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Welcome to Help Forum
I was just wondering if the techs forgot about this problem. Please keep trying. I really need this fixed. Still waiting.... ~ Lady Majyk ~
Thanks so much Debby. I have started to help her rebuild as well. What a shame this happened to her. She is a wonderful lady and I will do as much as I can to help her get the group back on it's feet. Thank you also for giving her a hand. We both know how much work and hours are involved in starting from scratch. Thank you also for your kindness in helping her out and getting hold of Andy. ((hugs))
Hi Terri...I have been helping her since early this morning. And I will tell Andy about it this evening. Faye is currently trying to rebuild the categories. We thought that might be the fastest thing to do right now. We might be able to get the techs to retrieve some of it but I am not sure if they can. That is so sweet of you to be so concerned about our dear Faye! She is upset, but her fabulous attitude is very positive as she rebuilds. I have known forums to lose categories also, but ...[More]
Terri_ON_C created a topic: Forum has completely disappear... 4 days ago
I was wondering if Aimoo could help our dear Faye out. We all got an e-mail this morning saying her group Old Tyme Country Café was completely gone. No categories, no skins, no nothing. Everything is gone. She is starting out brand new. I was surprised that she had not posted in here but I bet she is just devastated at the loss. Can the Admin. find out what happened with the group and perhaps be able to recovery stuff for her. I have had my own group on Aimoo since 2008 and have had things go mi...[More]
SunnyLady replied to What is This???? 6 days ago
Sorry about that Babs.. Well guess what??? Someone accepted the other money for the donation, it's there.. So I clicked back into that Sponsor Icon... And That Bib Ugly Post is Not there... I had a feeling once it was put into the donation then the Icon would work.. So all is all set now..Thanks ladies..
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Please report any outstanding issues in this thread following the Server Upgrade.Please do not create new threads. You must use this thread only. Many thanks.You will need to provide the forum name and address in your message.Babs
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