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Welcome to Help Forum
Babs replied to Problems with new forum 19 minutes ago
How to get the codes after first uploading the images or patterns into a message. Internet Explorer Right click on the image and then left click on Properties. Drag your mouse from the very beginning (top left) of the URL to the very end (bottom right) until the whole URL is selected. You can only see two lines at a time so my top line is not visible in the screenshot but I started from in front of the URL, dragged down and to the far right, until it was all selected. [...[More]
SandhillsD replied to Problems with new forum 21 minutes ago
evr, in the psp world, a background can be the background of the skin, or it can be a border? Which one are you referring to? The only place that the links is disabled is the HELP forum. The embedded, activated link will not be put back on the HELP forum due to security reasons. It is mandated by Aimoo that they be disabled in the Help forum and we, as administrators support that choice. It is not a punishment. In a pm, you can link by using the hyperlink function. In your own forum, yo...[More]
evrstrong replied to Problems with new forum 2 hours ago
Oops, I just reread what you said about URLs. I can't get them anywhere. Not in forum posts or pms. I need help on that too. Sorry :( evr
evrstrong replied to Problems with new forum 2 hours ago
Hey! I just found it in my skin library, I named it, clicked edit, and found all the changes I had made. Clicked Submit and got them all back! Whew! Good to know for future reference. Still can't download a background :( evr
evrstrong replied to Problems with new forum 3 hours ago
p.s. I didn't add it to my skin library because it wasn't finished. As I said, I couldn't download the background. evr
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Please report any outstanding issues in this thread following the Server Upgrade.Please do not create new threads. You must use this thread only. Many thanks.You will need to provide the forum name and address in your message.Babs
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