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Announcement: New Administrator (Take Two)! ( 19/08/2014 8:30 AM)
  • New Administrator (Take Two)

  • Unfortunately, Jimmy left Aimoo on Friday, 16th August.

    The company has employed a new Aimoo Administrator who started work today, 20th August. His name is Andy.

    Again, please be patient while he learns the ropes. As is normal, Andy will take over the ID of administrator.

    In the meantime, Debby, Karrier and I will do our best to help you as always. Many of you will know that we are Volunteers on various official Aimoo forums and are not employed by Aimoo.

  • 19/08/2014
Matisse25 replied to Posting Problems in Threads 8 hours ago
Thank you Babs, it is now happening to other people in Diamonds and they keep asking me why no one at Aimoo is helping us. I told them that my thread had been hijacked and that I had posted again and that once again we are being told no one can help us because they don't come in very often. I told them you are trying to find someone.
Win_dy replied to Posting Problems in Threads 18 hours ago
Hi BabsGot my computer fix thank for your help had to get out computer man to fix it very soon this week ill let you know who i have pick to take over the ownership of our group some time this week i hope in 2 days have a great day Win_dy
Babs replied to Posting Problems in Threads 2 days ago
I am not sure if the PM has already been sent. If it does arrive, click Decline or whatever it says to not accept it. On the other hand, you could accept it for now so the forum has an Owner in order to work out any problems; and you could pass it to someone else once the decision has been made. It is easy to pass Ownership to someone else. See the Tutorial here . We have a forum to help Members make Skins here if any of the forum Members are interested. Babs
Win_dy replied to Posting Problems in Threads 2 days ago
Hi BabsCan you please hold on to that ownership until I see if some one else in the group wants it at this time with out my good friend I don't want to stay even a Admi I haven't told the ladies in the group yet I will stay in the group but not as a Admi I cant do the things that B did she was going to show how to do the skin and everything but the group keep us busy doing tags and games and things we never got around to what all she did to keep thing moving and with my trouble about post ...[More]
Babs replied to Reply To Win%5Fdy 2 days ago
Reply to Win_dy (18/08/2014 4:24 AM) The ladies are waiting on me. They want to keep Bisback group going for her. I need some help please. Win_dy Hi Win_dy, I have asked that the forum be passed to you. You will receive a PM, hopefully today. You need to click on the link to accept Ownership. Babs
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