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Welcome to Help Forum
evrstrong created a topic: Cannot post videos 50 minutes ago
Believe it or not, I can't post videos now. I have written to the administrator, and I hope a tech can be notified ASAP. The You Tube icon doesn't work, or the HTML... Please help me...I live for my forum. http://forum4.aimoo.com/facethemusic evrstrong
evrstrong replied to Share you Skin on Aimoo 1 hour ago
On second thought, I was looking at my original design, which had a white background, and the icons were designed to look like this along the side: [image] I know I planned it that way, but I had forgotten in my rush to get it re-done. I think it's quite pretty, and a border would have messed it up! just sayin' lol evrstrong [image]
evrstrong replied to Share you Skin on Aimoo 2 hours ago
Yes, I agree, that my icons could have been better... The other part of the question though, what if the icons come from another designer? Do you have to list all the copyrights? Hmmmm..... Smileys and posticons are free, and most forums use them. I get most of mine from http://smileys.on-my-web.com/ evrstrong
Babs replied to Donations 2 hours ago
ShellyMay, If you are paying by Credit Card, please send a PM to Andy, the Aimoo Administrator and provide your Credit Card number so that it can be added to the White List. Address the PM to administrator (all lower case). Please do not provide the details on the Help Board. Thanks. Babs
Babs replied to Reply To evrstrong 4 hours ago
Reply to evrstrong (31/10/2014 3:22 AM) Much better Babs! I would also like to add what I learned from the Aimoo team: 3) icons should be exact in size, with borders evrstrong I imagine the Aimoo Team were referring to your icons on the Home Page, not in the threads. [image] I agree with them that these icons do not stand out against the background, plus they are different sizes, so the same size with a border would make them look better. Babs
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Please report any outstanding issues in this thread following the Server Upgrade.Please do not create new threads. You must use this thread only. Many thanks.You will need to provide the forum name and address in your message.Babs
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