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Welcome to Help Forum
Habs4Stanl replied to registration problems fix 2 hours ago
just a few hints and tricks i know i had spent a day on the main site with the form and kept going in circes when i wasnt getting code results for listing province in the list then got registered and didnt get activation so i tried with gmail and it worked just hoping other new members will see this and it helps them
SunnyLady replied to Group Still Showing Up 2 hours ago
it's acually the same group, just changed the name, which meant changing the url... But it won't be an active group now... It's just for Backgrounds. So Now it is SunnysBackgroundCreations.aimoo.com I kept everything in it, except all the games we use to play, and deleted alot off Gen, and deleted Mailboxes and WWO Threads... But most of everything else stayed...
administra replied to Chatroom glitch 5 hours ago
Hi KCR I have tested your chat room. I can access your chat room. Could you please change another browser and try again?[image] [image]" title="" alt="" border="0">
TigeressLa created a topic: Problems with a Thread 5 hours ago
We have thread that no one can post on, we can't delete it, can't move it, nor can we unstick it. My understanding is that the admin who posted it was able to delete that one and reposted and a new one trying to get it to where everyone could post on it. That didn't see to work. I tried to move this thread and I got the pop up that it failed. When I did the unstick action, I got the pop up that said it unstuck successfully, but it didn't. The group is Psp Addicts & Friends and the thread t...[More]
SandhillsD replied to registration problems fix 8 hours ago
Thanks. I will make sure the administrator sees this. He will consult with the techs. D.
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Report Outstanding Issues pro ... by Babs , last replied by SandhillsDebby 24/09/2013
Please report any outstanding issues in this thread following the Server Upgrade.Please do not create new threads. You must use this thread only. Many thanks.You will need to provide the forum name and address in your message.Babs
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