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Welcome to Help Forum
Jacotte_33 replied to problem with site 1 hour ago
Thanks for the quick answer... I'll pass on the info. I wouldn't know until tomorrow as my friend is in EU (so sleeping right now). ... to be continued
Babs replied to Subscriptions 2 hours ago
I am pleased to hear that it is working again for you Zooty. Babs
Karrier replied to problem with site 2 hours ago
Hi It could be a browser / cookie / compatability issue and the page is not loading correctly If she is using Internet explorer she may well need to set the compatability view option, it can also sometimes help to clear cookies / cache / temp files whatever browser is being used. Ask her to clear them and what browser, if IE tell them to try the compatability option, if another browser it is good to know which one and has she tried another browser? I recommend Maxthon browser myself. [url...[More]
Jacotte_33 created a topic: problem with site 2 hours ago
Good day to all, This morning I received an e-mail from one of the members on my Aimoo forum (http://forum2.aimoo.com/Balades2) telling me that she couldn't post messages. She says that when she tries to post this is what she gets: . ',''] Join ("")); d.close (); } Function fSetEditorFocus (pos, d) {var o = d && d.parentWindow; var isWindow = true; (! o) si {switch (gEditorCurId) {case gHtmlId: o = F (gHtmlId); break; gSourceId cas: cas gTextId: o = S (gEditorCurId); isWindow = false; ...[More]
Zooty created a topic: Subscriptions 5 hours ago
Just wanted to say that the subscriptions to threads are once again coming to my hotmail in box.So whatever you did to get that fixed. THANK YOU Zooty
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Please report any outstanding issues in this thread following the Server Upgrade.Please do not create new threads. You must use this thread only. Many thanks.You will need to provide the forum name and address in your message.Babs
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