 4 will be the same as server 1, overloaded. Then what?. Also you need to delete all the inactive forums and members. When I do decide to move it will not be on Aimoo that's for sure. The problem is owners can not get any help or answers. Moving our original forums to 4 will just create more problems. Are you serious? Get a clue.

    Yes I do expect some diamond credit for sure. This is so disgusting and I am XXX and so are my members.

    C'mon Andy and Aimoo just get the servers up to par and I will stop complaining.


  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 3:23 AM

    Hi Deb,

    Andy said that Server 4 is more efficient than Server 1 and more forums can run on Server 4 at the same time than Server 1 can.

    Unfortunately, Forums cannot be moved. You would need to copy and paste what you need.

  • LadySun LadySun
  • Re:  Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014 1:31 AM

    Hi Babs....
    Ok if I wanted to move my BG Group to a server 4, how would I move ALL the stuff over to the new group...  (-;  
    But, if we did this.. and alot of people did this isn't it going to slow down server 4 then..????Going to bed in a min, but will check back here tomorrow evening..   hugsssss, Deb
  • Babs Babs
  • Topic Server 1 Forum Owners 03/12/2014 9:46 PM

    Because of the issues regarding Server 1 being slow, if Server 1 Forum Owners want to create a new forum on Server 4, Andy will add 12 months Diamond to the new forum at no cost to you. If you have any Diamond remaining in your forum on Server 1, that can be transferred too. You could either copy the content over, or keep the original forum as an archive. However, you cannot keep the original forum active. This means changing the Permissions so that no one can post.

    If you wish to do this, first create the new forum then send a PM to Andy, addressed to administrator and give him the details of the original and new forum plus details of the Diamond balance you have in your original forum.

    You may want to first change the name, even slightly, or add Archive after the name, so that you can create the new forum with your original forum name.

  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  Please help on backing up a community wh... 03/12/2014 2:23 AM

    Hi Jeri,

    Aimoo will not fold.

    Aimoo were able to add the archives of MSN Groups to Aimoo but they did not offer to transfer the Groups. This meant the Group Owners were required to first create an Aimoo forum and then submit a request to transfer their MSN Group Archive to their new Aimoo forum. The archive was attached to the end of their Categories, like this:

    Members were able to click on it to see the Archive and it looked exactly like the MSN Group, but they could not post in the Archive. Of course they could post in the new Aimoo Forum.

  • highsierra highsie
  • Topic Please help on backing up a community wh... 02/12/2014 9:29 PM

    I appreciate the help the admins and mods are helping us with onserver 1.  I realize you all are not responsible for fixing thetechnical problems but are helping us understand they can't do it fora while.  I appreciate your help.  Just spent 8 minutes trying to opena post and know there goes several members.  It is not far from theminds in post http://forum1.aimoo.com/Aimoo_Help_Forum/Help-for-Admins/Members-having-trouble-posting-1-2395352.htmlthat we need to back up our communities when we have no members left and need to move on.  When MSN closed it communities you gave us a means to keep our libraries etc. to move them here.I'll of course, wait 8 minutes to try to respond to a post since I own the community but I'm not going to wait that long to respond to other communities I visit and enjoy and neither are my members who enjoy other communities.Again I thank you admins and mods for being as much help as you are to pass on the problem the server has problems.  I know you are not able to solve them either and apparently neither are they.Anyway in case aimoo goes out, as the members of my community are, how can we back up what we have here if aimoo folds like the communities are loosing so many members.You admins and mods have been great and helpful to us but this problem is not something you can fix and we know that.  Any help would be appreciated and thank you for your timejeri 
  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  Bar Background image 02/12/2014 3:01 AM

    To check how much storage you have used up in your Album,
    click on your Avatar and then on "Manage my Images" in the left hand menu.


    Now you will see how much storage you have used and how much you have left. 

    StorageUsed.jpg picture by Aimoo_

  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  Bar Background image 02/12/2014 2:54 AM

    If you were making a background Skin, you would need to be in a Diamond forum to upload the images into a post, but not into a PM.  For making a Skin to share, the code method is required. If the Skin is for your use only and a pattern disappeared because you removed it, then only you and your members are affected.

    However, I now see you are referring to a Border, Table or Grid, for which there is a Tutorial here. Please follow it and let me know how you go. I imagine it would be added to your 5MB allowance in your Profile Image Album.  Please check it to make sure you have enough space left.

    If Diamond is required, you should get a pop-up message telling you so. It that is the case, you could get the code as described for Skins and copy/paste it into the Background Image box.


  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  Bar Background image 01/12/2014 6:22 AM

    Hi Cheryl,

    I assume you mean the background of the Skin in a forum.  If so, how are you uploading it?

    The recommended method now is to first upload the paper/pattern/background image into a message/post and then copy the code from the Properties.

    That way, it does not appear in your Profile Image Album which has a limited capacity. If you later delete it from your album, it would disappear from your Skin. 

    If you uploaded it to Photobucket and used the Photobucket code and later deleted it from your album, it too would disappear from the Skin and look something like this.


    The best method is NOT to click on Upload against the Background Image box in the Community Style section.

    Instead, when you have copied the code from the Image's Properties, paste it into the box by doing down the Control key while you type v (known as Control v).

    You can of course delete the message where you uploaded it to when you have finished, because the image will have an Aimoo code.

    It depends on which Browser you are using on how you acquire the code.

    Internet Explorer

    Right click on the image and then left click on Properties.

    Drag your mouse from the very beginning (top left) of the URL to the very end (bottom right) until the whole URL is selected. You can only see two lines at a time so my top line is not visible in the screenshot but I started from in front of the URL, dragged down and to the far right, until it was all selected.

    Now Control C to copy. (Hold down the Control key while you type c).

    Click on the Cancel button to close the File Properties.


    Right click on the image then left click on the "Copy URL" link and that copies the code for you.

    Click on the Close button to close the File Properties.

    Google Chrome

    Right click on the Image then left lift on Copy Image URL.

    To complete ~

    In the appropriate area of your Skin settings, Control v to paste. (Hold the Control key down while you type v).

    Even where it says "Upload" in your Skin settings, do not do click on the Upload button as it will add the image to your Profile Album and your 5 MB storage space would be quickly used up.

    Paste in the code instead (Control v).

    Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page to update your Skin. 

    Of course, you need to be in a Diamond forum to upload your background image into a post. If you don't have access to a Diamond forum where you can do this, send a PM to yourself with the image uploaded into it.

    Open the received PM and left click on the image, left click on More then left click on Copy Image URL. 

    That copies the Code for you which you can then paste into the box (Control v).

    I hope this helps.

  • SandhillsDebby Sandhil
  • Re:  problem in group 27/11/2014 3:24 PM

    Hi, Rose Lady....I think you have some malware that you have picked up somewhere on the web.  I just visited your forum and it is looking very beautiful.  Good job on that skin and tag!!!    I saw no ads.  This has happened to other members, and it was malware that has come in undetected on your computer.  You will have to run your malware program to get rid of them.

    Good luck!!!  Let us know if you need more help!  Debby
  • SandhillsDebby Sandhil
  • Re:  Aimoo Upload Not Working 26/11/2014 10:28 PM

    Glad to hear that, Deb.  I know Andy and Babs looked at your forum and ID and could not find any problems with it.  I hope it continues to behave itself.   Debby
  • SunnyLady SunnyLa
  • Topic Aimoo Upload Not Working 26/11/2014 7:00 PM

    Would you happened to know why on my 1 account Images aren't working with the Aimoo Upload,  But my Other account is fine...lol
    Sunnylady--No Images working with Aimoo Upload, which  also some Pages and alot of other things are missing in my  1 group I own under that Account...
    But my Ladysun account is Fine..  And my other group is fine too.. Sunnylady Account in either 1 of my groups Images from  Aimoo upload will not show.. 1 group is on  server 1, and  the other group is on server 4
    My server 1 group--backgrounds group is the one that the images aren't showing up..  Of course Sunnylady posting Images anywhere, any server if does that.. Why???   (-:   hugssss

    Here ya go  Results below...  lol

  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  question about photo bucket 25/11/2014 4:09 PM

    June, Below your thumbnail in Photobucket, there are four codes.

    Click once in the third box against HTML thumb.

    Copy it by doing Control c (hold down the Control key while you press the c key).

    In your message in Aimoo, paste it by doing Control v.

    This pastes the code but when the message is posted, it shows the thumbnail, like this:

     photo 1220BabsChristmasMunchkinSusanRichards_zps3e9c0063.jpg


  • Ex-member
  • Re:  Error messages 24/11/2014 5:38 AM

     I tried that yesterday Debby but nothing happened. I tried to get back in to the help forum but Aimoo wouldn't let me do that either...the weekend was horrible for me........I hardly get into my forum's that was on server 1.
    Sever 4 use to have all the problems now it's 1. What is going on....

  • SandhillsDebby Sandhil
  • Re:  Error messages 23/11/2014 3:58 PM

    We have had numerous reports of error.  The best thing to do is just start the post over.  Usually the second time, everything goes normally.  Thanks for reporting it. We will let Andy know it is still occurring!  Debby
  • Ex-member
  • Topic Error messages 23/11/2014 9:48 AM

    I'm posting on server one and keep get 2 error messages. This one and one other. Telling me I message has been sent to administer telling them about the error.
     Posting Failed. Please Try Again0.[Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Transaction (Process ID 80) was deadlocked on lock | communication buffer resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.,Error Executing Database Query.,Database.
    Could some one help or it's just another glitch. Netty 
  • SunnyLady SunnyLa
  • Re:  What is This???? 16/11/2014 5:05 PM

    Sorry about that Babs..   Well guess what??? Someone accepted the other money for  the donation, it's there.. So I clicked back into that Sponsor Icon... And   That Bib Ugly Post is Not there...  I had a feeling once it was  put into the donation then the Icon would work..  So all is all set now..Thanks ladies..
  • SunnyLady SunnyLa
  • Re:  What is This???? 16/11/2014 12:51 AM

    Babs guess what?? It worked.. I unchecked it  and refreshed and checked, and it was Gone... So that part is great, back to using that Set now...
    It still has something to do with Donation though... It is Only under LadySun ID and that Forum Set only, which  is what I was using when I donated... And you have to uncheck that for it to go away...   But not under my other ID..    So After Andy gets Back and the Money is Put into my Donation,I am going to try to check the box back and see what happens...  
    Anyhow  Off for now, going to FB for alittle while, and then to bed.. hugsss

  • SunnyLady SunnyLa
  • Re:  What is This???? 16/11/2014 12:18 AM

    I will check that too Babs.. Either still tonight or tomorrow..  It is 1:13 am  right now..   hugsss
  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 9:43 PM

    Sunny, As a test, turn off the Donation Icon being visible against Donor's IDs.

    Uncheck the box on the right. See if the Skulls disappear and let us know either way.

  • SunnyLady SunnyLa
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 9:31 PM

    Hi Deb.. Not the Browser I know that.. And I do remember the 1 time it happened when I went to check where the  in your settings it says Donation you know..And the Icon is there and where it tells how much... WELL  That time a few yrs ago or  whenever(( was along time ago))  That Stupid skeltons were on that Page... But it's not now  this time....
    OH and No--every Post under my other account Ladysun that Image is.... Not just the WWO  Board... I checked...  Grrrrrrrrrrr  Annoying...  Ugly... AND It was Not their at all til  after I made another Donation today..  So I have no idea..   
    I will try about the page though, and then switch it back, when I see no one is in the group...   lol...
  • SandhillsDebby Sandhil
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 8:55 PM

    Sunny, I wish I could see the whole page, instead of just the partial screen shot.  I am not sure but it seems like the last time this occurred, it was "cured" by changing the skin.  Try putting a different skin on, then reapply the skin that is on there now.  Just trouble shooting here...no guarantee that will work, but it won't hurt anything and will only take a few minutes to do. 

    Do I understand correctly this only shows up on the WWO board?  Can everyone in your forum see it, or just you?  Have you tried a different browser?  Is the Skulls Icon the proper size in the section where you add forum icons?  I am searching my feeble brain for ideas...lolol....

    Good luck.  If it does not get sorted out by the time Andy comes back to work, we will certainly tell him about it.  D.
  • LadySun LadySun
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 6:32 PM

    Also I donated last night and it got accepted after I wrote administrator... I donated again about 6 hrs ago, and that still don't show up... Maybe that is why that Ugly thing is showing up in my forum.... 
    But please him to  put that donation on I did Hrs ago..
    And this other has to be fixed to.,.Driving me Nutts looking at it...
  • LadySun LadySun
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 5:59 PM

    Skin I based it on.... This is not the Contest hon..This is at my group...  Don't know what your talking about.. I'm Lost..lol...
    And that's not hard..lol..  BUT it is Called Diamond N Pearls << I named the Skin that,..  I made this along time ago... Over a Yr ago..lol...  
  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 5:37 PM

    Or ..... you could put "$3 minimum" so they know they can donate more if they want to.  

    Do you remember which Aimoo Skin you based yours on? I need to ask Andy to check it.


  • LadySun LadySun
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 5:22 PM

    Hi Babs...  Well that was a Nice Sleep.. lol...
    All my Forum Icons are fine... This wasn't this way yesterday, I don't understand.. It happened it seems like after I donated...  But I don't see anythiung wrong in the skin Icons or Donations...  When they accept the donation it couldn't do something on their end could it ????  
    Oh I fixed that other, just deleted all that stuff and put $3.00   but did say Thanks..lol..
  • Babs Babs
  • Re:  What is This???? 15/11/2014 4:38 PM

    Yes I remember that. It was a fault in one particular Aimoo Skin. I remember it was connected with one of the Donations icons. If it is not the Sponsor icon, have you checked your Forum Icons page? 

    Which Skin did you base yours on?

    You can also change that long message in the lower box so it does not spread across the top of your page. I used to change it to $3 or sometimes a . (full stop/period) in the same colour as the Skin background so it didn't show up, so that could be seen was the Donation icon. If you want to add some text, you could keep it short, like Donations Welcome.  Sorry, this is me being picky. Aimoo's text across the top of the page has always annoyed me. LOL.


  • LadySun LadySun
  • Topic What is This???? 15/11/2014 2:25 PM

    I remember seeing this before, but it was Yrs ago..lol.. And I believe it had something to do with the Donations. 
    But I checked and my Donations is all set ok...
    I click onto my WWO  Board and I see this..  Grrrrrr  UGLY... !!!!!

    But see here is my Donation, everything looks fine...  Please Help...I'll be back  in acouple of hrs, might be laying down taking a Nap, but wanted to post this so I could get it fixed when I get up hopefully..  Thanks alot..  xxxooo   Deb

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