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   Aimoo will be replacing the Servers in June. Please see the Announcement here or in Facebook here.
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Welcome to Help Forum
The Aimoo Help Forum has moved to
Announcement: We have moved! ( 19/08/2015 7:30 AM)
  • We have moved
  • This Help Forum is now closed but will remain viewable for the time being. However, you will not be able to post. Please click here to join the Aimoo Help Forum which has opened on Server 4. You will be approved automatically. However, do not apply to become an Advanced Member as there is no advantage over being a Normal Member. The Classic Tutorials have been posted in the new forum. The Trendy Tutorials will be posted when time permits. In the meantime, they will remain viewable in this forum.
  • 19/08/2015
SandhillsD replied to Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014
Bob, no one is forcing any forum owner to move servers. This was just an option offered by Andy to make a generous offer to those who wished to move. If you want to keep your forum on server 1, then you may. Yes, I do realize how much Aimoo forums mean to our members. That is one reason I do this job. D.
Bobupanddo replied to Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014
Hi Debby, Im sure you are having no problems with server 4 (although Sharon would not agree). The question that everyone is asking is how long it will be before we are all asked to move again. Do you realise how long it takes to make >500000 posts? How many hours we have sat here posting our little socks off, how many times we have been told move because the grass is greener on the other side. How many memories are embedded within the confines of the Group?. If server 4 is so good why isn...[More]
SandhillsD replied to Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014
Just for everyone's FYI: Server 1 is the original first server that Aimoo had when it started; thus, it is getting older. Server 4 is a new server having been replaced about a year ago, and is performing very well! Just like any server, it needs resetting occasionally to speed it up. I own 3 forums on server 4 and I have not had any problems with it at all. Debby
Pups replied to Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014
What has changed with Server 4? About 3 years ago the same thing was happening on Server 4 and we all moved to Server 1. Seems to me if we all open up on Server 4 the same thing will happen again. I am in 2 groups on Server 2 and that for me moves like lightening. Maybe Aimoo needs to get a new server so we can ALL get the service we are paying for.
Bobupanddo replied to Server 1 Forum Owners 04/12/2014
PS HTT, dont stop complaining they may think they have got away with it. Poopsssss hiya..that reminds me I need to check our diamond balance if you know what I mean haha...a this rate half of it will expire before we use it ..
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