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Welcome to Help Forum
This is the other problem she spoke of earlier. [image] This is my other problem that started yesterday, I can change my PB over to the Diamonds and lace folder but it doesnt change the image. It stays on the main folder when I try to use it in aimoo. Thank you for checking into this . I truly appreciate the help. At least I can get in for now and sometimes make a text post and certainly can do the challenges. Just not post results for now. Unless I post directly from my computer which...[More]
You are welcome. I hope it will help Andy figure out what's wrong.Betty
This post is from one of our members who can't post. She made a screen shot and saved it on her computer, after many tries she finally got it to post. See if this posts. this is posted directly from my PC.This is another problem I am having with aimoo just trying to post. Hoping this goes through, Other wise I have no idea what else to do.I got rid of IE some time ago because it didnt work right anywhere for me and have had a good luck with Google chrome since. So I hope it is not that. Any...[More]
JulieJewel replied to Question On Skins Please 15 hours ago
oh thank you i see what i probably did not rename them. thank you for telling me. I also will make sure not to have my group open when doing her's. Thanks. I didn't know this. Thanks Debby
Thanks Babs
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Please report any outstanding issues in this thread following the Server Upgrade.Please do not create new threads. You must use this thread only. Many thanks.You will need to provide the forum name and address in your message.Babs
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