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Welcome to Help Forum
Hi Trix, i use your ID and test it with IE 8 and it still worked well. [image] Alice
Since a person can't edit in here anymore...I did open Chrome and then I could use the functions. Geesh, what a pain! I prefer IE8.
The Action button does not work for me in compatibility view..just shows Error on page on the bottom left. Not using the compatibilty view...I get a white page on Edit..with nothing in the message box...I even highlighted it to see if anything showed that way. In the Delete..all I get is a black page...even scrolling to the bottom there is nothing. I have Windows7 and my browers is IE8. Does that browers not work in Aimoo anymore?
OZ_Sparklz replied to Becoming a Member - problem 18 hours ago
Just a suggestion NightEyes87 - but has the owner of the forum checked out their "Pending" section - in the forum management section? Your ID may still be sitting in the Members "Pending" section - waiting to be approved.
Missmuffin created a topic: My Signature 20 hours ago
This is what happen when I do my signature how do I get rid of all that typing][image][/URL]
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