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Announcement: New Administrator (Take Two)! ( 19/08/2014 8:30 AM)
  • New Administrator (Take Two)

  • Unfortunately, Jimmy left Aimoo on Friday, 16th August.

    The company has employed a new Aimoo Administrator who started work today, 20th August. His name is Andy.

    Again, please be patient while he learns the ropes. As is normal, Andy will take over the ID of administrator.

    In the meantime, Debby, Karrier and I will do our best to help you as always. Many of you will know that we are Volunteers on various official Aimoo forums and are not employed by Aimoo.

  • 19/08/2014
JulieJewel replied to Aimoo so slow for me 18 hours ago
it is slow for me also this morning, I had to restore my computer, last night so I know it's not my pc.
Leatherand replied to Aimoo so slow for me 23 hours ago
Thank you sweetie hugs xx
Matisse25 replied to Posting Problems in Threads 23 hours ago
I think we can be patient with Andy as he learns his way around. In the meantime, you help us a lot and we appreciate it. Betty
Babs replied to Posting Problems in Threads 1 day ago
Glad you got it worked out Betty. Alice is working for a partner company now. She has popped back in to guide Andy but her time is limited as she comes to grips with her own new job. I hope everyone can be patient while Andy is "in training" so to speak. Babs
I tried empty the recycle bin and that didn't work so I went to manage and checked all of them. It took 5 times on the fifth time they all deleted. Hopefully that is the end. Thanks for helping us out. I think someone who posted corrupted the thread. All of the other threads posted from the storage group worked just fine. I would usually think of this myself, however, I think the shock of it switching groups and then not opening clouded my ability to tap my logical mind. We had been tryi...[More]
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